Baby Contest-Which Photos?!

Yes, I’m posting twice today but the previous ones were pictures you haven’t seen and the ones here are mostly pictures that you’ve seen previously.  I need to submit to the baby contest probably this weekend or Monday-time is tickin’!  Ok, so I’ve boiled down to some photos (more than 6) and I’ll need your help choosing which ones to submit into the contest.  Let me know which 6 are your favorites and put them in the order of preference!

Picture #1:

Picture #2:

Picture #3:

Picture #4:

Picture #5:

Picture 5A

Picture 5B

Picture 5C

Picture #6:

Picture 6A

Picture 6B

Picture 6C

Picture 6D

Picture 6E

Picture 6F

Picture 6G

Picture 6H

Picture #7:

Picture #8:

 Picture #9:

 Picture #10:

Ok, what do you all think?!  Which 6?


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