Traveling The World With Little Passports-World Edition


What child doesn’t love traveling or at least pretend that they are traveling the world?!  I know Roo absolutely LOVES maps and is fascinated with looking at maps to find where she needs to go next!  She enjoys going on treasure hunts and letting her self-made maps lead her to her treasures.  Although sometimes she likes to say, “Let me put it in my GPS and see where we go next!”  So she’s a little old-school and a little tech-savvy at the same time! Roo gets a lot of exposure from my sister traveling here to the Bay Area from Hong Kong and sees all her suitcases packed along with a passport.  So when Roo got her very first shipment from Little Passports, she was more than ecstatic to find that she got her own passport, suitcase, boarding pass, map and more!



We elected to have the World edition of the Little Passports subscription service so that Roo can learn more about other cultures.  The World edition is actually for kids ages 5-10 years old while their USA edition is geared towards kids ages 7-12 years old.  However, Roo is only 3 years old but she still loves it so I say, it really depends on the child.  The first subscription does not include a country but is more of a starter kit which includes the suitcase for their travels, passport, map, a letter, and a postcard from Sam & Sophia.  Sam and Sophia are what I like to consider Roo’s travel guides and she gets to live vicariously through them and all their adventures!

Little Passports Sam and Sophia

Little Passports Map

Each month after the first, they will receive a country and in it, is another letter, activity sheet, a souvenir from Sam & Sophia, a photo from the travel, boarding pass for online access to games, a two-page activity sheet, push pin sticker for the map, sticker for the suitcase, and passport stamp in sticker form.  The activity was a little too advanced for Roo, however, she still really enjoyed coloring it and I am saving them for when she is ready for them again!

Little Passports CollageOur first month was Brazil, which she absolutely adored.  Sam and Sophia sent her a souvenir of an amethyst from the amethyst mines in Brazil.  Since she LOVES rocks, she treasured that amethyst and wouldn’t stop telling everyone that she got a special rock from Sam and Sophia for her suitcase.  She was excited to adhere the pushpin sticker onto her map and the sticker onto her passport.  She even got to learn about red uakari monkeys because of Sam and Sophia’s new uakari friend, Danilo.  When we read Sam and Sophia’s letter, she got to hear all about their adventure and the reasons why they were sending her those particular pictures and souvenirs and how they came to meet Danilo!

Little Passports Argentina

The next one that she got was Argentina which was just as exciting for Roo.  They included a dinosaur fossil kit that she had to “uncover!” I do have to say, the fossil got a little messy but she had so much fun.  She loved the dinosaur fossil that she got as the end result.  But what’s great is, she now knows what a fossil is and the process people go through to get to a fossil!  She also got to learn about The Valley of Dinosaurs, the weather in Argentina, food and the language they speak.  Now whenever we have a guest at the house, she walks around with her uncovered fossil saying, “Look, this is my fossil!” It’s great to see how happy she is with the activities and moments that she gets from her Little Passport trips!

Little Passports Argentina Fossil Dig

Roo has started using her suitcase for more than just the momentos from Sam and Sophia because she truly sees it as their adventures.  So when we came back from our Southern California vacation, she packed her suitcase with all the souvenirs that we bought on our own little trip.  She put in all the buttons from Disneyland, the flattened pennies from Legoland, and of course, her princess gear.  A princess must never be without her gloves!  Recently we were going to a conference together and I told her that we needed to pack some clothes and asked if she would like to help pack some of her own.  She said, “yes, I will pack!”  After a little while, she ran back to me and said, “I’m all done packing, here you go Mama!”  She hands me her Little Passports suitcase and when I open it, she had pulled everything out that was in there before and put in clothes she chose for our hotel stay.  Then she showed me that she packed some shirts, pants, jeans, and shorts!  I love that Little Passports has given my daughter not just a chance to experience different cultures monthly, but it’s helped my daughter to feel adventurous, to feel excited about receiving her own mail, and allowing her to take the suitcase and make it something personal to her!

Little Passports has several subscription options: Monthly at $11.95/month, 6 Months for $83.70, or 12 Months for $131.40.  Be sure to check out Little Passport’s Facebook page for the latest deals and news!  There are more than a year’s worth of countries with more to be added so your child won’t run out of surprise packages in the mail anytime soon!

What country would you want your child to learn more about?

Kangaroo Mama was provided free product from the sponsor company for review but the opinions stated in this posting are completely my own honest opinion and not influenced by the sponsor company. 


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