The Christmas Angel Review & Giveaway-Ends 12/15

Wow, I can't believe it's December and I am writing a post that is Christmas related!  Time is flying by too fast.  So for the last 2 years, I have actually been looking into something like the Elf On The Shelf (EOTS), where kids can look forward to finding a surprise in the morning.  However, I never brought myself to make the purchase for one because I didn't like the message/purpose of the EOTS.  I didn't like that the elf was supposed to be Santa's messenger keeping tabs on children and if they were "good" they got gifts and if they were "bad" they didn't get anything.  I wanted Kiggster to behave not for gifts but because she loves and respects us.  Also, I hated thinking that EOTS always seemed to be a naughty elf who was checking up on all the kids but setting a bad example?!  So I was thinking of making the purchase this year but using the doll in my own way. Well, in searching for the right vendor to purchase it from, I came across The Christmas Angel and fell in love! The … [Read more...]

Kiggster Conquers The Zipline

Like I shared in my previous post, Kiggster has been taking gymnastics  at Junior Gym in San Mateo and she absolutely loves the zipline there! She went a whole month without knowing how to use it and the day I recorded her, figured it out after several attempts!  I loved seeing the joy on her face as she threw back her head and glided down the zipline!  She definitely teaches me lots of life lessons even though she is only 3.  Teaching me that even things that are fun can be difficult to master and if we give up too early, we may never experience the joy and reward that comes at the end!  Don't give up, try, try, and try again!!! Here is also another clip, more like a compilation of super fast forwarded clips from when she started gymnastics at the beginning of September. Do your kids take gymnastics?  Do you feel it has made them do more adventurous things or has it helped them be safer about their crazy moves? … [Read more...]

Peter & The StarCatcher: An Imagination-Filled Performance

I had actually watched the clip about Peter and The StarCatcher awhile back and knew I wanted to go see it when it came to San Francisco but it wasn't going to be for awhile.  So it wasn't until I received the invitation for the show that I remembered and I excitedly RSVP'd for the show.  I realized going to the show that I had no idea what I was getting myself into because all I really knew was that Peter and The StarCatcher was the prequel to Peter Pan.  So going into our blogger pre-show event, I was able to meet some of the cast for that night's show and find out what they enjoy about the show.I had no idea but Peter and The StarCatcher was  actually a show put on by only 12 cast members even though they play over a hundred characters.  Plus every song, noise, and sound effect is made by all the cast members and 2 musicians!  There is not many costume changes or elaborate sets but it calls the audience to use their imagination through the characters.  They use props but even those … [Read more...]

Happy 3rd Birthday Kiggster!

I can't believe this but Kiggster is 3 today!  It seemed like just yesterday that we found out we were pregnant and it was such a nice surprise to us.  Then on November 6, 2010 our teeny-tiny, cuddly, and super adorable firecracker was born!  She wasn't anything more than 6 pounds when she was born but now my little baby is 3 and though she still likes being carried, is no longer 6 pounds but closer to 30 pounds!  That was her when she was 2 weeks old, when even her premie onesies and cloth diapers were swimming on her!  Now she totally has her own opinions, wants to dress herself, enjoys painting, cutting with scissors, riding on ponies, swimming, singing, dancing, gymnastics, bounce castles, climbing, jumping off things, and just being super silly! I don't even know where all the time has gone and how she is already 3 but I love being able to spend more time with her at home watching her learn and grow.  I have such mixed feelings about her turning 3, I can't figure out whether or … [Read more...]

Cute DIY Bat Costume

So I shared about the costumes I had for Kiggster the last 2 years in my previous post.  We went to a Halloween party this past Friday and put her in one of her 2 costumes.  This year, she requested to be Princess Sophia and then not long after that, she requested to be a bat.  Since we were going to be attending a few Halloween events, I decided it was ok to have 2 costumes for her! First one she wore was... The Bat!  She was so excited when I first made her the wings.  I had found some nice velvet material at my mom's house and used a tutorial I found on Pinterest for DIY Bat Wings.  I think it turned out pretty nicely, despite my lack of reading and following directions!  I would have preferred them longer but I was still really happy with it and there seems to be no complaints from Kiggster! Oh and we love getting our faces painted too!  Why yes, that's a halloween bat and a "princess face" painted on her! Hope you all have a great time this Thursday! Happy Halloween!!! … [Read more...]

