366 Project: Week 2

Week 2: January 8-14
By the way, if you missed it, go check out Week 1’s photos!

Day 8:

Kiggster loves climbing through our legs and peeking her head through.  I’m not sure what it is that she loves so much about it but she can walk around us, but just chooses to walk through us instead.  She laughs every time she’s doing it.  If she’s having trouble, she’ll force her way through, ducking her head down a little and then wriggling her shoulders out one at a time!  I guess we really are her human jungle gym!

Day 9:

We were trying to cook before a couple that we’re helping to coordinate their wedding of came over for dinner.  Then I heard this noise, “ssssshhhhuck, ssschuck” like she was pulling something and when I walked over to see her…she was slowly pulling out my little post-it flags from the dispenser.  Then they were getting all over the place, on her, the cabinet, the rug!  She was very fascinated by the dispenser and all the different colored sticky flags that were getting stuck on her little fingers!  She was our very important message that we needed to flag and remember!

Day 10:

 It was such a beautiful day that Honey decided to take her to the zoo for a fun outing.  They love going over to the kids’ section where there is a petting zoo and these funny groundhogs there.  That was her inside a large groundhog hole meant for photo ops!  Doesn’t she make the cutest little groundhog?!

Day 11:

It was another beautiful day so honey decided to take her to Coyote Point to the Magic Mountain children’s playground!  It sounds pretty exciting huh?!  They actually have a pretty awesome play structure there, meant mostly for bigger kids but Kiggster still enjoyed it.  She enjoyed running around the playground, climbing the little stairs, hiding in the “dinosaur egg,” and nicely stacking bark on top of the play sets.  You think she’ll grow up to be a little trickster?!  Unsuspecting little kids will sit on top of the play set only to leave with bark stuck all over them or worse, splintered butts!  She totally has that, “if I can’t sit on it, no one can” look on there face as she’s dropping bark on the seat!

Day 12:

So we went out to celebrate Honey’s new job offer and ate at Macaroni Sciue Sciue in North Beach.  It was meant to be because we totally found free parking nearby, there weren’t too many people at the restaurant which meant Kiggster could run around, and the staff was just so nice to us and Kiggster!  It was an awesome evening.  We, unfortunately, forgot to bring our camera and phones so no pictures from the night out.  But we got home and I was walking into the bathroom and was greeted by scary doll!  She was just laying there with her arms up like, “Help me, I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”  But I just walked out instead and made Honey go look at it.  I actually couldn’t pick up the doll…she kinda freaks me out!  Tell me she doesn’t look scary?!

Day 13:

Honey took her out to the beach this day since it was once again a nice day out.  They headed to Ocean Beach and Honey let her go wild in the wet sand!  Here she is painting with her fingers and toes in the sand.  Her and Honey needed a shower after this sandy putting.  I so wish I could have been there but it was freezing by the time I got off work so I’m glad they were able to go earlier in the day.  She loves digging her hands and feet into stuff, totally our little flower child.  I think she prefers being barefoot and touching stuff than wear shoes and be hindered!

Day 14:

I finally got to go swimming with Kiggster this past Saturday after several weeks of not being able to.  I really missed going swimming with her.  She was trying so hard to laugh and smile during swimming despite being freezing cold in the water.  She would try to smile but all she could do was have her jaws chatter, poor thing!  But we managed to get her smiling and having fun and look forward to a warm shower afterwards…except their boiler broke mid-shower!  So while being soaped up, all we had to rinse off with was freezing (I mean freezing) cold water!  It made the water in the pool seem warm at that point.  

So that was the roundup of Week 2 photos from the 366 project!  I find it sometimes hard to remember to take a picture or feeling like I didn’t have a “good enough” picture from the day.  But then I just stop and remember that every picture is great and it’s just about making memories and documenting even the “small stuff” in our real lives!  If you’re doing the project too, how did it go for you?


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