366 Project: Week 18

Wow, I totally know this is coming like way late…over a month later but I am trying to catch up.  Thanks for being patient with me during this time.  If you don't know what's been happening, you can read my postings, How Does One Find Hope In A Hopeless Situation and New Beginnings: Light At The End Of The Tunnel, to see what's going on for us right now. If you haven't had a chance to catch up on Week 17, you can check out the photos here!

Week 18: April 29-May 5

Day 120 (April 29):

So it was a surprisingly nice day on this day, especially surprising for my parents' neck of the woods.  Their neighborhood is usually foggy, windy and cold but this day, it was actually sunny outside.  Kiggster got to go outside and play for the first time in their backyard!  She also got to play with the fishes there.  Ok, feed them is more like it.  She fed them one pellet at a time.  My parents have about 10 koi fishes that probably weigh more than Kiggster.  So to feed them one at a time, she was testing their patience.  I thought they were going to jump out and eat her.  I don't know what my family feeds these fishes but they're more like piranhas than koi fishes!  She also got to play with her Yee-Yee.  As you can see from the picture, she was having a ball and trying to run away from her!

Day 121 (April 30):

I always thought of Kiggster more as a tomboy than a girly girl but each day, she proves me wrong on all the things stereotypes, classifications, judgements, etc that I put on here.  Here is a morning routine of hers, wake up, walk to mama's jewelry armoire, open up to all the bracelets and put each and everyone of them on both arms and walk around hearing them jingle!  She has so much fun doing this.  What I also love is when she's done with the bracelets, she shakes both arms towards the floor and watches them fall down.  But then, she will take each one of those bracelets and put them back in the drawer she took them out from.  Then rinse and repeat the next morning!  

Day 122 (May 1):

We actually didn't have a sitter today and I got a taste of what life was like with Kiggster at home!  *sigh* It was quite a sweet day together!  It was amazingly beautiful out with the weather and so we walked down to the townhomes down the street and played in their tiny little playground!  She had so much fun on the slide and just running up and down.  I am such a paranoid Mom, afraid she'll fall, walk off a ledge, stick her foot/arm out the wrong way and hurt herself, etc.  But Kiggster is so brave, scared of nothin' and no one!  There was another little girl that joined us later, a couple months younger than her and she was trying to convince her in their own language to go down the slide!  I was also fortunate to have some friends come by that day and help us in our kitchen do an amazing transformation…which at the time of posting has gone back to almost it's original status, sadly!  I will get on that kitchen again though and clean it all up!

Day 123 (May 2):

That's Kiggster at breakfast eating and working at the same time!  Shhhh, don't tell on me about me using child labor, I have her do some of my product reviews in exchange for snacks, toys, and clothes! So this morning she was reviewing some granola which also conveniently doubles as part of her breakfast!  She took her work very seriously and some would say she hoarded all the granola to herself, she even picked out all the mangos in one of them!  

Day 124 (May 3):

Remember the tutu I made for her awhile back ago?!  If not, you can check it out in my Mama Made posting.  Well, it's not everyday you can just walk around wearing a massive tutu so it was sitting in her closet for awhile after the first photo-op.  Then we heard one of Kiggster's BFF, Bug (my BFF's baby girl) was turning one and having a fairy/garden theme party, we knew she needed a tutu.  But Kiggster was a little bigger than Bug so we had to upcycle, shorten, and give that tutu some new life.  So that's Kiggster modeling the remade tutu.  We shipped it off to her just in time for Bug's birthday and hopefully we'll get to see some pictures soon.  Kiggster was excited to put on the tutu and I know she would have loved to have been at that party…too bad it was in SoCal and we're in NorCal!  

Day 125 (May 4):

Honey brought Kiggster to the SF Zoo and instead of seeing the animals, petting zoo, and going to the other attractions, she spent more than 1/2 the time there at this little patch of grass and a nearby flight of stairs instead.  She just wanted to pull grass, pick flowers, and walk up & down the stairs!  Good thing we have an annual family pass to the zoo or else, it would have been expensive to go just for the stairs and grass!  That's my little nature baby, I love that she enjoys even the smallest things around her!

Day 126 (May 5):

Does this photo seem slightly inappropriate?!  I couldn't help it, it looked somewhat decent enough!  That's her new potty chair!!!  We finally caved and had to buy her a new one because the previous one wasn't working out for her.  So we did our research and decided to purchase this one (yes, I purchased it with real money and not my mad bargaining skills).  I will be writing about this one soon in our potty training/learning series!  But Kiggster was so excited to sit on this potty chair and she seemed really comfortable in it.  The only glitch was her cloth diapers.  She didn't know how to take them off so even though she knew to go to the potty when she had to use it, she couldn't take off her diaper and would get frustrated and just sit down and start "going!"  We're working on that one!  Know of some good cloth training pants/pull-ons for her?!  Let me know, we're interested!!!!  

Alright, that was Week 18 in photos and hopefully I will get caught up in the other weeks shortly after!  I'm working on it, thanks again to everyone for all your prayers and thoughts for us!



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