366 Project: Week 3

Week 3: January 15-21
By the way, if you missed it, go check out Week 2’s photos!

Day 15:

So I had to point out her little feet and bum in the photo ’cause she’s just too cute!  Every night after her bath, which she loves splashing water all over the place, we bundle her all up and take a look in the mirror together, just for kicks!  Honey says she looks like a little Jedi all bundled and I usually also drape it over her head too.  I don’t want her to catch a cold you know?!  She turns into this tiny little precious bundle but when she gets unraveled (all on her own), she is so long, when did she get this tall?!  I love our bath times together!

Day 16:

Since it was a nice day, Honey took Kiggster to the Golden Gate park playground.  She loves playing with the sand there and getting it all over the place.  He even says that sometimes, she gets it inside her diaper too!  What?!  How does that happen?!  Well, they definitely had fun at the park and was able to enjoy going on the slide, the swings, and throwing sand around!  He was quite surprised at how many people were at the  park due to the holiday but they got their turn to play on all the fun stuff!

Day 17: 

Honey took my car to get serviced and it was right near the mall.  He took her to Hop ‘n Play, this indoor kids crazy play house.  People let their kids run wild in here on the jumpy things, the swingy things, the slidy things, the twirly things,  you think it, they’ve got it!  Don’t you love how that picture makes her hair look like it went through some crazy science experiment?!  Her hair is getting longer but in a piece-y kinda way.  Honey said she had a ball there and even met a little friend!  Ok, big friend, it was an older girl that latched onto Kiggster and wanted to play with her and take her down the slide.  Then she told Honey and Kiggster her name and asked what Kiggster’s name was.  Honey told her, “Rayne” and she said, “Whyyyyy?!”  Hmmm, not sure how to take that comment…

Day 18:

Honey returned a gift we got at Babies R Us and exchanged it for new cups for Kiggster instead.  The space fanatic he is went straight for the space themed straw cup!  It actually is really cute and now Kiggster doesn’t like to drink from other cups and straws except for this one (once in awhile she’ll drink from another but this is her preferred choice)!  That was her first night getting acquainted with her new cup!  She actually loves sipping from a straw (more than actually drinking the liquids) and then letting the liquids run right out of her mouth…hence the wet shirt!

Day 19:

We went out to one of our favorite restaurants, Delancey Street Restaurant to celebrate Honey getting his official job offer.  All the waiters there love Kiggster and I have to say, I think she loves getting the attention.  It wasn’t too much attention but every time they walked back and forth from the kitchen area (we were sitting right near the kitchen doors), she would giggle or say, “Hi” or do something uber-cute to get attention.  They were all really nice about it and she was pleasantly distracted so Honey and I actually got to eat a meal together rather than take shifts!  That was Honey tempting her with some onion bread (she actually even enjoys eating raw onions) and her pretending she was going to take a huge bit.  She only ended up “kissing” the bread after that!

Day 20:

Lately, Kiggster loves drinking out of her cup and straw but more than that, she enjoys watching water spill out of her cup and then she likes making water art.  So this night, she decided she was going to walk around with her cup and all of a sudden dump a bunch of water on the floor.  At first she leaned down to make her drawings but I brought some paper towels to soak it up and she started wiping it up with her feet!  Since she had fun cleaning, I let her continue!  So there she is cleaning up her own mess, hope this keeps as she gets older too, we could use the help around the house!

Day 21:

Work has been really stressful emotionally and I finally decided, I’m gonna take a nice bath and take some time out to “relax.”  I’m not sure why I thought I’d relax in the tub but take my cell phone with me!  I was planning on texting people, checking emails, checking FB updates…yeah, totally would not have been relaxing!  Honey saw the phone and he said, “Honey, what’s that for?!” Of course, he took it and put it outside for me!  Well, as we were drawing the water for my bath, Kiggster heard the water and immediately knew it was bath time…except she thought it was for her.  So she kept throwing in all her bath toys or I guess she thought I would get bored in my bath and was lending me her toys.  She even was checking the water temperature for me, how sweet!  Lately, she enjoys sticking her hand inside her bath water, then coming over and drawing on your leg with the water, then going back for more water, and then back to your leg…repeat and rinse several times!

Well, that’s Week 3 of my 366 project.  How is your’s going?!  I have to say it’s been harder than I think capturing daily photos and then remembering which days the photos were from and which phone or camera was used to take the photos!  I am so glad that I am doing this project and I hope to do this every year so I never forget the small stuff or the major events!


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