366 Project: Week 16

I know, I'm still a week behind in post my 366 project updates but in case you're also behind in seeing the pictures, you can see Week 15's photos here!

Week 16: April 15-21

Day 106 (April 15):

Isn't she so stinkin' cute with her little bunny-ears, monster-claws slippers?!  She absolutely loved them after I took them out of the shopping bag for her and she immediately wanted Honey and I to put it on for her!  It's meant for kids 18months up to 3 years so the slipper is still a little big for her but oh well, she loves it right?!  I love when I get to see her excited about something, even house slippers!  

Day 107 (April 16):

So Honey and I were cooking in the kitchen and Kiggster wanted to help, as usual!  My sister bought us matching Mama/Kiggster aprons from France and here is Kiggster modeling her cute little apron!  She even had a whisk to top off the look that she was trying to stuff in her little pocket!  I really want to get her something that allows her to stand up at counter height (safely) and watch up cook, help do some prep work like crush stuff, rip stuff, taste test stuff, whatever.  It would be nice to have her participating rather than hanging around our feet hoping to catch a glimpse.  I saw something that I really want but it's so expensive that I think I have to hold off for now!  Soon though we will be cookin' up a storm together in the kitchen as a family!

Day 108 (April 17): 

She's so silly…and messy!  It's just a usual dinner night at our household!  It's not complete until food has been completely smeared all over the face, hair, and ears, dribbled down the bib, splattered all over the tray, seat, and floor, and then asking for more!  Dinners are quite fun, adventurous, and crazy with Kiggster but we can definitely tell, she's getting better and better at feeding herself everyday.  Now she just purposely misses her mouth to throw food on the floor or push it out of the bowl, and whatever else her little heart so desires!  Next on the agenda is teaching manners, obedience, and cleanliness (though I'd probably be the world's worst example, role model, or mama to teach those)!

Day 109 (April 18): 

Hehe, tonight was a fun one!  So there's this craze/addiction/hype for food trucks here in the Bay Area!  I don't mean roach coach food trucks or construction site food trucks but gourmet-style food trucks.  You can find food trucks of all types: indian, filipino, chinese, french, BBQ, japanese, korean, mexican…everything!  They have gooooood food too with a lot of these trucks.  Some with build your own sushi roll, fish and chips, lobster sandwiches (the most expensive little sandwich ever but yummy), rice patty buns with teriyaki chicken burger, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, and then what we had this night…empanadas!  I absolutely love this food truck, Mama's Empanadas, because they have really good sized, hearty empanadas.  So of course, I stocked up and bought some for dinner so I didn't have to cook!  Honey actually put some of the fillings (beef, chicken, spinach, and pork fillings) into a bowl for Kiggster to eat but instead of eating from the bowl, she just took Honey's empanada and started eating directly from it with her spoon!  She thoroughly enjoyed her eating experience, maybe because food tastes better when it didn't belong to you!  She doesn't usually take food away from me, but almost 90% of the time, Honey's meal gets confiscated by Kiggster!  You snooze you lose!

Day 110 (April 19):

On this evening we were having some whole wheat pasta and here she is having both Honey and her own bowl of pasta to eat out of!  Like I said, she likes taking other people's food.  Notice how clean she looks for such a messy meal?! It's because she was just starting!  A bath was lined up right after dinner because she had stuff all over herself and even on me when I tried to wipe her face and hands.  I guess I've become her human towel…though I was probably her human burp cloth too when she was younger!

Day 111 (April 20):

Okay, technically this was not from this day, but from the following day but it seems my camera ate my photo again!  That's Kiggster playing with with a pinata on a nice sunny day!  Each kid had their turn of 5 whacks per child…proud to say, my baby did not exert violence on the poor unicorn but was very gentle!  How do I feel about her whacking stuff right now but then later teaching her no hitting?!  Oh well, I'm sure we'll learn what the consequences are for allowing that but she had fun with all her friends on that beautiful sunny day!

Day 112 (April 21):

Ok, so this was the pool party, pinata day!  Kiggster got to hang out with some of her BFFs at Bellie's backyard on such a nice sunny day.  Kiggster is what experts would call an introvert and takes/needs about 30 minutes minimum to warm up to people, situations, locations, and activities.  However, on this particular day, with two pools beckoning her, she need about…0 minutes to warm up to the idea!  She walked right into the backyard, saw the pools, and started climbing right in with her shoes, socks, dress, diapers and all.  So of course, with her soaking wet, we had to change her into bathing suit and out of her street clothes!  She could be heard running around, screaming, giggling, laughing, playing, and splashing around.  We tried not to let her stay in her wet clothes for too long so we changed her again during the party but that meant we had to change her 4 times in total because everytime we changed her, she hopped back into the pools!  Good thing we went prepared with that many changes of clothes and diapers!  She loves water so much it's unbelievable.  So next time you want to see a super active and giggly Kiggster, just bring out a pool filled with water!  Actually, she loves water so much, she actually takes a shower in the morning with either Honey or I and then at night, she also wants to take a bubble bath!  She's probably the world's cleanest baby.  She actually can hear the water start when we shower, even if she's in another room and she'll bolt into the bathroom and start climbing into the tub while trying to take off her clothes!  She'll start signing bath and want you to help her in!  She's not even afraid of the water spraying from the showerhead but will actually go up to it and stick out her tongue to let the water massage her tongue!  Have I mentioned how silly Kiggster is?!

Onto other milestones or new stuff that's Kiggster is learning and doing.  She loves to climb stuff, the couch, bed, tub, chair, and table.  She somehow has managed to teach herself to climb up, unassisted, onto chairs.  Though she currently enjoys pushing our ottoman around the house so that she can use it as a "step stool" for climbing whatever chair she chooses.  However, she also knows how to climb onto chairs even without the ottomon.  I couldn't figure out how she was doing it until one evening when she wanted to play piano but Honey was cooking in the kitchen and I was just walking out of the bedroom into the living room (she didn't see me come out yet).  Usually if one of us is looking at her, she stands there, extends her arms and wants us to come help her up.  However, since she thought we were both occupied and weren't looking at her, she paused for a second and put her foot up on the chair, grabbed the back of the chair with one arm and pushed up with the other arm onto the piano and got herself up easily onto the chair!  I could not believe how quickly, easily and grown-up she looked doing it!  Where is my little baby?!

Kiggster has also been doing the thank you and please sign and saying it a lot lately.  Though she uses thank you when she gives you something rather than when you give her something! We're still working on that!  At least she's politely thanking you for taking stuff from her! 

So how is everyone doing with their 2012 goals or projects?  As you can see, I am still trying to keep up with my 366 project but have been falling a bit behind in posting, though I'm still trying to take a daily photo whenever I can!  With that, I leave you with another photo of Kiggster from her pool party, which by the way, she got a nice little bathing suit tan-line from!



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  1. What's cutie! Have you thought about just a little two step stool for in the kitchen?  It's what we use with my kids.

    • Thanks so much Adelina for stopping by and for your sweetness. I thought about a 2 step stool but wasn’t sure how old to start letting them use one and feel like she won’t fall off. When did you start letting your kids use the 2 step stool?

  2. Kiggster is soo cute 🙂

  3. What a sweet post. she looks like she is having so much fun eating and playing outside. Such cute little slippers and a cute apron too. Thanks for the post.


    • Hi Jessica, thanks so much for your sweet comment and for visiting! I want a pair of those slippers for myself too! =P


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