Baby Lawn Mower

OMG, I was reminded  that it’s Kiggster’s 8 month old bday TODAY!  Can’t believe I forgot…good thing the day wasn’t over yet-there was still time to celebrate!

Who knew that at such a young age, Kiggster is already putting her skills to use.  We recently discovered that she loves “mowing the lawn.”  Honey brought her to Golden Gate Park last week for a nice stroll and some basking in the rare SF sun.  He sat her down in the nice green grass filled with little white flowers and she proceeded to pull everything in sight!  Of course, all the while looking oh-so-adorable!




The grass is so unbelievably green in those pictures, almost looks fake!  She even started putting grass in her mouth-before you freak out thinking, “OMG, she lets her daughter eat grass?!” I must say, a little dirt never hurt-helps build her immune system!  At least that’s what I’m gonna keep telling myself until I’m proven otherwise.  Then this weekend, we went to visit Po-Po and Gong-Gong at their house.  They were still out buying fireworks so we sat on their lawn waiting for them-it’s rare in their neighborhood to have enough sun to be outside!



She had a lot of fun pulling up their grass here and every time the wind blew the leaves would rustle and she would look up at the leaves on a nearby tree-curious of the noise!

Aqua Girl:
So you’re probably wondering how her 1st swimming class went last Saturday!  She missed her morning nap that day so she wasn’t her normal cheerful and bubbly self.  When we got there, everyone getting into the pool was required to “shower” first, I guess to prepare you for some cold water.  Even though the pool is heated to about 80 degrees, it’s still cold compared to our body temp.  So I turned on the shower and while holding her, I spun in circles around the water.  She just giggled as we “showered” together before class.  Then when we went into the water, even though it was freezing to me, she was not phased by the water temperature.  She didn’t laugh, cry, complain, or even flinch when she hit water.  There were quite a few other parents and babies in our Tiny Tadpoles class ranging from 6 months to 2 years of age.  There was one little boy that was the same age as Kiggster and he definitely didn’t like being in the water-he cried the whole class and then some.



That was us before the swimming class-someone’s all ready to hit the water.  Doesn’t she look super cute in her adorable ruffled swimsuit?!  Thanks Ngin-Ngin for our new suit!  Unfortunately, Honey only got to capture a few pictures of the beginning of the class because for some reason they required the parents to go and watch a safety video that lasted the full length of the class, making him completely miss her first swimming experience!  Can you tell I wasn’t happy about that?!  *sigh*  At least he’ll get to go in the water with her this Saturday!


We sang different songs while kicking their feet in the water, having them splash the water with their hands, blowing bubbles in the water while floating on the tummy (assisted of course), floating on their backs, and then even a dip underwater!  So I personally found that blowing bubbles in the water is much harder than it sounds, how’s Kiggster supposed to learn to do it?!  I think it was a swim lesson for me too since at my current young age, I still haven’t mastered swimming (I can float and do the lazy people’s backstroke)!  For the underwater dunk, we were told to blow on their face and then dunk them in really quickly.  With all these exercises, she wasn’t even scared of them.  She didn’t laugh like she would have if she was well-rested but she didn’t complain.  She was just chillin’ while I messed around with her in the water.  Even when her mouth caught some pool water, she simply spit out the water and made a face like she wanted to tell me how weird the water tasted!  She was a trooper though-made it through the full 30 minute class!  The mommy next to us kept looking at Kiggster saying, “She’s so darn cute,” and “OMG, she’s so cute it’s driving me crazy!”  Kiggster can’t help being a source of distraction everywhere she goes!



I think Kiggster is gonna end up learning to swim before I do…sad but true!  Maybe I should just wait for her to teach me!  Ok, time to go to sleep now…seems like I start my postings during the day but don’t get to finish them until the next day (past midnight)!  Good night everyone!!!


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