Baby Alligator

I totally forgot to share this earlier but we have a baby alligator on our hands!  So each day, I try to wipe Kiggster’s gums with a wet washcloth to make sure she doesn’t have the potential for cavities once her teeth come in.  It seems like she’s been teething for a million ages, alright since she was 3 months old, but no teeth.  Well, a couple days ago, I felt something…just a little sharp edge, but it wasn’t obvious, I had to feel it a couple times to make sure it was a little tooth.  Last night, that little sharp edge was apparent!  I could really feel it now, except she won’t let me take a look at it because everytime I try to open her mouth, she just sticks out her tongue instead or tries to suck my finger!  It’s a pretty sharp little tooth coming up-don’t get your finger stuck in that mouth!  I’ll work on getting pictures of that tooth but for now, I haven’t even seen how it looks like, only been able to feel it. 



This is her at Tai-Po/Tai-Gong’s house gummin’ on a mustard green-putting that emerging baby tooth into practice!  Honey and I were thinking about what foods we’ve introduced to her that she hasn’t liked…we’ve concluded that she hasn’t really met one she hasn’t gotten along with!  That is of course in terms of real foods that don’t come from a can or a jar!  I was told previously that I had to feed her baby oatmeal and not the regular steel cut oats grinded so I tried it for one feeding and she hated it but loved the real stuff.  I tried the stuff from a can and it barely tastes like real oatmeal.  That was the only jar/canned food that’s she’s had since.  She’s even had a plum straight from the tree and loved it! 

Speaking of plums straight from the tree, Yan-Yan’s Garden is doing REALLY well!  Remember how it looked like before?

The plot filled w/weeds when we acquired it!

After Honey’s hard work, it was cleared!

 Almost 2 months later…

Can you see all those strawberry plants?!

Tomatoes are the tall ones behind the strawberries!

Down at the corner are the summer squash!

 Look a nice red strawberry!  Needs a tiny bit more time before it’s completely ripe, but hopefully we can harvest some soon!

Here are our sugar snap peas starting to climb their way up to the trellis.  Two of the snap peas (each of them are spaced apart the same amount) decided to marry each other and got intertwined.  I tried to separate them but they’re tied together good…no divorce!  Hehee our plants are in love, sweet!
We had some of what we thought were lettuce but now that they’ve grown bigger, we realize that it’s chard!  So now we have some chard growing too!  YEAH, our garden is thriving!

So remember the foam blocks I talked about yesterday?!  I put one together for the Kiggster to play with and she loves it.  She pushes the letters in (accidently) and then likes to reach inside for them…and eat them!




She likes her cube both for playing and for chewing!  So I just have to show a picture of this toy that we got from a garage sale.  It’s super cute and was only $3 so we had to get it.  However, since getting it, it’s acted kinda wierd towards me.

Don’t be fooled by those innocent dairy cow eyes, they’re very judgy!  It’s suppose to make noise everytime you push it, however, it’s been making noise everytime I walk near it!  Everytime I walk by it, it goes, “Moo” and then proceeds to play this hoky music.  As if I don’t feel like enough of a dairy cow, this toy has to remind me everyday!  *sigh*  Ok that was my vent of the day!

Kiggster likes to help with grocery shopping and is kind of a control freak…


She was pushing the cart and when we tried to pry her fingers away, it was like they were super-glued on!  She would pull the cart towards herself or push it away.  She hasn’t got the steering down quite yet so it veers off to the sides rather than going straight ahead (or some may say it’s because she’s an Asian female driver)!  I can’t wait for her to get to push her own cart at Trader Joe’s (they have those mini ones for kids) and I’ll get to take lots of pictures of it!  Wait, maybe I should put her in the mini cart and take a picture now, ok next trip!

So tomorrow morning, Kiggster’s going on her very first airplane ride!  We’re going LA for a wedding so good thing the trip is only a short 1 hour-ish flight so if anything goes south (hehehe we are going south), then people only have to endure it for at most an hour!  But I’m so excited, I’m gonna have to keep her 1st plane ticket (ok, just a pass ’cause we’re too cheap to pay for her own seat).  We’re gonna end up bringing all her cloth diapers with us for the trip but it still won’t be enough so we have to do some laundry while we’re there…how do you think people will feel about our dirty diapers tainting their washing machine?!  I may not be able to post the rest of this week, but maybe I can steal someone’s laptop or something to blog!  Wish us luck… Bon Voyage!!!


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