366 Project Week 6

Alright, I know Week 6 is coming like 1 week late but our whole family was plagued with illnesses in the midst of an already busy work/school schedule.  Let’s say we’re all beat and the whole sleep “training” thing…we’ve fallen off the sleep wagon!  We will be back at square one once we all get well.  All three of us can’t smell anything (nope can’t smell poopy diapers), coughing, fatigued…everything under the sun.  But getting better each day.  Wish us luck, send some prayers our way, and we love virtual hugs too!  If you haven’t had a chance to see pictures from Week 5, you can see them here.

Week 6: February 5-11

Day 36 (Feb 5):

Our little Kiggeroo’s hair has gotten longer than I thought.  She wakes up every morning to a different version of bedhead!  It’s quite cute, I have no idea, without gel or hairspray, how her hair can stick up so much!  Then when she wakes up, she has the poutiest little lips ever-Angelina Jolie’s lips got nothin’ on her!  Maybe I should take out a million dollar insurance policy on those cute little pouty lips of hers, hmmm, that’s a thought!

Day 37 (Feb 6):

Kiggster loves crawling, hiding, and sneaking into every small space available to her.  She is like a little mouse, I always think she’s not going to make it through a space because it’s so small, then she goes and surprises me by doing it!  I’m sure that’s how kids get heads stuck between chairs, etc because they don’t realize that one day they will be bigger than they were before and they will no longer fit through the same spots.  I will have to make sure I don’t let her experiment with sticking her head through things at least!

Day 38 (Feb 7):

One of Kiggster’s favorite places in the house!  She has a fridge radar too.  Even if she’s in the living room or another room, she knows when that fridge is open and stops everything she is doing and comes running over.  She doesn’t just like staring into the fridge but now likes to step inside and see what she can get her little hands on.  Honey and I actually started putting some fruits and other things that she enjoys eating in that bottom open shelf so that she can easily see what’s available to her.  That seems to work well, for now.  Sometimes, she likes to sit inside where she is standing and not let us close the fridge.  We’ve actually had to turn off the fridge alarm because we definitely keep it open past the allotted time trying to coax her out.  You’d think if her favorite thing is the fridge, she’d be eating a lot more but lately, she’s become what some would call a ‘”grazer.”  Well, I do believe at this age, they know when their little bodies are full or hungry and I have to trust that and not overfeed or stuff her!

Day 39 (Feb 8):

You’ve probably already seen this photo from our “sleep training” posting earlier this week but this was our only picture from that day…probably because we were all in a sleep deprived state.  Honey emailed me this picture in the middle of the day with this message, “After being put down over and over for 15 minutes and finally pinning her waist down, she went to sleep.”  So I do have to put in a note that Honey is the gentlest man on Earth so when he says “pinning her waist down” he does not mean with force or even remotely what it sounds like.  He showed me when I got home what he did and I would not have described it that way, maybe more like “laid her down in her crib and patted her to sleep at her waist.”

Day 40 (Feb 9):

So I’ve been meaning for 2012 to make better meals and lunches.  Ones that are more homemade, less processed, and are cool and fun to eat!  So I got these really neat lunch boxes from Laptop Lunches and started packing Honey’s lunch in them.  For his first Laptop Lunch, I packed our leftovers but tried to make it fun.  I molded the sticky rice we ate into heart shapes but that was harder than I thought since the rice kept sticking to my hands and taking chunks off my hearts!  Then I find out that Honey ate the lunch and didn’t even realize they were supposed to be heart shaped!  I guess I should have made it more obvious.  It will be a broken heart now, so sad!  Hopefully, the other ones will be more successful.  I was inspired by the blog called My Lunch Rox and all the fun ideas in there.  As Kiggster gets older, we’ll be doing that for her too.  They say kids…and adults will eat more if they have a “fun” looking lunch.  I also got her a lunch box too since I got them on sale, but none for myself-I have no problem eating my lunches! Haha!

Day 41 (Feb 10):

That’s Kiggster dipping her little fingers into the almond butter jar/lid.  I was using it to make some lactation bars for a friend (I will have to share about that another time but my sleep deprived self messed that batch up) and next thing I knew, she had her finger inside the jar and licking the almond butter off her fingers.  She was so funny too, she would put her finger in her mouth, pucker her lips, make a little sucking noise and then pull out her finger!  Where did she even learn that from?!  I guess Honey and I must do that a lot!  At least now we know she enjoys almond butter, that’s mama’s girl!

Day 42 (Feb 11):

Kiggster got this puppy for her birthday and she absolutely loves it.  It’s like her favorite stuffed animal/toy.  She will not only press it for music but will carry it around, hug it, give it kisses, and even sit on the couch with it watching her favorite Signing Time DVDs!  She is growing to be more and more affectionate and it is so cute to watch!  One day she’s going to ask for a real one and I’m not going to know how to respond!  She always signs for dog and says “Du Du” very excitedly!

So how are you projects going?  I am super excited because my blog is hitting 1 years old next week.  It will be getting a new makeover and web address (which I mentioned last year) but now it’s really getting close.  I’ve been working with an amazing vendor and she’s giving me some logo design choices so I’ll be posting those for you guys this week to help give me some feedback!  Can’t wait and March will be a huge month for my blog, hope you’ll join me for some fun blogging party then…well, and now too!



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  1. Aw. She looks like she's been electrocuted. My sister's hair was like that all.the.time. when she was a baby and the pictures are so cute.


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