366 Project: Week 14


If you've not had a chance to look at the Week 13 photos, you can see them here!  I think I'm caught up now right?!  Now I just need to make sure I post Week 15 soon so I don't fall behind again, though I think I'll be in a constant state of "behind!"

Week 14: April 1-7

Day 92 (April 1):

It was April Fool's Day today, did anyone play any mean or funny pranks on anyone?!  I couldn't think of any and didn't even have time to execute any even if I had some ideas. Well, I did think about doing mashed potatoes and gravy that looked like an ice cream sundae (it's been on the prank list for about 2 years now) but didn't have any of the ingredients or time to execute it!  Next year!  But besides April Fool's day, it was also my grandmother's 89th birthday!  So there was a big birthday bash for her that night to celebrate…probably 60+ people there, should have been 89 right?!  Kiggster was very shy around the big crowd…except when everyone split up to sit at separate tables for food.  Then every dish that came out, she said, "WooooOOOW!"  It actually was really hilarious because she only says that whenever it's food, very rarely will she "wow" about anything else like toys, people or activities…just food!  Once the crowd died down that night, she got all hyper, active, giggly and talkative!  It's funny because when she's shy and reserved, she has this mean, pouty face on her because she's not smiling so when everyone first met her, they kept say, "she's not smiling," "How come she doesn't ever smile," "She looks so upset!"  Well, then when she cheered up later that night, the few that did see her giggly couldn't believe it and were wondering what I did to get her to smile!  It could be a combination of food & milk coma (except with reverse effects), no more hovering crowds, and she missed bedtime so was on overdrive!  Happy Birthday Great Grandma (from Kiggster)!!!  

Day 93 (April 2):

Hehe, I know, this photo looks funny!  I just finished changing her diaper and was trying to put her pants on but she was already on the run.  She wanted to play piano and couldn't wait for me to finish pulling up her pants!  Actually, she somehow managed to climb up on the chair without Honey and I noticing or helping her!  I'm not sure when she got to that point but she's growing up way too fast for me!  But I love hearing her play piano, even if it's random things she's pressing.  But she's not just banging on the piano, she uses both hands, fingers spread out and curled (very professional looking) and plays her way across the keyboard!  Then she tries out different sounds like "Honky Tonk Piano," "Strings," "Choir" which sounds kinda freaky, and all the billions of other sounds that came with this piano!  I am so glad Honey got me this piano for Christmas the year before we were expecting her because there was no way we would have paid for one now and I wouldn't be able to teach her how to play early on!  I love that Honey supports so many of my hobbies, he didn't want all those wasted years of piano lessons from my childhood to just go to waste so he did a lot of research and bought me this piano!  I am the luckiest woman on Earth to have such an amazing hubby!  I love you Honey!  

Day 94 (April 3):

So this was it, it was my wordy, dirty, flirty, squirty, birdy, quirky (insert any other rhyming or semi-rhyming words here) thirty birthday!  I had to work this day but so did Honey so it's not like we could have done anything anyways.  So instead we both tried to get home as early as possible that evening so we could go out for a nice dinner together-yes with Kiggster!  We decided to go to Lers Ros in Hayes Valley and my friend happened to be working that evening too!  We got special treatment from her and of course, she totally adores Kiggster so it was almost like having a pseudo-babysitter except she was just entertained at the table with us!  We had yummy Thai food, I love me some Thai coconut curry, Thai ice tea, Mango and Sticky Rice…everything Thai!  I guess one would say that's my favorite food!  That was us right before some of the food came but that nice boiling pot there, that was our soup!  Perfect for that drizzly San Francisco weather!  Happy Birthday to ME!

Day 95 (April 4):

This was an interesting dinner with Kiggster and Honey.  Do you notice anything wrong with the picture?!  Lately, Kiggster can tell the difference when you give her something tiny or big.  She always wants the bigger piece!  So here we are having dinner and scooping out Kiggster's portion into her baby bowl, but when we hand it to her, she decides she doesn't want that one.  She wanted Honey's bowl instead!  So that was Honey eating out of a baby bowl and Kiggster eating out of Daddy's bowl!  Actually, later on, Kiggster even takes his fork and gives him her baby fork!  It was hilarious!  She loves learning to feed herself right now, wish Honey and I had that same enthusiasm for her learning to eat on her own because there is food everywhere!  She's definitely getting better at it but when she gets frustrated, she reverts back to eating with her hands or she's also been seen putting food onto her spoon or fork with her hands because she has trouble scooping it with her utensils! 

