366 Project: Week 10

If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on Week 9’s photos, you can check them out here!

Week 10: March 4-10

Day 64 (March 4):

We took a walk at the park near our house before church this day and she got to see some squirrels running around before falling asleep.  Everytime she’s gotten into her stroller, she enjoys kicking up both her feet onto the railings and just chillin’ out!  Today though, she thought she’d just pick her nose!  No just kidding, she was pointing to her nose but for some reason, in order for her to point to her nose, she likes to take her finger and find the opening to her nose and point there!  Remember how I mentioned that she likes hearing me say nose in Cantonese?!  Well, that was us playing the nose game!

Day 65 (March 5):

Breakfasts together are always fun and this is one of those fun mornings!  She loves flinging her oatmeal sometimes but she also loves learning how to use her spoon and fork and just misses her mouth a lot of times!  She was wearing her M&M onesie romper from Yee-Po (thanks!) that says “All About Me” quite frankly, the shirt is correct, it is all about her!  Doesn’t her pose say that too?!  Although, it’s one of those rare picture moments where I can actually capture her doing something, usually she just wants to grab the camera, which was what happened quickly after that photo!

Day 66 (March 6):
OH NO! Someone stole pictures off my camera…or they disappeared!  How did I miss taking a picture on this day?!  I have no idea but I will try to do better next time.

Day 67 (March 7):
Obviously the try to do better next time didn’t apply to this day either because once again the pictures disappeared!

Day 68 (March 8):

Honey took us out to dinner this night and we go to one of our favorites: Delancey Street Restaurant!  Kiggster is always welcomed and loved by the wait staff there and even the patrons!  We love the food, it’s somewhat relaxing there for us to get time to talk, to eat together, and for her to explore new things.  Like how to dip her finger in a mixture of applesauce and sour cream and try to put it in her mouth.  It was for the potato latkes I was having but she enjoyed dipping her finger in more than the potato latke!  She missed her mouth the first couple times but then after a couple tries, finally got it in her mouth and didn’t want to stop after that.  I love that when she is learning a new skill, she keeps trying and trying and trying…and trying until she has it down.  Then when she has it down, she keeps doing it because it’s fun to her to do something new.  Oh, I could learn from that as an adult, to keep persevering when things get hard or tough and not give up and have a good heart about learning new things.  Too often, I think learning something new should come easy or I should give up but I would never want Kiggster to just give up trying to learn something so why shouldn’t I be a better example, right?!  Thanks Baby-Roo for teaching Mama a good life lesson through your child-like heart and helping me to see the world through your fascinated eyes!

Day 69 (March 9):

Kiggster’s hair seems to be growing at a snail’s pace…at least compared to all her BFFs that are around her same age or younger!  Then we have bath times and Mama gives her a new “updo” and realizes that it’s actually quite long!  She has hair like mine, everytime I go to a stylist to cut my hair (which only happens every 12-18 months), they look at it and say, “your hair looks so thin, you don’t have much hair to work with!”  Then they start cutting and realize, darn, it’s a lot of work, you only have the illusion of thin, lifeless hair but there’s A LOT of it!  I”m not sure it’s a good thing, I want my hair to actually look like it has volume and life.  Poor Roo-Roo has my hair!  But darn, even with a bad quality photo, yellow-ish bathroom lighting, you can still tell she has these super nice long eyelashes!  We were at Whole foods last night (yup the 12th) and one of the workers there stopped what she was doing to say, “WOW, she has super long eyelashes!”  Hehe, at least she didn’t take after me there, that’s from Daddy!

Day 70 (March 10):
I had a video of Kiggster for this day but I quickly grabbed my phone and recorded it on there, except now I can’t get it to upload.  Technology once again has decided to fail me.  So a napkin fell on the floor and she decided she would grab a hold of it and start “mopping” the floor with it.  She actually got on all fours and starting scrubbing the floor with this napkin.  Then she got up, then the napkin fell on the floor again, so she got back on all fours and started scrubbing the other spot that the napkin fell to.  It was super cute!

Whew, one week almost down now.  We get to take a little break to go to SoCal and visit some friends and celebrate Honey’s birthday early.  We’re going tomorrow until Sunday and I’m so excited but why is it not warm down there?!  I packed all these summer dresses, sleeveless rompers, skirts for Kiggster and now I’ll have to repack the whole suitcase!  DOH!  I’ll keep some of it just in case it gets warmer but if not, layers, layers, layers!  It’s Honey’s spring break so we plan on making good use of this time to have tons of fun!  Are you guys on spring break or have any plans for the weekend (I know, it’s only Tuesday)?!



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  1. kendra30752 says:

    Cute! I love your latest posts. These are so cute. What a great idea to document her life on your blog. 🙂 I really enjoyed reading this and ended up spending forever reading! Lol. I planned to read one post and then kept going and going and going 🙂 So precious.

    She does have long lashes:) I often hear the same thing.. "You have such long eyelashes." Then I'll get "are those real?" Ha. Ha.


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