366 Project: Week 7

As the weeks are whizzing by and next week will already mark yet another month, I feel like I’m falling behind on my times with Kiggster.  Does anyone ever feel this way about motherhood…or I guess even life in general?  I keep wishing time would stop, stand still, or slow down so I can enjoy more time with my family but instead it’s speeding up and running laps around me!  I thought March would be so far from now but it’s only 3 days away and I haven’t accomplished all that I’ve set out to do!  In looking back at my goals for 2012, I am already failing miserably at some of them but the good thing is, I can still change that since we are it is still early in the year (for now that is)!  So how are your goals for 2012 going so far?  On that note, here’s Week 7 of my 366 project and if you haven’t caught up with week 6, you can check it out here.

Week 7: February 12-18

Day 43 (Feb 12):

We had to keep Kiggster out of her Sunday Children’s Ministry class ’cause she was sick.  So then all the sick kids hung out together outside the room, not sure if that was any better.  She loves her little straw cup of water and cereal.  We give her Kamut Puffs-Kamut is a whole grain and the puffs are exactly what it sounds like…puffed whole grains.  I love that they are healthy, not loaded with sugar and a great “snack” for her!  She loves them and asks for them all the time.  However, my family tried them, since Kiggster was going bonkers for them, and they were not impressed.  Their descriptions were, “tasteless, bland, and cardboard-ish tasting!”  Warning, if you buy a bag, which probably goes around $2.00 for a bag of the puffs, just know if you’re used to sugar coated cereals, this will take some getting used to!

Day 44 (Feb 13):

This was the day, we figured out exactly how sick she was.  We thought she just had a little runny nose and a cough but when we dropped her off at childcare, she was not happy!  She cried for over an hour and a half, not wanting to eat, drink, sit, sleep, or be hugged!  As you can see, Bellie was trying to give her a hug and give toys to her but Kiggster just cried unconsolably!  Poor thing actually had a upset stomach and diarrhea!  She and I ended up having baby and mama day that day.  We both needed it…I cried on the drive over to pick her up!  I was feeling overwhelmed career wise and scared of what might be wrong with Kiggster and how to help her…I needed Kiggster therapy!

Day 45 (Feb 14):

Oh, Valentine’s Day!  Honey didn’t get home until later tonight because he was working at a farther location this day and so Kiggster and I were busy at home making a fun dinner!  We made whole-wheat pizza…heart shaped!  It came out of the oven just as Honey got home so it smelled nice and pizza-y.  I asked him, “so what kind of pizza do you think it is?”  He said, “Oh, ham?” “Uh, yes but what else?!” “Hmmm, cheese?!” Sigh…IT’S HEART-SHAPED!!!!  I guess my heart shaped stuff doesn’t look heart shaped enough huh?!  Remember my heart-shaped sticky rice balls from Day 40?!   He eventually looked closer and “got it!”  It was actually really yummy and I am glad we had a fun and easy meal.  We didn’t really get to do much that day ’cause I had to go to bed soon after dinner for an early morning flight for work.  By the way, please excuse the super messy kitchen, I’m still trying to figure out how to keep it cleaned an organized on a regular basis-any ideas?!

Day 46 (Feb 15):

This was my view from the cab on the way back to the airport-yup only a day trip to Oregon.  I was so tired but it was nice to see beautiful blue sky.  I’ve heard such good things about Oregon and wish I could have had more time there to explore.  One day, Honey, Kiggster and I will be able to come back together and see all the beauty that the Oregon state has to offer.  Anyone want to volunteer to give us tour when that day comes along?

Day 47 (Feb 16):


I loved this picture of Kiggster, she looks so cute and I loved how the glow of the sun hit her face!

Day 48 (Feb 17):

I took her to the doctor today and her pediatrician moved to a new address (no more buying red bean pancakes near the old office) but this office is next door to the mall!  I think the mall is more dangerous than red bean cakes!  The last time I took her to his office, we hung out at Macy’s until it was time for her appointment but practically got kicked out of the store!  This time, she was hanging inside an empty pillow display at Macy’s and was having such a blast!  I love that the little things still are so entertaining to her.  Anyone want to buy a Kiggster pillow, organic, soft, giggly, but doesn’t always ensure a good-night’s sleep?!

Day 49 (Feb 18):

Oh Bananas!  I have mentioned before that bananas are her favorite right?!  She can see/smell/sense bananas if they are anywhere within a 5 feet radius of her!  Now she likes to hold her own banana and take a huge bite of the banana.  She signs for banana and has also now learned to say “nana.”  Can’t say no to that cute face and voice!  We always have a supply of banana in the house now but she doesn’t always want to eat bananas in stuff, just by itself from the peel.  I wonder if it just appeals to her to see us peel the banana and she gets to hold her own food and eat it?!

