366 Project: Week 19 & 20

Ok, this is just horrible, I can't believe I'm even trying to catch up at this point but I am!  This is Week 19 & 20 back in May and now it's August already! I have the pictures…may not have the captions down as well as if they were done 2 months ago but I'm going to try.  

If you haven't checked out Week 18's photos or want a refresher, you can see them here!

Week 19: May 6-12

Day 127 (May 6):








On this day, we actually went to a park first then to the beach…yes our favorite Half Moon Bay spot!  Don't laugh but that is very normal and acceptable beach wear here in the Bay Area: hooded sweatshirt, long pants, and layers!  She's very serious when she plays at the beach, scooping the sand, pouring and sprinkling it all over Honey and I.  It's quite a big job for a small little thing like her! 

Day 128 (May 7):










This is her morning ritual, open Mama's jewelry armoire to see what goodies are still intact from her abuse and string them all on her neck and wrists to see how many she can fit before she either gets bored or runs out of room!

Day 129-132 (May 8-11):

I have to admit right now, there will be many photos missing for May and June and I am ashamed to say, I let stress in my life take me away from enjoying the beauty all around me, whether it be Honey, Kiggster, nature, and much more!  I will be changing that for August!

So the photo series wasn't from those days but from earlier that week when we went to the park.  Kiggster eating her lunch on the go, food in hand and running around the park with Honey, as always, chasing after her.  The very last photo…Kiggster was trying to infiltrate another family's picnic area and cause chaos so Honey had to act fast and Kiggster wasn't happy about it or giving him an easy time!  

Day 133 (May 12):








Oh yes, that's my little Minnie Mouse checkin' herself out in the mirror.  So she likes to climb in her crib so she can jump up and down on the mattress and check herself out in the mirrored closet doors (no she doesn't sleep in her crib)!  She actually received those cute little ears as a gift…it was either from Kow Foo or Yee Po (eeek, don't kill me guys for forgetting who gifted it)!  So there she is wearing her ears while jumping and checkin' herself out, she does look cute though doesn't she?!  

By the way, if you didn't notice, I put my watermark on this photo…what do you think?! I'm playing around with my logo and trying to figure out an easy way to watermark all my photos that I upload to the blog but haven't found that "easy" way yet.  If any one has tips, please let me know!!!

Week 20: May 13-19

Day 134 (May 13):










Just another typical morning with Kiggster hard at work bringing color to our mail…literally!  Anyone want to make their bills more fun?!  I have just the right girl to bring your bills from drab to fab.  It won't change the amount you owe but you'll at least have a colorful bill to look at! =P

Day 135 (May 14):










Some of you may remember me sharing pictures of Kiggster and her new blanket pet, Lencho the Lion.  That was the first day we received Lencho and yes, I wrapped her with it just to see what she would do.  Well, she was so mesmerized by her cartoons that she didn't care what I was doing to her, including wrap her all up with a blanket!  She looks so funny with it!

Day 136 (May 15):








A photo from this week but not this day.  Kiggster doing what she loves best, watching Signing Times, sitting/laying on the couch, and eating a little alphabet cookie!  Life couldn't get better than that right?!

Day 137 (May 16):






I had to catch a picture of this.  These are the figurines we have on top of one of our cabinets and that night, I actually had the urge to capture it on camera. It's actually something I've stared at every day (several times each day) since Kiggster was born.  The reason for that is because that's the view from my bed and since Kiggster's been born, whenever I nurse her, which is often, I get to see those two statues.  But I love it when I get to see the shadows from those two statues…the heart created by two figures-representing Honey and I (we purchased it early in our marriage), and then the 3 elephants (a gift from a neighbor traveling to Thailand), which came to us right after Kiggster was born and represents our new family!

Day 138 (May 17):

Oh yes I did, I had to get this photo series right here!  She was throwing a tantrum…something she wanted that she knew she couldn't have or play with so she decided to be Miss Diva and lay on the floor and cry.  Well, instead of giving in, I ran to get my camera (hence the first picture), then when she heard the camera snap, she stopped and realized she was being captured for a moment I'll never let her forget (second picture).  The third and fourth picture is her being distracted already and forgetting what she was whining about.  Can you see that one tear on the side of her eye in the last 2 pictures?  My little drama queen!

Day 139 (May 18):










Not technically from this day but since I didn't have one from this day, I'm stealing one from the day before.  So that's Kiggster wearing one of my shirts…I love when she tries to put on Honey and I's clothes and shoes, it's so cute! Sad that it looks so huge on her, time for me to lose some weight!

Day 140 (May 19):










That's Kiggster and how she likes to enjoy swing time.  She likes to close her eyes, throw her head back and just enjoy being pushed in the swing.  Sometimes she doesn't seem to know if she likes or doesn't like being in the swings but then after a little while on it, she starts enjoying it and doesn't want to get off!



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  1. Is this a picture challenge or 365 days of pictures? I started something like that and I only lasted 2 months. hehe. 

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Patty! Good thing it wasn’t a picture challenge because being 3 months behind, I would for sure lose! It was a personal challenge but mostly a way for me to keep track kinda like a photobook but blog style! You know, if I didn’t think my family counted on the photos to keep up with my daughter’s progress, I probably wouldn’t have even kept up with it. I’m trying but struggling! Patty, if you want to do it together and keep each other accountable, it won’t be too late to restart the project! Let me know! =P

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