366 Project: Week 11

If you haven’t already seen the post for Week 10’s pictures, you can check them out here!

Week 11: March 11-17

Day 71 (March 11):

We were at church this morning (ok every Sunday morning) and we were in a new location that didn’t accommodate all the kids so some of the older boys were hanging out in the sidelines of church.  We kept Kiggster out of her class because she had a little cough so we played it safe and didn’t want her to get others sick.  Well, lets just say Kiggster had a good time chillin’ out with the boys!  She totally loves hanging out with the boys.  She was ok for a little bit with the books and snacks that we brought for her but then as the boys huddle together with all their PSPs, she decided that was much more exciting.  What was really cute was that they totally let her chill with them and let her sit next to them as they compared their PSPs and watched each other play.  One of the boys even took the trash she was holding in her hand and helped her throw it away!  She’s so spoiled!

Day 72 (March 12):

Ok this picture is not really from this day but the camera must have ate my picture again because I couldn’t find one from this day.  This is Kiggster taking one of her daily rides in her doll’s shopping cart!  She takes her doll out and her toys and starts trying to climb in.  Since she’s a little heavy for the cart, she usually ends up tipping it over while trying to stick her leg in.  But she’ll then try to call for us to help put her in.  Then she sits her butt on where the doll would have sat (there’s even a little velcro seatbelt for the doll) and enjoys her ride around the house!  I don’t remember seeing a weight limit to the shopping cart…you think it will hold up?!

Day 73 (March 13):

Here we are starting to pack for our trip to SoCal!  As you can see, I am a last minute packer!  Empty suitcase and one Kiggster trying to help me pack.  Later on she helped me dump a bunch of irrelevant kitchen stuff inside the suitcase.  I guess if I was headed off to a cooking show I could have used the things she packed for us!  Of course, we didn’t sleep early and once again, like every vacation we’ve ever taken together, I stayed up late trying to pack, wash all the dishes, clear the fridge, wash all her dirty diapers (didn’t want our house to smell like the dump when we returned), and get anxious thinking about what I was forgetting!

Day 74 (March 14):

We’re here in SoCal!  It was supposed to be “cold” in the 50-60s but it was warmer than expected and we jumped at the chance for a backyard, summer clothes moment!  It was great because Bubs (nickname for our friend’s 3 year old boy) and Kiggster totally got a long great!  They were playing together right away when we arrived and he showed her all about playing with water.  He was actually splashing water on her and she just stood there, stared at him and let him do it!  Much cheaper than going to a water park.  That was her completely soaked after multiple splashings…still sucking on her slice of tangerine!  She looks golden!

Day 75 (March 15):

This was girl time today!  The boys (actually, men) went to watch the tennis match in Palm Springs and so were gonna be gone all day long.  Thursdays were usually when Bubs went to his playgroup so it was just the girls (me, Mee-Mee, Bug, and Kiggster)!  It was an amazingly relaxing day, even a super chill and enjoyable lunch.  Kiggster and Bug sat in their high chairs side-by-side the whole meal and were almost completely self-entertained.  They both loved seeing this couple walk in with their 3 dogs and Kiggster got so excited.  She couldn’t stop signing dog and saying it too but when I took her to see them, she got all shy!  We had a great girls time having lunch together and being able to enjoy the sun, brought us back to the good ‘ole days when we were roommates!

Day 76 (March 16):

Here we are with our besties out to dinner!  Mealtime wasn’t quite as calm and relaxing as lunch was the day before but we did end up having a lot of food to take out.  All 3 kids had ants in their pants and did not exactly want to be imprisoned in their seats.  We actually went home and let the kids run wild (Bug is a fast crawler at 10 months old) and we had a little bit of time to sit at the table and talk together.

Day 77 (March 17):

This is too cute, cuddles on the couch!  I told you Kiggster and Bubs enjoyed each other’s company.  I did previously mention that I’m not pro-arranged marriages but the two of them are totally marrying each other!  At first Kiggster was sitting there watching Tinkerbell and Bubs came to join her.  He leaned up against her and she tried pushing him away (she has personal space issues) but he ended up slowly leaning back on her again and she gently pushed him away again.  Then slowly he came back and she just finally let him stay!  It was so cute, I think they stayed like that for awhile.  All the adults were actually getting ready to go out on a “date” while the Bubs and Bug’s grandparents came to hold down the fort!  It was an awesome night actually, Kiggster totally behaved and we got to go to a coffee/tea shop and have a great talk with each other.  We haven’t had time like that in a long time and we really needed it!

During our trip to SoCal, Kiggster had a lot of milestones!  She said and signed the words “Cracker” and “Baby” for the first time.  She also learned to say “Bobby” and “Up.”  Ever since that trip, she’s been more willing to let us hold her hand when she walks but also she is more likely to come up to us and hold our hand so she can guide us to where she wants us to go.  Though I think she’s had somewhat of a negative effect on Bubs…he now says “mommy and daddy” repeatedly until he gets heard or sometimes even when he is heard because Kiggster likes to do that and he caught on early on during our stay!  You think we’re welcome anymore after that?!

So that’s Week 11 in photos!  I’m trying to prepare for my big giveaway week starting next Friday and it’s gonna be a combo giveaway.  I will be celebrating my blog’s “housewarming party” and my big 3-0!  Yup, I’m turning 30 on April 3rd and I thought I would celebrate that at the same time with some awesome giveaways.  But I’m having trouble with naming my giveaway week.  There’s some rhyming 30 phrases but they don’t quite fit my style.  There’s Dirty Thirty, Flirty Thirty, Nerdy Thirty, Wordy Thirty, Sturdy Thirty… I’m out of real rhyming words now!  How about slang?!  Purdy Thirty?!  I’m outta ideas, anyone got any for me?  Or should I nix the bday celebration and just go with the housewarming party giveaway?  I’m not feeling so hot on my birthday coming up anyways (I’ll have to post about that -soon) but I was hoping to hype myself up for it with this “celebration” but it doesn’t seem to be working out quite as smoothly.  Thoughts?!

By the way, if any of you were subscribing by email, did you guys automatically get emails again or did the transfer not go through successfully?! Let me know so I can fix it!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend, Honey and I get to go on a date to extend his birthday celebration.  I am so excited, it’s our first date in a long time (at least for 2012 but may have been 1 year ago that we went on a “date” alone)!  Woohoo!!!




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  1. What a busy little lady. She is too cute! I think you may need to invest in a bigger shopping cart if she doesn’t grow out of this routine by next year. LOL
    Angela Michels
    Angela Michels recently posted..FREE Stuff….REALLY?My Profile

    • Hi Angela, she is definitely a busy little lady! She loves pushing and being pushed in the shopping cart! I’m not even sure the Little Shoppers shopping carts at Trader Joe’s will fit her! She’s been throwing out all the dolls inside the shopping cart so she can sit inside! THanks for coming by!

  2. I tried doing one of these projects and can’t keep up! LOL Your daughter is beautiful!
    amber trievel recently posted..Taking MeasurementsMy Profile

    • Hi Amber, thank you so much for stopping by and for your sweet comment about my daughter! I am still trying to keep up! I am a bit behind on posting Week 12…and I think we’re on Week 13 right now actually so I’m really behind! I have been so swamped since the new site launched and getting my Housewarming Party week-long Giveaways posted that I haven’t even had a chance to upload photos yet! Hope you’ll come back for a visit soon!


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