Ahoy Mates!

So last week when the kids (Vivian, Jasper, and Derek) were staying with us, the next day they went to see SS Jeremiah out by Fisherman’s Wharf.  Of course they couldn’t leave until after Jasper woke up…at 12pm!  They had lots of fun touring the HUGE ship which was built in 40 days and is still running to this day (special occasions only of course).  They even caught a few pictures for me…and you too!


Doesn’t it look all nice and sunny?!  I’m stuck indoors in a dreary office, but who’s complaining right?!


Aww, look at our sailors in training!

 Oh my, who’s that creeping up!
It’s Sailor Kiggy!


Here they are at the end of their trip…bidding us all farewell from the SS Jeremiah!  I heard they all had a blast!
Remember those 2 little razor-sharp teeth that have been peeping out?!  Well, Kiggster’s learned to really use them to get through just about anything!  Don’t get your finger caught in that mouth!  Or else your fate will be like that of the poor spinach below…
 First, she’ll tear you apart…
 Then, with a smile, she’ll bite right into you!




No mercy, baby!  Hope you won’t ever have to experience that!  Oh and that was after she’d already eaten and the spinach was just for entertainment purposes only…
Hungry Kiggster + spinach (or your finger) = Serious damage!

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