Awesome 2012 Women’s Day Events

Wow, it's that time of year again to celebrate being a woman!!!  Well, it deserves a daily celebration, hourly in fact!  If you've been following Kangaroo Mama for awhile now, you'll remember last year when I shared a posting about the 2011 Women's Day event called "A Life Worth Living."  It's an annual event hosted by my church, Bay Area Christian Church (BACC) and there are several of these events going on throughout the Bay Area (that's in California)!  Each year, the San Francisco event has close to 400 women in attendance, so many that we actually max out the occupancy limits at the last several event locations we've rented.  This year, we've even gone with a bigger location, with a catered dinner!  

This year's theme is "Stronger" and the theme scripture is from Psalm 138:3

On the day I called to you, you answered me. You made me strong and brave.  ~Psalm 138:3

Here's a blurb from the flyer:

As women, we desire a life of purpose and vision as well as the strength to overcome its challenges. Join us for our 2012 Women's Day as we learn how to become resilient through a relationship with God and deep friendships.  Discover what it truly means to be Stronger!

I just realized that my very first Women's Day was in San Diego in 2002 so I am going to be attending my 10th Women's Day!  Wow, that's how much I love it!  I will definitely be going to the San Francisco event so that's the one I'll be highlighting the most but there are actually 6 other Women's Day events going on throughout the Bay Area from the month of April through May.  You can read about and see pictures (well, mostly pictures of Kiggster) of 2011's Women's Day event here.  Below is a snapshot of all the event dates and locations or view there here, the first one will be happening tomorrow:

You might be wondering, what type of women and what ages are these events catered towards?!  I can tell you, EVERY type of woman at every age and all walks of life!  The last two events that say "Y" are geared towards "Youth" so those would be pre-teen and teen girls but all the other events are for everyone.  When you come, you won't see just one dominant race or one dominant age group but it is a wide variety and mixed crowd!  Even the middle school girls have their own tables that they absolutely love decorating and preparing for.  Since it's hosted by our church, Bay Area Christian Church (BACC), the women in the church all work together planning, coordinating, decorating, entertaining and serving for the events.  Even some of the men in the church get involved by ushering outside to help guide women in, find their tables,  serve food, and sometimes even find parking for the elderly/disabled.  It will feel like family from the moment you walk in 

At the event, there will be inspiring speakers, amazing performers (singers, dancers, etc), engaging table discussions, fun prizes, good food, and lasting friendships that will be built through the event!  I know I need my "girl time" and being so busy all the time, this is a great reason to take some time away to spend with women who understand what it means to go through challenges, listen without judgement, and know how to have fun together!  I would love the opportunity to meet some of you at the event if any of you live nearby!  If you do register online here to come to one of the Women's Day events, it will ask who invited you for seating purposes…you can let them know Kathy (Kangaroo Mama).  I would love to sit with you all and get to know you beyond our digital interactions, blog comments, Facebook likes, or Twitter tweets!  Let's take the chance to build deeper friendships together and make some new friends while getting inspired to find strength in overcoming our challenges!  Leave me a comment on this posting or email me (use the contact form) if you decide to come!

Sponsor Opportunities Available: Also, since there will be prizes at all the events, if any of you business or blog owners out there would like to sponsor the event, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can include your products/services!  We are looking for a variety of items, anything from pamper baskets, gift cards, family activity packages, hotel stays, candles, makeup, accessories, stationary…anything women enjoy doing, eating, owning, etc.  All donations will be tax deductible.  Letters and Tax ID will be provided upon receipt of items.  We appreciate your support!

***Note: This event will be scripture based and speakers will be referring to the Bible during the event.  However, women who have attended in the past of all religions, denominations, and even those who did not believe in God have found the event enjoyable, inspiring in different areas of their lives, and an event where they could enjoy the company of many women!***


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