366 Project: Week 8

If you haven’t had a chance to check out Week 7’s photos, you can see them here!

Week 8: February 19-25

Day 50 (Feb 19):

So I got curious if I could put Kiggster’s hair in pony tails (yes I long for her hair to be longer-no pun intended) and that’s what I did Sunday morning.  Honey thought she looked weird and I guess she did too ’cause she took it off right away!  But they didn’t really stay up anyways, they kinda laid flat to the sides of her head after a couple pictures!  So I don’t really know why I want her hair to be longer because I dread the day when she’ll ask me to braid her hair or do something cool with it, only to realize her mama sucks at doing hair!  I have no idea how to braid, regular braids, pigtail braids, french braids, french twists, buns, everything!  I keep trying to do something cool with my own hair, I’ve tried in the past with dolls and they all turn out lookin’ like a hot mess!  Any of your moms of older girls have some tips for me?  I know her hair is nowhere close to being braided yet but like I mentioned in my last posting, time whizzes by too quickly and I’m gonna wake up tomorrow and she’s gonna have hair like Rapunzel!

Day 51 (Feb 20):

Here we are at one of our favorite restaurants, Scuie Scuie.  This was our belated Valentine’s celebration for Honey and I…plus one, Kiggster.  We had trouble finding someone to watch her for a couple hours so we all went as a family celebration.  Nothin’ wrong with that too!  We’ll just have to do more date nights coming up in the future!  The restaurant staff loved her, they were giving her so much attention, making paper airplanes for her out of their menus, giving her free ladyfingers, we got extra dessert, and I’m pretty sure we got better service because of her too!  Honey and I actually had a really good time too.  We talked during the drive there and walk to the restaurant about my feelings towards my day job, what I should focus on in the meantime while I’m not able to stay home with Kiggster yet, and what God would want to see me do with this time in my life.  I love that he really helps me so much spiritually and does it in such a loving way!  I have to say, I have the most amazing husband, ever!

Day 52 (Feb 21):

Ok, so I didn’t really get any pictures this day, I suck, I know!  But how about a picture from the day before?!  Kiggster asks for Baby Signing Time DVDs all the time!!! On this morning, she asked for the DVD and we put it in for her (we try to limit the TV time but sometimes we let her indulge on educational DVDs).  I look over and I see her laying on the couch on top of the pillow!  I have a habit of sitting her on the couch and putting that long rectangular pillow over her lap.  Her response now is to put both hands on top of the pillow knowing that’s what I’m gonna do.  This was the first time I’d seen her lay down on the couch to watch TV and now she has not been able to stop doing it.  We try to keep sitting her back up but it seems she’s found her favorite TV-watching position!

Day 53 (Feb 22):

When we started trying to “sleep train” Kiggster (if you aren’t caught up on our sleep journey, you can read about it here), we found that her bedroom was the coldest place in the house.  So we tried our best to warm it up with out overheating her so we tried the room heater, space heater, blankets (which she always kicks off), and finally, sleep sacks!  We love the sleep sacks and didn’t even know why we never put her in them in the past.  I guess since our room is always so warm, there was never a need to but we don’t even put pants on her, just a long-sleeve onesie and the sack, we’re set!  Actually makes diaper changes go a lot quicker too.  Then I love watching her walk around the house before bed in it ’cause she looks so funny, kinda like she’s wearing a long dress with a train and it makes funny noises too because of the zipper flopping around on the hardwood floors!  That’s Kiggster standing there ripping apart my Chinese New Year’s decorations because the tape gave in and stopped working.  She ripped off all the heads to the little kids on the decorations and then she was done and put it into the recycle bin!  Should I not get her any dolls?! I’m afraid I may find random doll heads all around the house!

Day 54 (Feb 23)/Day 55 (Feb 24):

Don’t kill me, but I’ve failed again to do a full week of photos!  I thought I actually did good last week on taking photos but when I went to upload the photos…these two days were also missing from the camera.  I swear someone must have stole them!  I can explain the missing photo from the 24th but not sure what happened on the 25th.  On the 24th, I had to work late and so by the time I came home, Kiggster was already getting ready for bed and I was about ready too!

Day 56 (Feb 25):

Remember the cereal I talked about her loving?!  So besides Kamut Puffs, she also loves the Uncle Sam’s cereal and eats them out of her little container!  Although lately, she’s been enjoying grabbing a handful from the container and “sprinkling” it on the floor, then picking it up from there to eat it!  Does food really taste better that way?  She actually doesn’t eat much from the spoon, fork, bowl or plate but from the floor?! Plenty!  I’m not sure what we can or should do about it but for now, I guess we will just have to see it as a phase and hope that one day soon, she will enjoy eating out of her plate and bowl!  Yes, we love putting her in her cloth diapers without pants.  She enjoys it too actually.  We get asked often why we don’t put pants on her but I think there’s not too many incidences where we don’t.  Just when we’re home (and a lot of pictures capture those moments), we let her go without pants so she can play freely, we don’t have to worry about food spilling on her clothes, and if she leaks out of her diaper, her clothes aren’t soaked!  I know excuses but hey, it’s not like her cloth diapers are ugly, they’re pretty cute!

