10 Months!!!!

I cannot believe it’s been 10 months, felt like just yesterday when my water broke and Honey was taking me to the hospital.  Then I blinked and she’s now 10 months old!  I can’t wait to go home soon and take some pictures of her with her 10 month sticker.  This time, I better not forget and take it when she’s already 2 weeks past her 10 month old birthday! 

So I’ve been behind on blogging once again but I will need to upload some more videos and pictures from the camera.  I still couldn’t capture the Kiggster waving Hi and Bye.  Everytime the camera is out, she won’t do it or she wants to eat the camera.  But the moment I put it away, she does it again!  I’ll keep trying though!
Not this past weekend but the one prior, we were helping a friend move into their new home and I brought Kiggster along (of course her and I didn’t do much helping).  She liked climbing on top of Caitlyn and wanting to eat her iPhone…actually anyone who had a phone/camera near her, she liked climbing on them and trying to eat their electronics!
 Just having fun before she realized the camera was on her!
Wait…what’s that thing pointing at me?! iPhone?!
 I want it!!! MINE!!!
Unfortunately, the video clip that we had for this has failed to upload…so sad!  Now I have to go home and upload all the other pictures and videos so that tomorrow we can have a fresh start!  So I decided that I’m going to make her halloween costume-I’m excited!  Hope it turns out ok!  I’ve been doing lots of thinking about her 1st birthday party on November 5th, time is ticking!  I know I still have a little time but can you believe it’s already been 10 months since she’s been born?!  Her birthday party will be here in no time! 
I’m nervous about Thursday, I have to travel for work and I’ll be away from Kiggster for the longest time ever…at least 16 hours!  I hope all will go well but I know she’s in good hands with Honey!  He’s the best daddy a little girl could have and the most amazing husband-more than I could have prayed for!  I love you Honey! 

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