366 Project: Week 15

I did mention last week that I was in a constant state of "behind" right with posting my 366 project weekly updates?!  So here we are with Week 15 but a week late again so if you want to catch up on Week 14's pictures, you can view them here!  

Week 15: April 8-14

Day 99 (April 8):

It was Easter today!  We went to church and she got to take some photos with the Easter bunny…we're still waiting for those photos from our friend.  This was her dancing in the living room in her cute little Easter dress before church, she was enjoying swaying around in her dress!  She actually really likes to dance but is selective about what she dances to.  She doesn't dance to every song being played but only certain ones.  I will have to start paying more attention to what type of music she dances more to!  She has this sneaky little smile on her face too-so cute!  Actually she always has this crooked, side smile but I don't always get to capture it on camera!  If only I had Photoshop and could put a different background there besides my messy house…or I guess the better goal would be to have a less messy home!  But when she saw the Easter bunny, she didn't cry but she also didn't exactly want to be carried by or next to it!  Last year, she could care less about being carried by the bunny but maybe now that she is older, she is exerting her likes and dislikes a lot more!

Day 100 (April 9):

This technically isn't from this day but for some reason my photo is missing…ok didn't take one!  But she very excitedly was running in and out of the room on this day and just had a ball with the doors!  I love when I can actually capture a picture of her smiling, facing me, and it's not blurry!  Thank goodness the camera pulled through on this one!  

Day 101 (April 10): 

I came home from work today and she had fallen asleep sitting up on the couch.  She also put two stickers on her cheeks left over from Easter and the sitter let her leave them on so I could come home to see them!  She's so cute!  The only problem with those stickers was that they never come off, it's like they were made with super glue!  I guess it's a good thing for crafts but when kids stick it on themselves…especially their faces, it took forever to take off and her poor little sweet cheeks started getting red so we took an intermission between each side!

Day 102 (April 11):

It seems I really dropped the ball this week because this photo also is technically not from this day but oh well right?!  You see, that is my headband she has decided is now hers!  Well, I guess she holds to the theory that what's hers is hers but what is mine is also hers!  She loves my jewelry, my clothes, my headbands, my glasses, hats, scarves, everything.  Honey taught her to open my jewelry armoire many many months ago and since then, I think she takes stuff out everyday from it.  The other day, Honey said, "You jewelry box is looking a little sparce!"  I think I shot him the glare when he said that…hmmm, wonder why my jewelry has been missing?!  Honey also said to me the other day, "Kiggster really likes girly things like all your jewelry but she makes the funniest sounds that are so not girly!"  Kiggster likes making these growling and grunting noises that totally made her sound like a boy! But she makes up for it in cute headbands, shoes, hats, and necklaces that are 10X her size! She doesn't like wearing her own hats and headbands but if they're mine, she will ask for me to put it on her!

Day 103 (April 12):

Ah yes, this was the night of our wonderful blackout moment!  If you didn't get a chance to read about it and see what we did all night, you can read it here!  But before the blackout, Kiggster was actually having fun opening and closing the doors, except she did it differently than she used to.  In the past she used to stand inside the room to close the doors and outside the room to open the doors. I'm not sure when this happened but she can now reach the door handles easily and closes the door by reaching for the handle and walking backwards to close the door from outside the room!  Then she does the same from inside the room to open the door!  This was crazy for me to watch, I couldn't believe that I was watching her open and close the doors, wasn't it just yesterday that she was just learning to crawl?!  For dinner tonight, we made some noodles with some broth and we put it into a little bowl for her to eat.  She actually has gotten so good at drinking from a cup and bowl.  She carefully lifted it to her mouth and drank from it without spilling any of it!  I'm amazed and I can't believe she's grown so much.  I remember when she couldn't even drink from a straw without getting it all over herself, now she can drink from a cup or a bowl without spilling!

Day 104 (April 13): 

We got asked to help a family babysit for them last minute so here we are with Seth and Emma.  We didn't know what to do with them all to keep them all equally entertained and occupied so we pulled out the dusty little Wii Fit!  If there's one thing I hate about the Wii Fit, it would be how it makes me super guilty whenever I do turn it on!  "Hi Kat, it's been 689 days since we've last seen you!"  What the heck?!  How about starting with "Hi Kat, I'm so glad you made it on, I'm sure it's been a hard 2 years for you, how's the new baby, and we're glad you were motivated today!"  But no, I've been busted for not working out for the last 2 years!  Well, the kids loved the Wii Fit, trying the hula hooping, tight rope walking, and all the other fun and cute little activities in there.  Yes, Emma helped me unlock several more since she was uber-motivated to try more activities!  How long do you think before I pull it out again but actually use it myself?!  I signed up for the Nike Women's Half Marathon lottery but didn't get picked so I told my girlfriend that I would have to wait until next year to work out now! She told me that the no workout post baby expires after 2 years and mine will end at the beginning of November!  WHAT?!  Who's rule is that?!  Fine, I guess I have to stop being lazy then!

