Avocado Mask

Can you guess what’s inside the bowl?!

So I did say that Friday was going to be the Kiggster’s 1st bite of solids right?!  We started with a super ripe avocado for her.  I had a video for this posting but once again, technology and I aren’t on good terms again!  So no video, just pictures.  If I can get the video working again, I’ll upload it at a later time.

You see the avocado there all mushed up on the side?!

 Ok back to what I was saying, we let her play with the avocado first, then cut it open to feed to her.  When we first cut it open, she just took her whole palm and grabbed right at the avocado.  But she didn’t put it in her mouth, just wanted to play with her food!  Then I took some in my finger and put it in her mouth.  She was quite weirded out by the food at first but then was ok with it.  I tried it again, but this time mashed into a bowl and fed to her with a spoon.  Still was kinda weirded out, but less than earlier. However, she was definitely more interested in the bowl that we were serving her avocado in than the avocado itself.

She had a good grip on the bowl!
What’s that green stuff?! It’s in the way!

When she started grabbing for the bowl, I thought she wanted all of the avocado I had in there, but then realized she just wanted to bite on the bowl!  Then I decided, she has to have a little candle with her avocado for her 6 month bday!

Huh?!  What’s that sticking out of the green thing?!

Eh, I like my bowl better!

Peace to all my peeps out there!

Are you still here?!

Mommy, I think the candle is melting!

Yup, Mommy’s still going w/the camera!

So Honey and I ended up blowing out her candle for her.  She wasn’t very interested in her birthday candle-she never once tried to lean forward or reach for it…good thing!  I’m sure the time will come soon when she’ll want to blow a candle out every single day for fun!  When we went to clean her up afterwards, she even ended up getting a little avocado in her hair!  She was so cute.

You know you wanna kiss me!!! MUAH

High Five anyone?!

Post-feeding damage…not too bad for a 1st time!

 So that was our first feeding!  We haven’t tried again over the weekend ’cause it was so busy but maybe zucchini tonight?!  Tomorrow will be our Mother’s Day update!!!


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