Ok, now that I am finally caught up with all my 366 project weekly updates, I better get started on pulling together my pictures for Week 8!  What are you guys all working on this week?  So remember how I said this blog is getting a makeover and new home soon?!  A logo is part of that design and I wanted to get your guys’ opinions on a potential logo.  It won’t look exactly like this but similar concept:

Thanks to my awesome web designer, Miranda at Designs By Miranda, I finally will get a logo.  The colors will change and what you see at the blog launch will probably be different but I loved the kangaroo mama and baby here!  What do you guys think?  Do you guys feel like this reflects what you’ve seen on Kangaroo Mama blog?  What does it make you think of when you see this logo, any feelings (positive or negative)?  Leave me a comment, I’d love o hear your thoughts!  Can’t wait until the new site launches, I have some huge plans and even a week’s worth of giveaways to celebrate!



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  1. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Thank you for all your sweetness, Jamie! I also love looking at people's blogs and seeing their About Me, My Story, Our Family pages and posts. I love to see what people like to do, their lives, and it helps me to relate more to the blogger knowing how they are like. I am so glad you stopped by and I hope you'll come back again!

  2. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Hi Melissa, thanks so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    I can't wait to launch the new site either and through some fun giveaway parties for everyone! Thanks for the feedback on the logo! I will definitely need more feedback once the new site is launched too so hope you'll come back and visit again!

    I didn't think she would love bananas as much as she does but it does seem kids love them so now I buy it all the time! I think I should add a Banana line item in the budget! =D

  3. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks Shana so much for visiting! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Hehe, my heart shaped items lately seem to go unnoticed by my hubby, glad someone else noticed! =P

  4. Kangaroo Mama says:

    By the way, is Raina #1?! We actually contemplated naming our's Raina too but decided on Rayne instead! Do you know if you're having boy or girl for #2?

  5. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Wow, #2?! I can't even imagine what life would be like with 2 kids. Some say it doubles the stress and challenges but I think it is more than double! Good luck with baby #2!

  6. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Hi Monica, thanks so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    I can't wait to show you all the new stuff that's going to happen with the blog (new site, design and even giveaways coming up)! Hope you'll come back to visit!

    Why is it that time goes faster with kids, when you're having fun, on vacation, etc but not when we're at work, under stress, or doing something horribly boring?! Life just doesn't make sense!

  7. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Hi Laura, thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    I think my birthday is coming up quicker than I can reach my goals so I might not be able to do that. Although I tried to set a goal of leaving my job by my birthday this year and it looks like that might not happen so I gave up on that goal. I hope your goals are met though, I'm cheering for you. What were some of the goals?!

    Thanks for the feedback on the logo! Hope you come back and visit again, especially when my new site and design gets launched!

  8. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks so much Pamela for stopping by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Totally loved the banana photo too! I am so glad I captured it because she so does that almost everyday. It's definitely her favorite fruit, though we try not to have her eat too many! Thanks for the feedback on the logo, I can't wait until the new design/site gets launched and I can share that with everyone! Love your blog by the way!

  9. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Thanks for the sweet comment! Wow, high school, totally don't look forward to that! I did have some dreams of her being like 10 years older than she is now and I woke up sweating bullets thinking, OMG this can't be real! I hope time doesn't go by that quickly!

  10. I always enjoy getting an inside look in other's lives. What an adorable daughter you have!

  11. Melissa Haggerty says:

    Your little girl is just a cutie pie! Bananas are a staple snack food in our house, too. my children all go crazy for them. I love that logo, it is a very cute idea. I can't wait to see the finished blog!

  12. Your daughter is adorable. Minus the sickies looks the a great week. Oh and I noticed the pizza was heart shaped right away 😉

  13. Running After Raina says:

    I love your blog 🙂

    I am trying to keep up with my goals, we recently found out we're having #2 so…whew…goals are on the backburner right now. lol

  14. Monicas Mom Musings says:

    I love the logo. Can't wait to see it all come together for you ;). Having kids by the way makes time go by exponentially faster.

  15. Laura Lynn Studio says:

    Visiting from the Newbie Blog Hop

    I love the photos that you included. Your new logo looks great!

    I'm making a lot of progress of some of my goals while others I'm really falling short. My birthday is coming up soon so I actually put a date on some of my goals to reach by then.


  16. Sol Searching says:

    What a great way to capture her year! I'm loving all the pictures but I must say the banana day was the best!

    I like the new logo design as well…it really goes with your blog content.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  17. the worstest mommy says:

    You have the most adorable daughter! I remember the days when my kids were young babies and I always filp-flopped between thinking I had all the time in the world with them and thinking about how fast time has gone. My oldest is now in high school…boyfriends, cliques, exams…all this was much easier when we could just cuddle on the sofa together 🙂


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