366 Project: Week 12

If you haven't already had a chance to catch up on Week 11's photos, you can see them here!  

I am sorry this is Week 12 update is coming so late but hopefully better late than never right?!  I was so busy trying to post for my Housewarming Party celebration (which you can still enter 4 of the giveaways for some awesome prizes, go to my Giveaway page here and you'll see the latest giveaways I have going on)!  There's been a lot going on in our house lately that has been pulling my attention in a million directions and requires a million decisions also.  I will have to update you all soon but life has been a little hectic to say the least but thanks for being patient!

Week 12: March 18-24

Day 78 (March 18):

This was our last day in SoCal (I know, I'm that behind on posting) and here Bubs and Kiggster are sharing a tiny bowl of dry cereal together.  They both miss each other so much.  Oh my little future son-in-law!  I don't believe in arranged marriages but those two are totally getting married!  Do you see Kiggster's hair pre-haircut?!  It was long enough to kinda tie up in a little pigtail!  I miss it already and if you don't know what I'm talking about in terms of haircut…wait until Day 83 and you'll know what I'm talking about or you can read about her haircutting experience at the Baby's 1st Haircut posting!

Day 79 (March 19):

Uh not sure what happened here but it seems I cannot find any pictures from this day!  :/

Day 80 (March 20):

At what point do babies start wanting to play dress up?!  When do girls start falling into their "stereotypical roles?!"  Well, whatever the case, Kiggster has begun to find a liking for all my shoes!  Except she enjoys wearing my shoes around…backwards.  Maybe it's more comfy that way, I don't know, but she is totally cute when she does it!  This was her first time trying to wear my shoes, so glad I could catch that!

Day 81 (March 21):

Today was Honey's birthday and it was also the day that we tried cutting Kiggster's hair for the first time.  As you can tell, she was quite the squirmer so it was a failed first attempt.  We tried to hold her…well, I tried to hold the camera and her while Honey tried to hold her and the scissors.  I guess I should have put down the camera but I didn't want to miss her 1st haircut if it was gonna happen.  Well, it didn't so I guess I only captured the 1st failed attempt!

Day 82 (March 22):

We went out with Honey's parents for dinner to celebrate his birthday.  Honey ordered his favorite dessert, Valhrona Chocolate Lava Cake, at our favorite restaurant, Delancey Street Restaurant.  As you can see, he is ready to dig in and not share with anyone else!  No, he totally shared and got his mom hooked on it too!  Can you believe he's now 36 but looks 16?!  I love him, except when people ask if he's my little brother! 

Day 83 (March 23):

Alright here is haircut attempt #2 and this time it was successful…well, I guess it depends on what you consider a success.  It was successful in terms of hair getting cut but styling of the hair could use some help!  It's definitely grown on me so besides it being a ton shorter than I would have liked, I am getting used to looking at it now!  Though, some of my family says it looks worse than the famous bowl-cut!  What do you think?!  I think Kiggster makes the cut look a million times cuter so I think the person makes the cut great and not the cut making the person great right?!  I'm gonna stick with that theory!

Day 84 (March 24):

If you've had dinner with us at all, you'll know Kiggster absolutely enjoys putting her feet up on the table.  This could be while she's eating, sitting, playing or nursing near the table, one or both feet get hiked up on the table top.  Sometimes, right on top of a plate of food!  I'm not sure why she enjoys having her feet on the table but when I'm nursing her while we're out at a restaurant with a nursing cover over her, she will keep kicking her feet up until she reaches a table top!  I love her little quirks, totally makes her unique to us!  

Alright, from what I remember from that week, Kiggster also learned to say "Honey" because when I was calling for him, she heard me and started copying me!  Instead of Honey, she says, "huuu-nnn!"  Totally cute!  She's been saying book really well while also signing it. She's much better with her signing and recognizing the signs for what she sees such as flower, kitty, dog, book, more, up, help, Daddy, and even signing for her Baby Signing Time DVDs!  She still has her same 7 teeth (4 top and 3 bottom) but has been having her 8th tooth come in on the bottom for over 2 months now.  It was this little sharp point and now you can see her tooth starting to come in but it actually likes like a really tiny tooth for some reason (I don't mean in height)!  

Hope you enjoyed Week 12 of the 366 Project…look out for my Week 13 updates coming soon!



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