A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

So one thing I knew I wanted during pregnancy (ok, if you ask my amazing husband, he’d say I wanted a lot!), it was having maternity photos taken.  I wanted some pictures to remember that wonderful time-if I didn’t, it would come and pass before I knew it and I wouldn’t be able to take them after she was born.  With the next pregnancy my body wouldn’t be the same and it’s another baby so that deserves a separate set of photos!  I wanted lots of photos with the both of us together, me with my new belly, us doing our everday stuff together . . . just lots of photos.  This is the only time in a woman’s life where we can enjoy having a big belly and a waistline that measures in the 40-something inches and still have people tell us that our belly is just so cute and they wanna touch it (ok, I admit it’s kinda wierd coming from strangers at the grocery store or restaurant )!

Yep that’s my husband measuring my big belly! =P
I wanted to cherish and commemorate it with photos.  I’ve always been the one behind the camera ’cause I enjoy taking pictures but Roderick isn’t much of a behind-the-camera kinda guy so I totally loved that he would take monthly-sometimes even weekly photos of my growing belly.
Week 34
I think pictures are important during this time because now that Rayne is already here, I don’t quite remember how that belly looked like, though I still catch myself rubbing my belly sometimes out of habit-not so cute when you don’t have the baby in there but only post-baby flab! =/  I love looking back at the pictures of me pregnant, I enjoyed every moment of watching her and I grow together, it was such a miracle.  It don’t have toget pictures from a professional, they’re just good to have.
A professional though would know how to capture you in the best light, position, and moment, making you glow even more than your natural pregnant mama glow! We didn’t have a budget to pay someone to take pictures for us so we took some on our own but then later found someone who was willing to work with us around our budget.  She was great to work with and we loved that she took her time with us-never rushing us, went to the spots that we wanted to go to in order to “tell our story.”  We wanted pictures not only in our home but also at our favorite park because that’s where we not only liked going as a couple but knew we would share our spot with the baby once she arrived. I loved that the pictures were so us-some posey (have to have some of those too u know) but most were just us on our walk together.  The photographer’s name is Marie Arce and here’s a sampling of the pictures she took of us.  Check out her website for more pictures and information about her.  Thanks Marie for a great photoshoot and for just being awesome!
So basically my point here is-take LOTS of pictures during your pregnancy.  You can never have too many and make some photobooks while you’re at it so you can flip through them later, show them to your baby in the future, and maybe even put one or two of them up around the house if you love them!  Happy clickin’!!!!
Update – 25March2011: Marie Arce Photography contacted me and has extended an offer to readers of this blog.  For those that book a session with her and mention this blog, you can get $25% off!  That’s great news for those of us who like saving money-who doesn’t right?!  Thanks Marie!  Hope you all get some photos taken (maternity, newborn, family, heck go for those solo portrait shots, we all should have some great pictures of ourselves right?!).

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