2012 Ultimate Blog Party

Welcome to all of you visiting form the 2012 Ultimate Blog Party!  You all know I love throw parties and to party so it of course peaked my interest when I saw Ultimate Blog Party to have Journey of A Kangaroo Mama participate in it!  

You can read about "My Story" by clicking the link or you can also read a little more about me on the Journeying With A Friend posting where I shared with my 100 Comments Tour blogger friends a little bit about myself and my blog!  You can also read about the story behind my blog name on Origins of the Name posting.

But things change in life as we all know too well, so there are things that have already changed since I've written either of those postings (which tells me I need to update the "My Story" page because Kiggster is no longer 1 years old)!

I feel like I am many things: Daughter of God, Wife, Mama, daughter, sister, friend, super-amateur crafter, wanna-be photographer, bad cook, paper collector, sentimental borderline hoarder, Pinterest addict (it's for blog research of course), free stuff finder/collector/addict, shopaholic…you name it, I'm probably it!  But at the moment, I feel like I am mostly just a Wife to my amazing husband, Honey, of almost 7 years and Mama to my baby girl, Kiggster, who is 17 months old now! I am striving but sometimes struggling to deepen my relationship with God in a busy, chaotic life!  I dream of being home with Kiggster and helping her grow into an amazing and talented woman while starting a business of my own (nope, don't have a business plan or idea) that blossoms into something that everyone worldwide knows and loves!  Actually the dream is for both Honey and I to be able to stay home with Kiggster and so I can spend endless amounts of time with him everyday, all the while not worrying about finances!   I have big dreams!  

On this blog, I am currently sharing about my latest projects and the most consistent one right now is my 366 Project where I take a daily picture of something in my life.  I write a "short" blurb (you will come to know that I am not short on words and can be described as "wordy") of each day's photo so that I can be grateful for even all the small moments in my life!  I also do product reviews and giveaways (You can see giveaways here) on this blog of products/services that I enjoy and love.  I also share crafting projects that I've tried but remember, I'm a super-amateur crafter so if I can make something, you can definitely do it better!  Two of my favorite projects are in my Gifts for Dads category for the Daddy Diaper Duty Apron and the Daddy Scrubs:


Thanks for visiting and feel free to visit me on Facebook, Twitter, or subscribe to my emails for the latest updates!  All my links are at the very top right of my blog!  Cheers to great parties!!! 



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  1. Your 366 Project is so cool! It makes everyday memories last forever. Can't wait to see more pictures of yours soon. So glad I made it here!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by and I would love for you to come back for a visit. I try to post weekly of my 366 projects, some weeks are later than others but my goal is weekly! =P Can’t wait to visit your blog too!

  2. I share many of your hobbies 🙂
    Stopping by from the UBP to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!
    <a href="http://poshonabudget.com/2012/04/2012-ultimate-blog-party-come-join-us.html"/>POSH</a&gt;

  3. Great blog…I want to come back and read more

    So much fun party hopping….meeting new friends and finding old ones…I just added another great prize to my giveaways…so now you have 3 good prizes…I would love for you to win. A comment is all it takes..Hope you will also stop by my Pinterest boards….I have over 900


  4. I love your photos and your family seems like a lively and fun bunch 🙂 I think you've got great dreams and I'd love to be home with my hubs and daughter all day, every day! Great to connect with you during UBP12 and I'll be back!

    • Thanks for visiting TerriAnn! It is my ultimate dream, maybe one day it will happen for all of us to be home spending lots of time with our family!

  5. Hi there! just stopping by from the UBP! I love your description of yourself! Your a great writer! I will be following and cant wait to see what's next! I blog over at http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ where we show everyone all the fun things we find at garage sales. Check us out when you get a chance!

    • Hi Robin, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comments! I love garage sales, I can’t wait to check out your blog and see all the fun things you find, might give me ideas for what to look for in my garage sale experiences!

  6. The UBP is a highlight of my blogging year, and I'm so glad that you've linked up this year!! I look forward to getting to know you better in the months to come.
    – <a href="http://blog.ashleypichea.com">Ashley Pichea</a>

    • Hi Ashley, Thanks for stopping by! This is my first time and I am so glad I signed up. There are so many different bloggers to meet and everyone has been so encouraging!

