1st Pumpkin Farm Experience

So on Saturday, the 14th, we took Kiggster to her 1st pumpkin farm in Half Moon Bay called Lemos Farm.  It was so packed there but it was still a lot of fun.  We ended up getting a day pass for Honey and I since Kiggster was free but because of the lines, we only got to do 1 train ride.  Darn, could’ve saved $4 dollars if we only got a single ticket instead of the day pass.  Oh well.  It was hard to get good pictures there with all the kids everywhere, behind your pictures, in front of your pictures…they were just everywhere.  But the farm was very well decorated and really impressive looking!

This was the very first thing that greets you as you’re walking in from the parking lot!  I thought it was pretty funny!


There’s Kiggster riding on a pony called “Pumpkin!”  We totally dressed her for warmer weather but it wasn’t all that hot, though not cold.  I really wanted to let her wear those cute little shorts!
 That’s one of Kiggster’s BFFs and her parents!


That was us on a tiny train ride and they took us through this back road that was heavily decorated…



Some of the decorations look a bit random but overall a lot of effort was put into decorating the whole place.  Lemos Farm is also a tree farm so during winter, this is also completely transformed into a winter themed farm.  Can’t wait to check that out too!


We forgot to put shoes on her before heading out to the farm so we couldn’t let her stand up against the pumpkins…at least I didn’t want too!




We kept trying to take a picture with her looking at the camera but everywhere I moved to, she’d look the other way, or block her face, or look down.  She’s too quick for me!


Taking those 2 photos made me feel like real paparazzi!  You know those celeb magazines where they have celebrities and their babies doing “normal people” activities. For some reason, those 2 photos remind me of that and the caption would say, “Even celebrity dad, Roderick, takes his daughter, Rayne, to the pumpkin farm and dances to music!”  They were cute, Honey brought her near the stage to listen to people performing and they danced a little bit to the music!  That was our trip to the pumpkin farm (2 weekends ago)…

So we also went to the pumpkin farm this past weekend too but to a different one!  This time, we put shoes on her!  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more pumpkin pictures!


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