366 Project: Week 13

If you've not had a chance to look at the Week 12 photos, you can see them here!  Yes, I know, I'm still behind on my 366 Project updates but I'm slowly catching up.  Week 14 will be coming shortly!

Week 13: March 25-31

Day 85 & 86 (March 25 & 26):

Not sure where my photos went for this day but it seems the camera ate it again!  So this picture is technically not from these two days but from Day 84.  We caved in and bought her this trike that Honey and I have been wanting to get her for awhile now.  Since July of last year when Kiggster was at her cousins' house and they had a trike that she fell in love with!  We love it and so does she!  We got her the extra bike bell and she has since learned how to ring it…she thinks it's hilarious!  She also, while in her trike, likes to ring the bell and say, "beep beep!"  This is the first day we put the bike together and only took her for a spin around the corridors of our building since it was raining outside.  She just woke up not too long after Honey finished putting together the trike and so that explains the PJs and cute hair-do on Kiggster!

Day 87 (March 27):

Here is Honey's wonderful little helper!  Her fun little ball popper toy ran out of batteries so Honey was in the middle of unscrewing the battery plate to change out the batteries.  Kiggster decided she wanted to help so she took charge of the tools and helped Daddy out! She actually was really good, she'd take the little screw attachements and tried to fit them into slots or nails that would fit them.  She did it very carefully too, one at a time until she found the one(s) that fit!  Once the toy was "fixed" she was happy to play with it again!  And yes, I know the room looks like a mess, hopefully I'll get to that soon!  Any volunteers to come help?!

Day 88 (March 28):

Lately she's been wanting to blow bubbles outside on the balcony or just join Honey outside while he has his prayer time.  I decided to layer her up this morning to keep her from catching a cold.  That's where the funny boots, capri pants, and big warm jacket came into play.  It was a grab-anything-in-sight kinda morning!  Despite the hodge-podge outfit, Kiggster still looks so stickin' cute!  She was eating her grapes that morning too, which she loves also!

Day 89 (March 29):

We had some friends over this evening to hang out.  We haven't had that in awhile since our home looks like it went through a war with all the laundry piled everywhere, dishes falling out of the sink, and just crazy junk all over the dining table…reminds me of the 7 dwarves home pre-Snow White!  Well, we went for it and had them over anyways.  In that picture, everyone was having a ball…I mean literally!  They were sticking their head on top of the toy so that when the ball-popping toy was on, the ball would pop up and hit their noses!  They all thought it was the funniest thing!  Yup, it was a mommy idea…whatever it takes to keep them entertained right?!  Good thing we changed the batteries the other day!

Day 90 (March 30):

Um, our non-existent dog ate my picture for this day?!  No, don't believe it?!  Ok, I must not have taken one…

Day 91 (March 31):

Today was egg dying day, you can see the results on my Wee Can Too posting.  But this was her eating her cereal while we were waiting for the eggs to finish bathing in the dyes!  I don't think there's any picture that I don't love with her in it, even with the new hair-do from Honey!  I can't wait to get home right now and see her already!  Even if she woke up at 3am in the morning wanting to play!  

So new things Kiggster has been up to this week?!  A LOT!!!  She is being a little Kopy Kat!  If you sigh, she'll sigh.  She's learning the totally Asian antics of saying "Ah-Yah!" whenever she hears anyone else say it…although she says it sometimes on her own.  She also says "uh-oh!" if she drops something (accidental or purposeful) or if something doesn't go as expected for her.  She also likes to throw things when she's upset and then very innocently say "uh-oh!" Hmmm, she must have learned the innocent act from Daddy!  She's learned to sign kitty and do that whenever she sees one in a picture or in person!  We are helping her learn the difference between Apple and Pear because she was taught by an unnamed individual (not Honey or I, that's all I'll say) that apples are apples and pears are also apples!  She's slowly differentiating them now…I hope!  


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