A Night Without the Babes!

Ok, so this was supposed to be published before Thanksgiving but life got in the way and so here goes…

The weekend before Thanksgiving was really nice, we had a Friendsgiving dinner together with some friends and all the kids had so much fun playing together while the adults indulged in some good food!  Then on Saturday, I got to finally take a sewing class!  It was called the ABCs of Sewing from the SF Quilting Collaborative.  The class started off kinda slow (some people took almost 2 hours picking out fabrics) so no one had touched a machine for 3+ hours and class was more than 1/2 way over!  But they were willing to let people stay past the class time to work on the projects and what I loved was that the more experienced quilters that frequent the shop and classroom space even stepped in to help out so it felt like a real community!  I met some really nice people from the class and even got to take home 2 finished pillowcases (not exactly perfect) but I have to say they turned out really nicely for my first project.  Don’t look too closely ’cause you can see my crooked sewing but I loved the prints that I chose.  Now we have His and Her’s pillowcases!!!  I’m looking forward to taking more classes and learning some new skills.  Their sewing machines were really nice-they had options to slow down the sewing speed and that was super helpful!  Can you believe I even started my own bobbin and changed it too?!  Hehe, I feel so proud of myself!  Here’s my finished product, washed and displaying in our room…

That night, Honey and I went out for our very first adult outing in the evening without Kiggster.  It made us nervous at first because we didn’t know how she would do but we had a lot of fun and she did really well with Ngin-Ngin and Yeh-Yeh that night!  It’s the first time I’ve gotten all dressed up, straightened my hair, and put on makeup without worrying about whether my dress is good for nursing Kiggster in, will my jewelry scratch her or if she’ll pull on my earrings, and if she’s sensitive/allergic to my makeup!  We went to the Tonga room for some dancing for our friend’s birthday.  I have to say it was a lot of fun!  I liked seeing people of all ages there on the dance floor (I really mean all ages).  There were kids like 4 years old to people probably in their 70s there!  We could totally see taking Kiggster there when she got a tiny bit older but probably not out so late past her bedtime though!

That’s us pre-party in the basement somewhere, thanks to Joel!
Awww, the birthday girl, Joanne, getting a birthday kiss from hubby!

There’s Marc and Mary gettin’ their groove on!

There’s Marilyn and Micah and Caitlyn and Shawn cuddling up for a photo!  Sweet!

That’s Honey and I right before hitting up the dance floor…I was trying to find my good side for the photo!
Not sure how I feel about this photo.  Micah’s always trying to give Roderick man-hugs.  I think there’s definitely a bro-mance goin’ on there!

There they are gawking over the birthday dessert.  There was a flaming chocolate liquor pot!

That’s our happy group, ending the night the Fairmont Tonga Room!


But I side-tracked everyone with the telephone booth! As you can tell, the guys didn’t seem all that comfortable in there together!

 They couldn’t wait to get out.  But then of course the girls needed to have a photo too!

We’re much more elegant than the guys!  Well, that was the conclusion of our sans babies outing together!


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