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Ok so today isn’t really going to be a post with pictures and videos, didn’t have time last night to download the photos onto the blog.  I know, bummer!  BUT, I need your help!  I want to enter the Kiggster into the Parents magazine contest for 2011 Parents Cover Contest and also Kid of the Year!  I will need to upload 6 photos of the Kiggster and they all need to be taken within 1 month of submission time.  With my crappy camera, I think I only have a handful of unblurry good quality photos to upload and choose from.  But what were your favorites that got you oohing and awwing all day long?  I think I missed the 1 month window to use everyone’s favorite…

I’m so sad, that was one of my favorites too!  I’m not sure what to do…I guess I’ll have to try to take some more photos of her this weekend.  Should I just leap into buying a dSLR at Costco this weekend so I can take some nice photos of her and then if I don’t like the camera, just return it?!  I still haven’t decided what camera to get yet and what I’m willing to spend and which is worth it…you think after like 5 years I would have figured it out by now but it’s a lot harder than you think!  *sigh* I hate my crappy camera!

Alright, if any of you have uber cute pictures of the Kiggster from this one month window, please send them my way and let me know if you remember me taking any worth submitting!  Cute picture ideas are welcome, but they can’t involve props that I have to buy!  Once I enter her in the contest, I’ll need your help voting for her and spreading the word about her cuteness and having everyone you know vote for her too!!! 


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