366 Project: Week 4

Week 4: January 22-28
In case you missed it, go check out the photos from Week 3!

So here is Week #4 of my 366 project!  I can’t believe 1 month of 2012 is going to be over today!  What happened?!

Day 22:

So that’s Olivia and Kiggster chillin’ out together on her favorite rocking chair and reading one of her favorite books…My First Halloween!  Olivia’s parents are actually our neighbors Olivia and Kiggster were actually supposed to be born on the same day at the same hospital!  But Kiggster was 10 days early and Olivia was a couple days late so now they are 2 weeks apart instead.  Remember when the video of the two of them when they were just 6 months old?  Now they are 1 year old and still enjoying play time together!  They seemed to play together really well!

Day 23:

This was the start of Chinese New Year and we went over to my parent’s house for dinner.  Right when we put her in her chair for dinner, she grabbed straight for the chicken drumsticks and started gnawing on it!  She didn’t even wait for us to give it to her! She had quite the appetite and did some damage on that drumstick!  If you missed my Chinese New Year posting, you can go check out some photos here!

Day 24:

Ok, I’m sure many people don’t get to see pictures of a whole dead fish often.  Many of my friends would cringe at the idea of having to cook a whole fish (head, tail, guts and all) and only want to deal with fillets or fish steaks.  But I wanted a whole fresh fish from the Asian market so I took Kiggster with me to choose something.  However, in my quest for fresh fish, I instead found this “Fresh Idiots Cod” and just found it too hilarious to not snap a picture of.  I have no idea what the fish is called in Chinese so I can’t even tell you if it’s even remotely translated correctly but I sure was crackin’ up!  Poor Cod didn’t even get named something pretty! One day I will go to a restaurant and order Idiots Cod off the menu!  I didn’t end up buying that fish but went with the Black Sea Bass instead (at least that’s what the label said on the outside of the tank).  I asked the fish monger (is that what they’re called?!) to clean the fish and scales and help me fry it and he looked appalled!  He said, “What you’re going to fry it? What a waste of such a nice and expensive fish!  It’s a fish made for steaming!” He guilted me into taking it home and steaming it myself!  I was so afraid to touch it because the last time I got a fresh fish and wanted to take it home and steam, it jumped out of the bag and flopped all over the floor at the grocery store even though it was supposed to be dead!  The fish turned out ok, Kiggster and Honey liked it but I think I over-steamed it!  One day I will get it all correct!

Days 25, 26, & 27:

I did mention last week that this 366 project has been harder than I thought trying to capture pictures daily right?!  Both Honey and I somehow seemed to have missed taking pictures on all three of these days!  He forgot the camera and his phone so couldn’t take pictures, not even  bad quality ones and when I got home, I didn’t take any!  Grrrr, how could I?!  Can a video make up for 3 days of photos?!  Well, probably not, but I’ll share it anyways!  Here is Kiggster making lip smacking noises-she was trying to copy me!  She is a total sponge these days, she will try to copy anything you say or do (eh hm, that means no swearing, inappropriate conversations or behavior around her ever)!  Ok, the video starts out with me making lip smacking noises like a crazy lady because before the camera was on, she kept doing it but the moment she saw me turn on the camera, she wouldn’t do it.  Story of my life!  Watching the video makes me think, “Wow, when did she get so big and so mature?!”  Remember her first taste of food besides milk?!

Day 28:

We went to the park on Saturday and Kiggster had so much fun!  It was a beautiful afternoon and the sun was just reflecting off the grass perfectly.  She looked totally cute with her kitty jacket while trying to chase after the dogs at the park!


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