366 Project: Week 17

In case you haven't checked out my 366 Project pictures from Week 16, you can see those photos here!

Week 17: April 22-28

Day 113 (April 22):

I came home from work on Friday of that week and Kiggster had brought almost all her books out from her bookshelf to the living room.  Then she started putting some of them into her little shopping cart (yup, same one she likes to sit inside of)!  So for several days, she just enjoyed pushing around her shopping cart full of books and whenever she wanted to read something, she would select it from her "Traveling Library!"  I love her ever changing and cute ideas!

Day 114 (April 23):

Honey and I ended up stopping at this garage sale the day before and saw some wooden toy puzzles and wooden dollhouse furniture and bought them for Kiggster.  It's hard to find wooden dollhouse furniture so even though she doesn't have a doll house yet, we bought it for her anyways so that we're not searching out furniture when we can finally afford the house!  I know, we have it all backwards.  Well, Kiggster decided to help me out cleaning her new toys so here we are with some anti-bacterial wipes cleaning every piece of furniture for her future dollhouse.  She was very thorough too and actually was cleaning it.  Then she would ask me for a new wipe after she was done cleaning one furniture item…she didn't want to cross-contaminate I guess!  She was upset when I made her stop cleaning so we could eat dinner!  I hope she will still love cleaning just as much when she's actually old enough to do some real cleaning!  I will remind her that she once got upset when I didn't let her clean, therefore, I will always make her clean the house to keep her happy!  You think that will work?!

Day 115 (April 24):

So I have no idea why my sister decided to give me heart-shaped sunglasses but I got them from here and looks like Kiggster put it to some good use!  She is like a completely different person when she's wearing them too.  She will pucker out her lips and laugh, then walk differently too with them on!  When did this girly kick start?!  She still loves playing with these sunglasses.  I wonder if she will do the same thing with other sunglasses?!  I guess I should test that out!  I have a little diva on my hands, we better watch out!

Day 116 (April 25):

So technically this is not a photo from this day (seems like I can't go a week without missing a photo)! However, I decided to do some substitution!  This was from the Sunday before but she just looked so funny with her super huge yawn and holding her belly…while watching some Signing Time DVDs and her What's In The Bible DVDs (yes, she likes to switch back and forth between several DVDs probably about every 10 minutes)!  Notice that purple thing on her leg?!  My baby got her first tattoo!!!  At the pool party the day before, she got a glitter tattoo and picked out a kitty!  Even though it's supposed to last awhile, her's lasted about a day because she wouldn't stop touching and scratching it because she wasn't used to having something on her leg!  Though a glitter tattoo is allowed now, she better not want a tattoo when she becomes a teen…not sure how I will handle that situation but I just hope she doesn't ever have the desire for one!

Day 117 (April 26):

This was my interesting work week.  I worked almost a 11 hour day on Tuesday and then came home to Kiggster not feeling well.  So I spent a lot of the night up with her, then got into work around 9:10am and was told by my boss that I was "late" to work and that wasn't acceptable.  The funny thing is, besides my 11 hour work day the previous day and not going home until later, I don't work on a set schedule and neither does anyone else at the company!  I was quite perplexed when told that I was late because what would my work hours be?!  However, I'm still expected to stay late also!  So I was in quite a bad mood all week because of that, though I guess I still am because of it!  But by the time Thursday came around, I was ready to go do something else besides think about or complain about work.  So I told Honey I wanted to go out for dinner and he took me to Delancey Street Restaurant!  Kiggster actually fell asleep for the first half of our dinner and Honey and I got to talk during that time.  It was such a nice break to have time for not only the three of us as a family but Honey and I as a couple!  I love when we can get time like that!  So the picture was of Honey's favorite menu item, it was the Sweet Potato Pie that accompanied his BBQ rib dish, I guess the ribs are what he likes but it doesn't hurt that it comes with free dessert!  

Day 118 (April 27):

We had to help Honey re-install Kiggster's car seat back in his truck sine he had to previously give someone a ride.  So I decided to put Kiggster in the back of his truck bed for some play time!  She seemed to like it since it was something new, she just kept running around in the back from one end to the other, then leaning over to see what was over the edge.  The things that makes her so happy, make me happy too!

Day 119 (April 28):

Oh this is an interesting picture, huh?!  I promise I don't do that to Honey when he doesn't listen to me!  So he's been feeling horrible from his allergies and post-nasal drip.  We've seen the doctor, tried several different cough/allergy medications and nothing helped.  He coughs and has to blow his nose constantly throughout the night, getting no sleep , which also translates to Mama and Kiggster getting no sleep.  He's feeling miserable and with 2 internships and grad school, we had to do something!  So off to the acupuncture it was and I couldn't resist the opportunity to take a photo of him under the needles!  Now we have to go weekly for his allergies along with making him Chinese medicine daily!  I actually also see the acupuncturist for my wrist-Carpal Tunnel from… carrying Kiggster!  I know its not from typing or using the mouse at work because it is on my left wrist and not my right, which is my dominant hand.  I actually carry her mainly with my left arm and that just happened naturally that way.  So I've been trying to carry her more with my right but it actually feels awkward using that hand.  I had heard of some moms getting carpal tunnel from carrying their babies but I never thought I'd actually be one of them.  Who knew it was so dangerous carrying a baby?!  

So what else has Kiggster been up to?!  Trouble that's what!  She has been exerting her will a lot more now that she has either 1) seen another baby get what they want by crying/whining/throwing a fit, 2) naturally exploring what it's like to whine/cry/hit when something she wants isn't given to her or 3) I just have a crazy child and no one else knows what the heck I'm talking about!  She wants what she wants, when she wants it and nothing else will do.  She's been throwing things and hitting a lot more lately.  Do kids just learn these things naturally or see others and pick up those bad habits?!  

On a better note, Kiggster is also adding more signs daily to her list of signs.  Egg is one that she's gotten better at along with dirty and birdie!  Her Kitty sign and sounds are SOOOO cute!  I tried to tape her signing and saying "meow" but of course, whenever I have the camera on, she turns off!  So take my word for it, it's super cute!  So in looking at my pictures, I really want to take a class on how to take my DSLR off auto settings so I can use it more.  Currently most of the pictures from my 366 Project are from my point and shoot, which I have a love/hate relationship with, but I really want to learn more about using my Nikon D40, remember my pre-owned baby?!  Anyone have any recommendations for inexpensive but awesome and easy to understand photography classes and workshops that I can sign up for?!  

There are tons of Mother's Day activities in San Francisco, but not sure we'll hit any of them.  It's usually a busy time jumping between both our families to celebrate with our moms.  It's also the last weekend Honey has to study for his finals and hopefully he'll get to relax for the summer!  What are your plans for Mother's Day weekend?  Do you have any traditions for Mother's Day?  If you're a mom, are there any gifts you're hoping to receive?



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