Day 105 (April 14):

We went to a birthday party today and it was for one of her BFFs 1st birthday.  They live in a busy part of the city so we decided to make it a day out in North Beach since we were out there already!  The party was great, the kids got to play together, Kiggster got to play with some new toys, and the adults got to all have time to talk with each other!  Of course, at these events, we try to do a baby round up and attempt to capture them all in one photo!  I think we did pretty good, except one of the babies was sleeping so she's MIA in this photo! I'm tellin' ya when we have 90% of them sitting, smiling, laying down for a photo, it's considered a victory!  After the party, Honey, Kiggster, and I went out to the Fisherman's Wharf and walked around having snacks everywhere.  We sat at a restaurant for some clam chowder and fish & chips as our first snack, then walked some more-she actually fell asleep for a bit.  Then we (ok, me) got hungry and Kiggster was hungry for some milk so we stopped at Boudin for some milk and pizza, perfect combo right?!  Then back to some more walking and Honey was so tempted with the fresh crabs around there but he didn't want to do the work of having to crack and eat it.  He wanted a crab sandwich but when he realized that their crabs for the sandwiches weren't their fresh ones, he was disappointed and decided against buying one.  Then we were tempted to also go on a sunset sail around Alcatraz, there were some deals going on for $10 for 30 minute sail which would have been cool if we didn't think Kiggster was going to run all around on this little boat with low railings!  We decided maybe in another couple months when she is just a little bit older we'll go with her OR Honey and I will just have to come out again for a date night with just the two of us!

So onto milestones and other funny Kiggster moments!  Kiggster absolutely loves bubbles and I don't know how to put more emphasis on it but she sometimes will wake up in the morning saying the word, every time she walks past bubble wand, her bottle of bubble bath, or just when she's bored!  She's even learning to blow her own bubbles except she doesn't blow into the wand, she just blows with her lower lip sticking out and the wand could be totally off to the side of her head when she's blowing it!  It's really funny!  She's also come to love playing with rocks and pebbles.  We have a little pot filled with pebbles and now her favorite activity is to go outside on the balcony and grab handfuls of pebbles and transfer them between pots or even into the watering can!  Except sometimes she tries to bring them into the house for us and has dropped a few into the cracks of the sliding screen door and it's not "sliding" very nicely now!  We have to figure out how to take out the screen door and pick out those little pebbles!  I forgot to share this previously but Honey taught Kiggster how to turn the table lamp on and off by pulling the chain and she loves it.  Every time we go into her room for storytime, she runs over to the lamp and turns it on, then goes to pick out her book.  Then when we're done, I say, "Can you help me turn off the lights (in Chinese)?" and she gets off the rocking chair and turns off the light!  Now she has her little storytime routine!  

Lately, Kiggster has been walking like a little ballerina!  She doesn't do it all the time but when she's walking slowly, she likes to walk on her little tippie toes!  My little sister walked like that a lot when she was young but is this normal for most little kids or is there an explainable reason for this?!  When she coughs, she will pat her own chest to feel better!  I guess we must do that a lot for her and now she does it for herself!  I love it!  But when she falls, hits her head, or gets any other "owie," she will do the hurt sign and wait for Honey and I to ask if she's ok and give her a kiss where ever she hurt herself!  One time, she stubbed her toe and she sat on the floor, signed hurt, pouted and wimpered, then waited for us to kiss her foot before she would stand up again and play!  Speaking of signs, she loves signing up and help, usually she does those signs interchangeably because whenever she wants help with something, it's because she wants us to help her up onto a chair, her crib, or something else that she hasn't managed to climb yet!  She also started signing elephant. Not sure when she learned this, though Honey and I always do the sign if it's in a book or at the zoo, but this week, when we were reading a book with picture of an elephant, she stuck her arm straight up like it was an elephant trunk and made this funny noise!  Now she loves doing it every time she sees an elephant photo!  

So I leave you with a picture of Kiggster and my hat!  Can you believe my mama made that for me?! Kiggster has claimed it as her's now so in order to get her to wear I hat, I let her wear one of mine! Doesn't she look so adorable in that fuzzy, cuddly little hat?!  



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  1. Your daughter is so cute!! I love your comments on the Wii Fit.  There should definitely be a "congratulations and welcome back!" voice.

    • Hi Teressa, thank you so much for stopping by! Haha, yes the Wii Fit should come up with a more encouraging message for those that are like me…lacking motivation! =P

  2. the kid all look great  great pic taken

  3. She is so cute about calling your things 'hers'! She is adorable!

  4. K @ Storytime Fun says:

    Sweet pictures and beautiful little girl! What a lucky Mommy you are!  <3

  5. chelesa sims says:

    aw she is so cute. i love that green dress

    • Thanks so much Chelsea for stopping by and for your sweet comment! I do love that dress too, she doesn’t get to wear her fancy dresses too often though she’s got a closet full!


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