  7. Hi…. I come for the party ^___^ I found your site from UBP 2012. Hope you come to my party post too, http://bit.ly/ubp2012. While you are there, feel free to enter our current giveaway (few of them in cash). Thank you.

    Juliana RW
    ps: lovely photos.

    • Hi Juliana, Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment! I will definitely stop by your blog, it’s my first year in UBP so it’s been really nice so far!

  8. Love your description of yourself!  I think I have to confess to borderline hoarding too!   

    Nice to "meet" through UBP!
    Melissa @ Pink Paper Peppermints

    • Hi Melissa, thanks so much for stopping by! It’s nice meeting you too! I hate that I have hoarding syndrome but it runs deep in my blog unfortunately. I’m sure having a blog to get more free stuff doesn’t help either!

  9. Hi Kathy,
    This is my first time at the UBP. Just stopping by. Your daughter is darling. I am the mother of five children and the grandmommy of 10. I love that you do sign language. My daughter has 9 mth. triplets and we are just going to start sign language with them. When my oldest grandson (9yrs. old) started signing–he would do the sign for "please" down by his tummy because he always was trying to get his mom to give him more ice cream. lol   Hope you stop by loveyoumorethanyouknow.com.  Happy writing. Janie

    • Hi Janie, thanks so much for stopping by and for your super sweet comments. It is also my first year in UBP so cheers to us newbies! Wow, 10 grandchildren huh?! That’s amazing! I would highly recommend doing sign language, it has been great for us! It’s like a flip of a switch when they suddenly start doing a million signs one day when the previous day, they could barely do the milk sign! Good luck with the signing, you can always come by here if you have questions or need recommendations or tips! I will definitely be stopping by your blog!

  10. Hey!! SO happy to meet you! I found your blog thru the UBP12. I love meeting new cool bloggers and the UBP is great… it's my first time and I love it! My blog is new since 2 months now. I hope you can visit and join 🙂 
    S.O.S. Mom 

    • Hi SOS Mom, thank you so much for stopping by, it is also my first time joining UBP also! Wow, you are really new, that’s great you’ve already starting joining these events at 2 months! I wish I knew about all these resources when I was starting out, that would have helped me immensely! I will definitely be coming by for a visit soon!

  11. So cute!! Love your blog! Great photos, too! Stoppin by on the UBP! Hope you'll visit me, too!

  12. Nice to meet you! And that has to be the coolest name/nickname for a kid I've ever heard.

    • Hehe, thanks so much for visiting! Kiggster is actually a combination of my nickname for my husband and my husband’s nickname for me! We joked about making that her real name but thought it would be too tramatizing for a child and we wouldn’t be able to not chuckle saying the name!

  13. new follower from the UBP 2012

  14. Hi Kathy!

    Your self-descriptions made me giggle. I relate to a lot of them I think. Stopping over to say hi from the UBP12. My little guy is 19 months so not too far off from your little gal. 
    You can find me at http://www.redtagmama.com. It is great to meet you. I am lovin' this party!


    • Hi Gena, thanks for stopping by! Aw, they are super close in age, if only we were closer…well, maybe we are?! I can’t wait to stop by your blog too! I love parties!

  15. Your little one sure is cute.

    My husband and I try to think of ways we can all have a business together, including our daughters in it.  So far, whatever we come up with would require him to go back to school for a while and we dont want to do that. 
    Party hopping.

    • Thank you so much Michelle for stopping by and you super sweet comment! It would be amazing to have a family business! Well, my husband is in school right now so you wanna pass those ideas along?! Since he’s already in school, might as well see what else he can study alongside it! =P Someone once recommended starting a farm since that was the only way they were able to spend more time together doing something together!

  16. Visiting from the Ultimate Blog Party 2012 – I enjoyed my visit here!  I love your idea of taking a photo a day, and writing about it – what a great way of remembering all that happened throughout a year.  This Blog Party is a fun way to meet new people – I'm #40 on the same linkup that you are in.  Enjoy the party!

    • Hi Cherry, thanks for visiting! I have been loving doing my photo a day too, it really helps me to be grateful for everyday and looking back at all the great memories just in one week! Wow, you’re #40…how did you already get down to me?! I’m like #1K, that’s what it feels like, I’m waaaaay at the bottom of the linkup! Glad you stopped by though and can’t wait to come by yours too!

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