Announcing Kangaroo Mama’s 2012 “I Was Framed” Holiday Photo Contest

This year, Kangaroo Mama would like to do something a little different for the holidays.  Many of my holidays have been surrounded by thoughts of what to buy and receive but I rarely actually stop to think about what the holidays really are for and what they mean?!  I know Honey had requested a cease and desist order on Black Fridays because he felt they defeated the point of Thanksgiving and spending quality time with family, giving thanks, and being grateful.  But didn’t he understand that Black Fridays were a family tradition growing up?!  The rush of waking up voluntarily at 3am to go to the mall, feel my blood pumping when the doors opened, my blood boiling when someone tried to take the last of a much “needed” item on my list, and pure bliss when I knocked off zero items from my Xmas list but added tons of purchased items to my own closet!  Yes, the sequined clutches in 3 colors at ½ price were a must and so were the free PJ bottoms with minimum purchase from Express that were too big!  

I am happy to share that I have now been officially 2 years free from Black Friday shopping!  I say officially because my first year I cheated and tried to have my brother and sister shop for me while I had brunch with Honey instead but I kept texting them to see if they could buy stuff for me!  They weren’t too happy with that and neither was Honey sitting with a distracted wife!  So 2 years completely free from Black Friday shopping!!!  I am still a shopaholic but cutting out Black Friday has helped me to take one step back and see how much I was missing out on during Thanksgiving and post-Thanksgiving!  I am surrounded by love, joy, friendship, and so much more that I miss when I am running around like a crazy maniac trying to fight people away from my cart/arm full of goodies.

So how is this year different?!  Well, there have been changes made in my holidays for the past 2 years so why not the same for Kangaroo Mama’s blog?!  There will still be gifts (prizes to be more exact) and a contest but hopefully the contest will have us looking all around us at those we love, those we don’t know, the world that surrounds us, and the small, otherwise overlooked details in our lives!  

Kangaroo Mama is proud to announce the 2012 Holiday Photo Contest, which will start November 26th (yes, on Cyber Monday)! More details will follow in the weeks and month to come as we draw nearer to the date but stay tuned and start dusting off your cameras, take lots of photos because they could be winning photos during the contest!  Go get snappy!

If you are business owner and have products or services that you are looking to sponsor in this Holiday Photo Contest and/or our Holiday Guide, please
fill out this form here  for consideration as a sponsor.  All types of businesses will be considered as long as they are appropriate for sharing on a family-friendly blog.  A company logo, link and brief description will be included in the Sponsor post of the Holiday Photo Contest for those sponsoring in this event.  Sponsors will also be promoted via Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There is no minimum prize value to be included as a sponsor, however, the order of sponsors will be listed with the highest valued prize packages first down to the least. There will most likely be 4 photo categories that I am narrowing my ideas down to. Sponsors can incude a prize(s) in one photo category or all 4 but the choice with be Kangaroo Mama's to which category it will best fit into. This event will also be promoted by other blogs so you will have additional exposure through them. More information and details about the Holiday Photo Contest will be released later but sponsor submissions can be made starting now! You can find more information about the Kangaroo Mama's 2012 Holiday Guide here!

If you are a blogger or anyone with connections to different businesses, I am doing a referral bonus for the person (yes, you can be a non-blogger) that refers the most sponsors that ends up working with Kangaroo Mama on the Holiday Photo Contest and Holiday Guide combined.  The person with the highest number of combined sponsor referrals in the Holiday Photo Contest and Holiday Guide will receive $15 Paypal cash at the conclusion of the Holiday Photo Contest event!  All you have to do is let business owners or contacts know that Kangaroo Mama is now accepting sponsor submissions for the Holiday Photo Contest and Holiday Guide and ask them to fill out the following form for consideration:


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