1st Birthday Party-Part I

Wow this past weekend was busy!  It was quite a whirlwind of a weekend.  Honey and I spent quite some time experimenting in the kitchen and some of these experimental dishes took a little more time than we had anticipated!  As usual, there was more than enough food and because of my lack of sleep and suffering from a cold, I made some oopsies during the party.  Around 600 pictures were taken throughout this 2 1/2 – 3 hour party so I will try to trim down drastically but will definitely need to do a 2 part posting for her birthday to show you everything that was there.  Her party was kinda like a wedding for me, “oh so-and-so was there?! I totally didn’t see them!” or “Wow, is that how the decorations looked like, I didn’t even remember it looking like that!”  Maybe next year (yup, already planning), I’ll scale down the party a little but knowing me, I won’t!

So Honey and I left Kiggster in her PJs going to the party since we were going to be there early to decorate at our friend’s house early-can’t risk her getting her clothes all dirty already!  Kiggster’s Yee-Yee and great cousins came to play with her and help her take a nice nap before the party-yup, took the whole village to do that!


That’s Kiggster fresh from her nap w/2 of her great cousins, Vivian and Derek!  On to helping Cinderella change into her ball gown!

Told you it was like a wedding-hanging dress and all!
A diaper change was also on the menu!

Our little birthday girl was well rested now and ready to party and eat her heart away!

Her dress was made by me and let’s just say it was harder than I thought using a sewing machine for the first time.  I used a material other than cotton for the ruffle part and let’s just say, good thing the pattern is forgiving-if not you’d totally be able to tell my crooked sewing.  Good thing my mom was there to help me out because I would not have been able to complete it and make it look presentable without her help!  I took the fabric scraps and made the matching headband-loved it, wish I made a matching one for myself now!  The dress and headband patterns were from Snazziedrawers (can you tell I love using her patterns ’cause I’ve only linked to them a million times on this blog) and it was the Adeline dress and Lyla Rose headband!  When others show pictures of the Adeline dress that they make, it’s always as a dress and sleeveless but we’re in San Francisco so there’s no way I can get by with less than the pants and long sleeve undershirt!  I need to get some clothing patterns that are also cute for winter!  Fabrics were from San Francisco Quilting Collaborative and the boa trim on the headband was from A Little Scrappy.

Kiggster was super silly during the party and I just love seeing her character come out randomly…

Love her wrinkled nose, squinty-eyed smiles!



She loves sticking out the tip of her tongue and saying “la-la-la-la” as she moves it back and forth across her mouth.  My MIL asked me the other night, “I wonder who taught her that?!”  I said, “Hmm, must be other babies doing it all the time.”  I failed to mention that I was that other “baby” teaching her to do that!  Hey, don’t judge, that’s the only way I can get her to stick out her tongue for me when I’m trying to clean inside her mouth and tongue with a washcloth!  When I do it, she does it and we both stick out our tongues singing while Mama is cleaning her little teeth, gums, and tongue!

 That’s the party hat I made her.  Actually that’s the back of the hat (it’s a little tiger since she was born in the year of the tiger)!  The tiger is a die cut animal from Little Scraps of Love.  I actually had other super cute die cut animals to display at the party but in my sleepless state of mind, I forgot that bag at home! Booh on me!  But Honey figured out a way for us to still use them-we’re going to put them on display around her room instead!

I took a party hat she got at another birthday party and used it as my template but I totally made it harder than it should have been.  I lined the inside and outside with patterned paper, lined the bottom of the hat with ric-rak, made a little tulle/ric-rak poof on top, and put in a ruffled elastic band to help hold it in place on her head!  I loved that Honey participated a lot in the making of this hat.  He drew the little rocket ship “1” on the hat so that it says 1st on the front.  I traced it with glitter!  So anywhere you looked on the hat, front or back, there was something to look at!  Embarrassed to say, since I wasn’t working off a tutorial, it took longer than it should have to complete.  Right after I finished the hat, Snazziedrawers came out with their Alexa Party Hat tutorial and I wish it came out a week prior to me finishing mine ’cause it probably would have made life a lot easier-might have even made enough for everyone else at the party!  Oh well, still totally enjoyed making and designing that hat for Kiggster!  Too bad it was only good for one day wear!

I think this is it for part 1 of her party, more pictures and details to follow-hopefully tomorrow if I don’t feel too tired from work!  Happy Tuesday everyone!  Can you believe Kiggster is 1 year and 2 days old?!  Flying by too fast…


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