366 Project: Week 9

When posting about Kiggster’s newest milestones on Wednesday, I totally missed talking about a lot of stuff so before I start talking about my 366 project, I will just start off with a couple more things about Kiggster!

Lately, it seems everyone and everything is Mama, except for…you guessed it, Mama!  So you ask, what is Mama?!  Mama lately is Muk aka Milk!  When she wakes up, in between playing, when she’s getting sleep, she looks at me and says “Muk,” every now and then, she says, “Meelk!” Is this taking steps back from what she was doing before?  She used to know the difference between Honey and I…and milk but now adays she’s calling everything Mama and me, she’s only calling Milk!  What did I do to cause this change?!

Well, you know Honey and I have been trying to teach Kiggster to potty (poop) in the toilet (read Oopsy Poopsy to read about our decision and Glowing At Sunset to see some cute pictures at the end of the post-nothing gross, promise) but since we both went back to work, it’s been harder to catch those moments.  But everytime we change her diaper, we sign poop and potty so she knows and everytime Honey and I go to the bathroom, we also do the signs to help her associate the bathroom and the act with the signs.  She’s doing the signs!  She switches between the potty sign and poop sign but will run to the bathroom and put on her little toilet seat on the bathroom (attempts to at least).  I then take off her pants and diaper and put her on the toilet…then she says, “No!”  WHAT?!  After all that, she tries climbing off the toilet!  She’s been doing this for 2 weeks now, just making us believe that she needs to go to the potty but instead she’s just tricking me!  I am glad though that she knows the potty sign means going to the bathroom and sitting on the toilet but I also wish she would go to the bathroom too!  I guess baby steps?!  My little trickster…

She’s very fascinated with eyes and noses and recognizes what I am asking for.  She can kind of say nose in Cantonese, her own version of it at least.  But she’s pointing either my nose or her nose when she tries. Then she points to my eyes and wants me to say what it is to her.  She also knows what her shoe sign is and will hand us her shoes and sign shoe, then lift up her foot for us to put them on!  When did she get so grown up?!

Remember when we went to the indoor kid’s playground and she likes to observe other kids playing before jumping into a new activity?!  Well, lately, she’s been learning to do little jumps, yes besides leap froggin’ on our bed.  They’re not full on jumps but they’re mini jumps and it’s only a matter of time before she’s jumping off furniture or jumping on them!

Ok, that’s the updates on her for now, let’s head into our 366 Project, Week 9!  If you haven’t already, you can also check out Week 8’s photos!

Week 9: February 26-March 3

Day 57 (February 26):

We were at a baby shower this day for an awesome friend who was having but has now had a beautiful baby boy!  We were using the streamers to guess how big the pregnant mama’s belly was and Kiggster also wanted to guess…ok just tangle herself in streamer more like it!  She had lots of fun playing with other people’s toys!

Day 58 (February 27):

Here was another domestic attempt of mine-Stuffed Pasta Shells but as usual, I never read directions correctly…or read directions!  I had just went to the store after seeing the picture and “scanning” through the ingredients list.  Then got home, read the directions and say that it asked for 25-30 pasta shells to be boiled.  Huh?! Only 25-30…is this a single serving recipe?!  OMG, it says JUMBO pasta shells and guess what, my whole wheat pasta shells only came in “average” size so here I am boiling a billion little pasta shells and having to stuff them all individually which took forever!  It was yummy though but was a lot of work!  I have to read directions more clearly next time (yeah, right)!

Day 59 (February 28):

My little kitchen helper!  She loves watching me take stuff out of the oven and see me using the oven mitts.  So here she was sticking out her hand so she could use the oven mitt!  She’s so funny, wants to be in the know for everything!  She loves sticking out her arm or hands for me to put bracelets on, gloves, mitts, puppets…anything but will only keep it on for a hot second.

Day 60 (February 29):

Ok, so I don’t have a picture for this day, not even sure why but we have a video that I shared with you guys on Wednesday!  I will just share it again, it was her leap froggin’ it on Leap Day!

Day 61 (March 1):

Here she is chillin’ out in front of the TV with her buddies, teddy and doggy!  She loves both of them, although she does play favorites and I think she likes doggy more!  Maybe because doggy is her size and teddy is still a little huge for her.  So she’s either watching her Baby Signing Times DVD or her new What’s In The Bible With Buck Denver series.  She loves both of them so far, and so do Honey and I!

Day 62(March 2):

She’s been enjoying picking out her own hair clips lately and not liking the ones I pick for her.  But on this particular day, she couldn’t decide which she liked better and wanted all of them in her hair.  She was happily wearing them around and admiring them in the mirror until I took out the camera.  Then she acts like she’s being tortured and I’m causing her pain with those pretty hair clips!  She’s trying to make me look like a worse mom than I already am!  She’s not helping here, I promise she wanted to wear them all and it wasn’t Mama trying to pose her for a photo-op…at least not this time!

Day 63 (March 3):

Uh…she was trying to get to the oatmeal at the bottom of her bowl!  She’s been enjoying licking the bottom of her bowls for some reason.  Maybe she watches me do it?!  I guess when I eat eggs, I don’t like to waste the egg yolk that drips, spills, pops, and gets all over the plate so I lick it clean!  That’s why Honey calls me Kitty.  So it’s true, our kids pick up our habits, good or bad, and slaps it right in our faces!  I’m staring at my own quirky habits in this picture, but it’s so cute when it’s done by her though!

Well, that’s it for Week 9!  Any fun plans for your weekend?! Don’t forget Daylight Savings on Saturday night/Sunday morning, we lose a full hour of precious sleep!  They say, you should start a week before and a little at a time, get kids to sleep a little earlier to get them used to the time change.  Well, we didn’t have to do that with Kiggster, she’s been doing that on her own.  She’s been going to bed a tiny bit earlier but she’s been waking up super early this whole past week.  She’s woken up at 3am, 4am, and then stayed at 5am for the last couple days…I guess she’s ready for the time change!  What about your kids, are they ready?  Has Daylight Savings ever stopped you from doing any activities or made you stay out later? Have a great weekend!



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