1st Birthday Party-Part 2

So I shared some photos yesterday from Kiggster’s birthday party on Saturday and there is just so much to share!  The flag banner above was hanging outside the front door to welcome guests to the party.  Doesn’t it look so awesome against the red door?!  Wish it was our red door but it’s our friends’ house and I have to say, makes me want to go outside and paint our door red now!  I used a free template from Ruffled Blog to make the banner and shrank it down to a quarter of the size because I wanted it to look more “dainty” and for them all to fit on the door!  I also made a collage banner that hung inside the house to document Kiggster’s whole 1st year (4 pictures each month).

I also tried setting up a photo corner at the party so that everyone could have some fun with masks and other props.  Since we had lots of people and mostly standing room only, the precious square footage that the photo corner was using ended up being taken also for guests to sit.
The sign was made using a free template from  Wedding Chicks.
Here’s our prop basket full of masks, mustaches, and hats!
Our photo corner w/a bean bag elephant & beach ball animals!

The bean bag elephant was actually an old bean bag Honey’s family had laying around the house.  When we went to Ikea recently, I saw the elephant cover for their air-filled bags and had to get the cover!  It doesn’t fit very well (totally open and unzipped in the back) but it worked for the purpose of pictures.  The beach ball animals are actually from Oriental trading company and the kids (Kiggster included) loved them, they were pretty inexpensive and cute! Good thing Kiggster at least got to pose in the photo corner for a picture before it was overtaken!  She looks so tiny on top of the elephant!

Gabi, Kiggster, Carla, and Justin
Even though we didn’t get pictures in the photo corner, people still seemed to enjoy the props…
Is this how Jasper will look in 10 years?!


Hmmm, I think Kiggster has a slight resemblance to her Gong-Gong, you think it could be that mustache?!  The mustaches were fun.  I actually got a set of these felt mustaches from Sweet Fairy Boutique and glued them to wooden coffee stirrers.  Great inexpensive fun!  Some even enjoyed the props when not taking a picture…

When the adults were too busy, the kids knew exactly where to go for food…

Gabi dippin’ into the fried chicken wings!
Bella helpin’ herself to some juice.
Knowing exactly where to go for help w/the straw!

That’s a small collection of the balloon animals we had at the party.  I tried my hand at making them for the first time.  Thanks to this book for kids on balloon modeling that I inherited from our friend’s donation pile and you tube videos, I was able to confidently make some animals at the party.  I can’t take credit for that awesome pink balloon with the bulge in the middle (sarcasm intended).  That was Kow-Gong, he says it’s a pregnant worm.  He made my MIL guess what it was and when she found out, she said, “Hmm, you should have made it pregnant with twins!”  Huh?!  Don’t encourage him!  So of course, he made one pregnant with twins too!  I think the adults had more fun blowing up the balloons and attempting to make balloon animals than the kids did playing with them.  Although during the party, Kiggster did find some other creative uses for the balloons…

Use #1: Balloon Bracelets
Use #2: Balloon Neck Scratcher
Use #3: Resistance Band
Work those biceps baby!

Beth who owns Alphabeths and is our super talented friend from SoCal, actually drew the whole alphabet herself and put together the letters of Rayne’s name and sent it to us!  We put it in a frame and displayed it at  the party and people loved it!  We actually even bought the abc book-the whole alphabet is so darling!

I also put stickers on the bottom of some of the plates at the party so that the winners of those plates would win a prize.  I wanted to share some of those beach ball animals and animal masks with people so that we didn’t go home with a dozen beach balls and 2 dozen animal masks.  People didn’t quite read directions though so most people didn’t look at their plates before throwing them out or some people like Kow-Gong completely misunderstood the directions and tried to write in his own prize…

Will someone tell Kow-Gong, Rayne isn’t a prize!

We also had some yummy fresh organic fruit popsicles instead of a sugar-loaded cake and I think people enjoyed them very much.  They were from Haute Pops and I was so glad to have found something that I felt good about introducing to kids and even the adults.  She provided me with regular sized pops for the adults and miniature sized ones for the kiddos.  With flavors like Spicy Mango (my fav.), Pineapple Thai Basil (Honey’s fav.), Strawberry Lemonade and many more, people are bound to find one that they love!  For the purposes of “Happy Birthday” singing and candle blowing though, I blended this thick smoothie and stuck a candle in it.  Kiggster loves smoothies so it was perfect!

Plated popsicles from Haute Pop
Kiggster with her smoothie “cake”

Of course everyone wanted a round of kisses…

Kiss from Tai-Po
Kiss from Yee-Po 
Kiss from Mama, of course!
A picture with Yee-Yee (aka nap master) 
Picture with Kow-Foo & the funny balloon he made!
A snuggle from Ngin-Ngin
A snuggle from Po-Po

Then onto Kiggster’s silly grandpas…

That’s Yeh-Yeh, the photo-crasher, waving randomly in the back!
Ed Lee, SF Mayor…wait, is that Gong-Gong?!
Ok, time for some serious family photos…
Hui Family
Lisam Family
I love that Kiggster can have both families close by and be filled with their love and care for her!  We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such great family and friends.  We love you all, thank you for making this first year of Kiggster’s life such a joy!

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