Day 96 (April 5):

Here's my little Easter chick helping me out open and stuff our eggs!  Well, sometimes she was stuffing them but mostly she was opening them.  Then she was on a roll to open all the ones that I'd already stuffed!  So every egg I put in the basket, she would open and then put it back in unstuffed!  So I had to bite the bullet and just let her play with them with the expectation that they would all need to be restuffed the next day.  Though when she was stuffing the eggs with the little chicks that I bought (nope, no candy, just stickers, balloons, stuffed animal bracelets, and these little pom-pom chicks), she was being so careful-see how serious she looks in the picture?!  She would pick up the little chick, then carefully put it into one side of the egg, then she would try to close the egg but she's still working on that part!  She's growing up so much, I can't wait to have her helping me more around the house with other things, like participate in cooking together!

Day 97 (April 6):

Oh this day was nice out.  Well, I was supposed to work today but we had an unexpected babysitting emergency so I ended up home with Kiggster.  Boy, did we both enjoy that time at home together…more like Mama at the mall picking up her free birthday gifts from Aveda, Godiva and Sephora!  I did that all while she napped in her stroller-if she was awake, I wouldn't have gone because I didn't want to waste the sunshine outside being stuck inside a mall.  So when she woke up, we both found a really nice park, Orange Park, to go to for some outdoor play!  She had a ball.  This playground was divided up into different age groups so there was something for the wee little ones, then older but still young, then the older and adventurous.  So of course I took her to the wee little playground first with the infant swings, bitty slide, and stuff.  I didn't understand though why the older playsets had the foam ground covering and the little playset had bark?!  I hate bark and the possibility of splinters!  Did they run out of money and have to use bark or what?!  I diverge, ok back to Kiggster!  So we went on the swings first and she actually had a lot of fun, smiling, laughing, and wanting more.  Then, something in her clicked and she heard other children around her laughing and having fun…then she realized they were all playing at the big kids' playground!  Then she wanted out and didn't want to be a baby anymore!  She couldn't run fast enough to the huge slide for the adventurous big kids!  But she wanted to climb up from the bottom of the slide, only to slide back down on her tummy after a couple steps!  I ended up taking her down the slide and she had so much fun.  She kept wanting more!  I wish I had more days like these everyday with her where we could just go out and explore the world together!  But I will take what I can get and try to cherish every fleeting moment of her youth!

Day 98 (April 7):

Today was our Babes, Babies, and Bros Brunch/BBQ By the Bay with Bunnies and Easter Egg Hunt!  We've been wanting to do that for awhile (not the egg hunt but the BBBBBBBB event) now but couldn't get our acts together to finish planning it. That's where the eggs we were stuffing from Day 96 were going to be for!  We sent out the invites last minute (my procrastination kicked into high gear when I realized it was Easter in a week) so a lot of people couldn't make it.  It was mostly family and one of our neighbors came out with their daughter who was 2 weeks younger than Kiggster.  It was great, 12 adults catering to 2 kids and making sure they had an amazing egg hunt.  Well, it ended in an egg fight between the adults, which is also kinda fun too!  I've heard pillow, food, paintball, dart gun, water gun, and laser gun fights but plastic Easter egg fight?!  That's a first for me!  What's the weirdest "fight" you've had for fun (throwing punches and verbal fights don't count)?!

So onto Kiggster's new milestones, quirks, and everything in between!  Have I mentioned before that she loves to eat tofu?! She can't get enough and we can't put it in her bowl fast enough either.  She sticks it in her mouth and before she even chews/swallows, she's signing for more! She can also hold her own bowl or cup (little ones of course) and drink from them without spilling…most of the time!  

I bought her these "flackers" from Whole Foods, they're flax seed crackers and Honey hates them but Kiggster and I love them, they're good to us.  Kiggster signs for crackers all the time but she really is signing for just that one because Honey tried to give her a different kind and she didn't want it but kept signing cracker.  She doesn't say cracker but sounds more like "cra-deeeew!"  It's funny because she lingers on the last part of the word!  She also signs and says "up," "outside," "ball," "thank you" "kitty" and signs "shower/bath," "down," and we believe she's gotten pear down now in terms of starting to tell the difference!  So her "outside" sounds more like "oudai" but when she does the sign too, it makes it much easier to differentiate her words!  Her "kitty" sign and sound is ssooooo freakin' cute!  She makes the best kitty meow ever!  She signs it by pinching her cheek and then dragging her pinched fingers out and saying "meow meow" and her meowing is getting cuter and cuter.  If I can catch her in the act, I will definitely record and upload a video because you will die from her cuteness!  Well, that's all I'll share for now.  Stay tuned for Week 15 because there's definitely more to be sees from Kiggster!



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