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366 Project: Week 8

If you haven't had a chance to check out Week 7's photos, you can see them here! Week 8: February 19-25 Day 50 (Feb 19): So I got curious if I could put Kiggster's hair in pony tails (yes I long for her hair to be longer-no pun intended) and that's what I did Sunday morning.  Honey thought she looked weird and I guess she did too 'cause she took it off right away!  But they didn't really stay up anyways, they kinda laid flat to the sides of her head after a couple pictures!  So I don't really know why I want her hair to be longer because I dread the day when she'll ask me to braid her hair or do something cool with it, only to realize her mama sucks at doing hair!  I have no idea how to braid, regular braids, pigtail braids, french braids, french twists, buns, everything!  I keep trying to do something cool with my own hair, I've tried in the past with dolls and they all turn out lookin' like a hot mess!  Any of your moms of older girls have some tips for me?  I know … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 7

As the weeks are whizzing by and next week will already mark yet another month, I feel like I'm falling behind on my times with Kiggster.  Does anyone ever feel this way about motherhood...or I guess even life in general?  I keep wishing time would stop, stand still, or slow down so I can enjoy more time with my family but instead it's speeding up and running laps around me!  I thought March would be so far from now but it's only 3 days away and I haven't accomplished all that I've set out to do!  In looking back at my goals for 2012, I am already failing miserably at some of them but the good thing is, I can still change that since we are it is still early in the year (for now that is)!  So how are your goals for 2012 going so far?  On that note, here's Week 7 of my 366 project and if you haven't caught up with week 6, you can check it out here.Week 7: February 12-18Day 43 (Feb 12):We had to keep Kiggster out of her Sunday Children's Ministry class … [Read more...]

366 Project Week 6

Alright, I know Week 6 is coming like 1 week late but our whole family was plagued with illnesses in the midst of an already busy work/school schedule.  Let's say we're all beat and the whole sleep "training" thing...we've fallen off the sleep wagon!  We will be back at square one once we all get well.  All three of us can't smell anything (nope can't smell poopy diapers), coughing, fatigued...everything under the sun.  But getting better each day.  Wish us luck, send some prayers our way, and we love virtual hugs too!  If you haven't had a chance to see pictures from Week 5, you can see them here.Week 6: February 5-11Day 36 (Feb 5):Our little Kiggeroo's hair has gotten longer than I thought.  She wakes up every morning to a different version of bedhead!  It's quite cute, I have no idea, without gel or hairspray, how her hair can stick up so much!  Then when she wakes up, she has the poutiest little lips ever-Angelina Jolie's lips got … [Read more...]

Sleep Training: Bootcamp for Parents!

This month is passing by pretty quickly.  Not sure how I feel about that.  We've been trying to sleep train (Honey hates that term, he would rather just say, "teach her to sleep on her own") Kiggster the last couple days.  We originally had switched her crib into a toddler bed so she could climb in and out herself and we wouldn't worry about her jumping out the bed and hurting herself.  However, it doesn't really work for sleeping if they know how to get out and stay out of bed.  She sure loved playing in it though!  So Honey switched her toddler bed back to a crib last Tuesday and we've been trying to help her sleep on her own.  So that means, Mama has to lose her crutch of nursing her to sleep, nursing her in bed, nursing her through the get the point.  Also, this means, not rocking her to sleep, holding her until she falls asleep and all the traditional "no-nos" that Honey and I are both culprits of.   Honey doesn't agree with … [Read more...]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!  So I told you guys Honey and I were probably going to celebrate early over the weekend?!  Yeah, illness on Kiggster's part and sleep training took over our weekend and instead we ended up staying home being sleep deprived.  I will probably post more on that tomorrow about the sleep thing.  Kiggster is starting to feel better but she was battling with an upset tummy and was not a happy camper the last couple days!  But she is adorable as usual still, despite the illness!So remember how I made an unofficial goal to make Kiggster something every  month or special occasion?!  So here's my hair clip for her Valentine's Day celebration...So Friday, I said I got 2 cards for Honey and I was ok posting that because he is behind on my posts...yeah, not the case apparently.  I came home and he was like, "2 cards huh?!"  Doh, of course, my luck!  So apparently, he's been trying to read the latest posting and an older post to … [Read more...]

Perfect Beach Day

The pail was from her BFF, Bella's bday party!So on Wednesday I shared about our Saturday beach day on my 366 project posting for Day #.  I showed a picture of her battle wound from the dog but there was so much more from her day than just that.  She had a blast at the beach and the dog incident couldn't have been further from her mind once she got a hold of the sand.  I do have to say, I have such a brave girl and tough one at it, she gets hurt so often tripping over toys, falling of the bed and couches, getting shots and blood drawn at the doctor's, hits her head under the table, gets scratched by a dog...and she knows it hurts and will cry a little but immediately following that, she goes right back to playing like she could care less about her pain. I loved our beach day together last week and I can't wait until we get more time like that together.  You think this weekend will be nice?  I absolutely love her cute little lips and squeezable little … [Read more...]

366 Project: Week 5

Week 5: January 29-February 4If you haven't had a chance to check out Week 4, you can see them here!  So I know I usually post on Tuesdays but I totally got my dates confused and didn't realize yesterday was Tuesday. Day 29:This was Kiggster at church that morning with Honey and I while we were prepping for the children's classes for our Sunday service.  She was surrounded by 2 older kids (siblings) and they both wanted to play with her and hold her.  The older sister just picked Kiggster up and said that she was really easy to carry!  Very cute!  The picture just looked so funny with poor little Kiggster looking so small while the older girl was hovering over her with her ginormous parka!Day 30:So this technically is not a picture of my own but a picture on loan by my good friend Caitlyn, who will now be watching Kiggster part time during the week.  Bella and Rayne have such a blast together and being just 2 months apart, they are totally like sisters. … [Read more...]

I’m Not SuperWoman?!

Hmmm, how should I sum up the week?!  For Kangaroo Mama, the week has been rocky, for Honey, it's been hectic and for Kiggster, she's been recovering.  How is one supposed to feel when they find out that their position at their day job was going to get cut but then some people lobbied for their existence, then it was put on the chopping block again and then saved...all in 2 days?!  It feels nice that some people lobbied and believed in my work but man, it sucks to know that there are people that believe my existence is useless and unnecessary!  Should one stay at a job like that know that every move will be judged, weighted, and knit-picked down to the last grain of sand?!  I have to say, I'm not one of those with the strength to hear discouraging news like that and jump into SuperWoman mode and work my bum off to prove them wrong.  At the moment, I am in my grieving stage...actually maybe anger stage.  I am totally demotivated, wondering why I … [Read more...]

Reminiscing on Daddy Times

Unfortunately, Kiggster got a fever this morning of like 102 and it's her first fever ever in these past 15 months! I guess we've been lucky to not have to go through this until now but it is still so scary even though she is a little older now (at least not a newborn)!  She is feeling a bit lethargic, clingy, and doesn't have much of an appetite but when I finally got to leave the house, she was starting to cool down a little bit and some giggling could be heard. Please pray that she will get better soon and back to her usual playful self!So we just got through Honey's first week at work and school last week and he's definitely been missing time with Kiggster! It's so different hearing about Kiggster's day from another person even if you know she's in good hands (now he knows how I felt this past year)!  As I mentioned previously, I wanted to do a tribute to Honey's last 15 months with Kiggster and all the fun, amazing, and adventurous times they've had.  Since the past … [Read more...]

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