366 Project: Week 5

Week 5: January 29-February 4
If you haven’t had a chance to check out Week 4, you can see them here!  So I know I usually post on Tuesdays but I totally got my dates confused and didn’t realize yesterday was Tuesday.

Day 29:

This was Kiggster at church that morning with Honey and I while we were prepping for the children’s classes for our Sunday service.  She was surrounded by 2 older kids (siblings) and they both wanted to play with her and hold her.  The older sister just picked Kiggster up and said that she was really easy to carry!  Very cute!  The picture just looked so funny with poor little Kiggster looking so small while the older girl was hovering over her with her ginormous parka!

Day 30:

So this technically is not a picture of my own but a picture on loan by my good friend Caitlyn, who will now be watching Kiggster part time during the week.  Bella and Rayne have such a blast together and being just 2 months apart, they are totally like sisters.  So this was her first day going with Auntie Caitlyn and Bella for the whole day and for a first day, I think she did pretty well.  She didn’t sleep but that would be expected for a non-sleep trained, getting used to being away from home toddler!  They have a new kitty, Amiga, and a not so new kitty, Taboo, that Kiggster looooves to chase.  Actually more like try to body slam ’cause she’ll see them under the table and then go and take both arms in the arm and slam it down on the floor trying to catch them, but they’re still quicker than her right now!  So that was her sitting on Bella’s rocking chair, which she loves!  I need to find her a cute little rocking chair of her own too!

Day 31 & Day 32 (Feb 1):

Unfortunately, I have no pictures from these two days….boooh on me!

Day 33 (Feb 2):

This was Kiggster on the couch “helping” with the laundry!  She loves taking clothes out of the laundry bin and sprinkling them around the house.  Or come to my just-folded pile of clothes and slowly take them away!  A part of me feels like this is her trying to be helpful.  Just yesterday she took some clothes from the laundry bin (clean clothes) and walked away with them.  Then Honey came over and said, “come show Mama!” She had gone to the kitchen, grabbed a paper bag and was putting the clothes she had just took from the bin and trying to stuff them in the bag!  Either she was being helpful and trying to put stuff away or she was telling me she was tired of wearing those clothes and we need to donate them!

Day 34 (Feb 3):

I’ve been trying to cook a lot more food ahead of time so that we can enjoy meal times more rather than be panicked, anxious, and stressed out because we have no food, time, or energy to cook.  So Sunday, I made dumplings and potatoes, then this day, I made frittatas.  I had to make dumplings this week ’cause I just felt the sudden urge and guilt that as an Asian mom, I had never made homemade dumplings!  Ah yuh, shame on me!  They actually turned out great.  I used ground pork, cabbage, green onion, ginger, sesame oil, and soy sauce for the filling.  They looked kinda pretty the first night we ate them and Kiggster really like it.  Now I wish I would have cooked them all at once because the next day, we went to cook some and all 66 of the dumplings in the fridge glued together to make 1 lumpy mess.  I did not store them properly! Note-to-self-for-future: dumpling wrappers get moist and sticky, don’t store them too close together or even let them touch one another!  For the frittatas, I used up some left over roasted potatoes, spinach, cheese, leftover prime rib roast and egg and stuck them in a muffin tin to bake.  They turned out ok, I think I over cooked them a little, next time I’ll do shorter time since I planned on freezing them for future breakfasts so they’ll get cooked again when we reheat them.

Day 35 (Feb 4):

It was such a beautiful day today.  We were supposed to let Honey study today but when he saw the sun out, he said we had to go out today because it may not be sunny the next day anymore.  He was right!  We went to Half Moon Bay to the beach there and it was beautiful.  There were so many people, kids, and dogs….oh dogs!  Kiggster loves dogs, except not after today.  So we had just gotten to the beach and I had just set her down on the sand to play since she loves sand.  Well, little did Honey and I know, there was a little dog running straight for Kiggster coming up right behind us.  It was really excited and liked Kiggster except when it’s up on it’s hind legs, it’s front paws are the height of Kiggster’s face.  My reaction time didn’t allow me to pick her up but was only fast enough to cover her eyes.  It helped keep the dog from scratching her eye but not her face.  Poor thing had such horrible-looking red streaks down her face and you could see how close it got to her eye too.  The owner was chasing after the dog and was super apologetic and even said he would leash the dog after that (all the dogs on that beach were unleashed).  Poor Kiggster has been a little reserved with dogs since then.  She still likes looking at them and pointing at them but the moment they want to come near, she’s scared and between my legs.  I hope she doesn’t have this intense fear of dogs like I did growing up!  I feel so guilty that I wasn’t quicker in picking her up or seen the dog coming but I know there was nothing Honey and I could have done and we did what we could to protect her.  It was just red for the day ’cause the next day, you couldn’t see it anymore!  Actually, the dog incident didn’t even stop her from playing, she cried for like a minute and then was onto playing like nothing ever happened (I was freaking out still the whole time and looking at her face feeling all guilty).

So that was week 5, what do you think for the1st month of 2012 photos so far?!  Any special 2012 projects you guys are doing or want to start.  February isn’t too late to start, still have 11 months left to go in the year!


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