By the way, on Saturday, I took her to the local kid’s indoor play area and she loved it and was very loved there!  Honey and I obviously think Kiggster is adorable because we’re biased and sometimes I feel like adults tell us too because it’s their “be nice” comment.  However, when I go to a crazy playground full of crazy screaming kids running all around from one play area to the next, I don’t really expect comments about how cute she is to come from that audience. Kiggster had a lot of admirers that day (unfortunately my camera phone was out of juice and I forgot my camera in another bag).  What surprised me was who those comments came from.  Older kids (around 5 or 6), would stop everything they were doing, whether it was jumping, swinging, sliding, etc and stop to tell me that Kiggster is “super cute,” “you have a cute baby,” and “awww, she’s so cute!”  It’s so sweet coming from other little kids!  Then she gets chased by little boys and they all want to give her hugs and kisses!  Kiggster was walking slowly down these stairs so she could go to another play area and of course, I’m right behind her but I hear this little voice behind me, “Excuse me” asking me to move aside.  It’s a mad house in that place so I assumed this little boy (around 4 years old) just wanted to get ahead to play.  I step aside but was so afraid he’d push Kiggster out of his way because she’s going so slowly.  But instead he’s standing right behind her with his arms stretched out in front of him.  Then when she conquers the stairs, she starts running to the slide and this little boy starts chasing her with his arms still stretched out like he was trying to catch her.  When she gets to the stairs of the slide, she has to stop and go up slowly so this boy has a chance to catch up.  With his outstretched arms, he leans in, wraps both arms around her from behind her and leans in and gives her a kiss!  Before Kiggster even knew what was happening, he ran away and it was hilarious ’cause Kiggster turned her head back to look at what just happened and all you could see was this really annoyed look on her face!  Then another little boy, around 1 years old, at another play area, came up to her and kept trying to give her a hug.  Kiggster has personal space issues so she was not happy about it.  Then this little boy tries to give her a kiss, not just any kiss, but an open mouth kiss on the top of her head!  Because she kept trying to push him away, despite his very bold and persistent advances, he got frustrated and started to “pat” her quite aggressively.  Later after both of us moms pulled them apart, I saw on top of her head, this glob of wet saliva.  I know it wasn’t sweat because the rest of her head was dry!  Do I have to worry about boys chasing her around as she gets older?  Do I have to implement the no dating till you’re 30 rule now?!

Alright that was Week 8 at a glance…a long glance!  So can you believe tomorrow will be Leap Day?!  Then it’s going to be March!  Anyone have big plans for March?  I actually do have a lot of plans for March and April, those will be huge months for me and my blog!  You guys know in March will be my blog’s new design debut but what you don’t know (shhh, don’t tell) is that I have lots of surprises in store for that debut.  By the way, if you haven’t seen my potential logo concept, I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! Then on a personal front, in April, I am turning 30!  Wow, now that’s crazy!  I feel like I should do something different, crazy, extravagant…but really, I think I might just be up for some chill time, something relaxing.  Do any of you remember what you did for your 30th or want to do for your 30th birthday?!  I’d love to hear about them and hear any ideas you guys might have for mine!



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  2. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Hi Renee, I am so glad you stopped by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    Thanks for your sweet comment, somedays I don't know what to do with they little baby doll but I love her to death! =P

  3. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks Colleen so much for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    I am glad you agree that the pony tails are cute. My hubby for some reason thinks all ponytails are weird looking! What better time to do it now when they're younger and can't protest (well, she still protests by pulling them off but not with words)! I love all the clips, barrettes and headbands too! I am trying to learn to make more of them for her because they get expensive but it's been fun. She yanked off the one I made for her today…one day she will appreciate them! =P

  4. Kangaroo Mama says:

    Thanks Maria for coming by! Sorry this reply is coming later (Was trying to keep up with the commenting event with Blogelina)!

    It is very exciting for her, she can find joy in the smallest things. I need to definitely learn from that! I can be so easily ungrateful for the things I have and just focus on what I don't have. I need to have the heart to look at life with renewed hope and vision!

  5. oh what a pretty babydoll 🙂

  6. Aw! The pony tails were cute!

    I also sucked at doing hair. I found that having lost of fancy hair clips and barrettes and headbands saved me quite a lot!

  7. she's adorable!! Sounds like life is always excited for her!!

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