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I love watching Rayne laugh and smile.  I do mean watch because it’s like watching a silent film-there’s not a whole lot of sound when she “laughs” so I call it her laugh smile.  Only about a week ago did she laugh out loud a couple times but after that, she’s only done it once since.  Roderick and I were so shocked to hear her giggle-it was the most beautiful sound ever!
Ok, I’m gonna go off topic just for a minute because I just have to say it’s really wierd calling my daughter by her name, Rayne and my husband by his name, Roderick.  I know it’s their names but that’s just not what I call them.  I thought it wouldn’t bother me this much but it does.  I rarely call him by his name, he’s always either honey or Eggy (inside joke) so I’m gonna have to start calling him honey on this blog instead of by his name (Honey = Husband = Roderick).  During the pregnancy, we didn’t want to tell people Rayne’s name until after she was born-several reasons: 1) Her name wasn’t going to be Rayne until 3 weeks before she arrived 2) we didn’t want a lot of unsolicited “advice” about our name choices 3) we didn’t want everyone telling us that they knew someone in grade school that was a bully/mean girl and hated the name or 4) that it was their ex daughter-in-law’s name and it still leaves a bad taste in their mouth when they say it or 5) that when you tell your cousin that you like the name Kailani, they tell you it sounds like a porn star name-yeah not naming my daughter that now and finally, 6) we didn’t want to be committed to a name until it was final (ie. on the birth certificate), so we could still change our minds if we wanted to! So all throughout the pregnancy, we had called her by her nickname instead-and still call her that now.  My husband and I’s nicknames for each other put together was her nickname: Kitty + Eggy = Kiggy.  So on this blog, Kiggy = Daughter = Rayne!
Back to my original topic now . . . my beautiful Kiggster!


So I love just seeing her do all sorts of new things each day, watching her grow and discover.  Even her own fingers and toes can be the most fascinating things to her!  When we sing Itsy Bitsy Spider, blow on her tummy, snuggle up in her neck, kiss her like crazy on her milk cheeks (they’re so cute and kissable-we say it’s cause they’re that way from all the milk she drinks), or dance with her, she’ll do that adorable laugh smile of hers.  Too bad my crappy camera isn’t better at capturing all of them-her smiles come and go before my camera is even done turning on or it snaps the photo after she’s done already so all I get is a blurry blob.  Let’s not go down that road of talking about my camera ’cause it’s another beast of a topic!  I’d like to focus on my beautiful Kiggster-I know she’s having a blast with her daddy at home right now, doing lots of her laugh smiles all day long!!!



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