2013 Halloween Costume Contest

*Scroll below to see details about the Halloween Costume Contest* I wasn't always into Halloween and dressing up but ever since I've had Kiggster, it's made me motivated to become more creative with costumes and even dress up a little myself.  Her first year we dressed her up as a ladybug and I made her whole costume from the wings, tutu, and the trick-or-treat bag. Then her second year, we did 2 outfits because I couldn't resist.  I have to admit, I got both outfits on the cheap and didn't make them myself but she looked darn cute!  She was a cute witch by day and a blooming flower by night.  I did coordinate all our "costumes" for the flower costume.  I was the bug, Kiggster was the flower, and Honey was the gardener...hence the water bucket! This year, Kiggster has asked to be Princess Sophia and a bat!  I have got my hands full putting those 2 costumes together.  I will post an update once they are completed and she has modeled them both!  So with that, I'm happy to … [Read more...]

Wizard Of Oz Is Coming To San Francisco

 I remember watching Wizard of Oz as a child and thinking how badly I wanted sparkly red shoes!  There was so much to love about the Wizard of Oz, from the yellow brick road, Glinda the good witch, the Emerald City, and an unlikely group of individuals getting united!  So when I heard that Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wizard of Oz was going to be in town at the San Francisco's SHN Orpheum Theater, I knew I had to go see it!   It will be playing for 2 weeks only from October 16-27th so I am sure tickets will sell out fast for this show.   If you are a fan like me, you should definitely go check out the musical when it opens starting next Wednesday.  I can't wait to see it on opening night and  hope I will see many of you there too! You can buy tickets at or call in at 888-746-1799.  Tickets range from $45-$210.  For more information, visit the SHN website here or follow them via Facebook here. This posting was sponsored by SHN SF but the opinions stated in this posting are … [Read more...]

Kiggster’s 1st Day of Preschool: Mama Jitters & A Bento Lunch

OMG, when did Kiggster get old enough to start Preschool?!  Technically, she's not really starting Preschool Preschool but it's close enough.  I decided when I started staying home with Kiggster last year that I would also try to homeschool her.  I have no idea where to start with that but I figured if she was anything like me in personality and learning style, she would probably not be a "go-to-school" kinda girl.  She seems to love learning just through everyday life, our daily activities with tid bits infused into it.  She doesn't learning her numbers through me drilling it into her but rather through us singing songs in the car, counting the steps as we walk up and down flights of stairs, etc.  Now she knows her numbers and colors in two languages and even some in ASL and that was all through us living life.  I want her to love learning and not dread it.  I used to be an avid reader...up until there became required reading and I no longer loved it and haven't really been able to … [Read more...]

Update From Kiggster’s 2.5 Year Birthday

I know it's been  awhile since I've been back on my blog.  We were away for more than a month and then again for a week and a half this summer and now I can't believe summer is pretty much over!  Kiggster will be starting our PHC (Preschool Homeschooling Co-op) that I started with a couple women from my church so I hope to be able to have a little bit more "me-time" to do more posts, make more crafts, and maybe even do a giveaway or two too! So this summer, my sister moved to Hong Kong, if you remember from my previous posts.   Since she won't be around for Kiggster's birthday this year, I decided to celebrate early and do a Half birthday party.   I actually had been wanting to do that anyways because that meant her party could be in the summer and outdoors under the warm sun! Unfortunately, Gong-Gong (my dad) couldn't make it and so we were still missing someone in our family photo.  Though Kiggster still had tons of fun with my family!  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am … [Read more...]

Kiggster Update

I just realized that I hadn't written a post about Kiggster in a long time and she is growing and changing sooooo much that it would be a crime to not share more pictures of her.  Summer has barely begun and she's already been having a blast with parties and playtimes. She's gotten time with her cousins who she doesn't get to see often but every time she does see them, she doesn't want them to leave!  Can't you see why she has so much fun with them, they're total cuties!!! She loved playing dress up, putting on puppet shows, being silly, jumping off every object, spinning like crazy on a chair, and other insane acts they could think of.  I loved the picture of our 3 little see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil monkeys, can't believe they actually listened and let us take a picture of them! Kiggster has also taken to having a big brother and has enjoyed spending time with my future sister-in-law's little brother (I already think of her as my SIL even though her and my … [Read more...]

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