Baby Picasso

Ok so the videos that took me forever to upload! This is part 1  of the video, Kiggster just knows when the mamarazzi has the camera on & won’t show off her new skills! Actually it was the Honey paparazzi behind the camera this time!  We were trying to tempt her to do her butt scoot-stomp by putting things she finds interesting in front of her…but out of her reach!  Didn’t work too well on her!  Oh and do you notice she still has the highlighter?!  During the last few seconds of the video she does her butt stomp, but not the scoot!

So then in part 2, she did it for like a few seconds, just a little teaser!  Can you tell she loves sitting Indian style like mama?!  I’m so mean, I kept taking things and moving it farther away so that she would do her butt scoot-stomp but she was on her own timing and agenda!  Or I would move her!

Ok for the part 3 finale, she finally did it!  So when she is trying to get something out of her reach, she likes to sit back up like she’s regrouping herself, then take her hand and stretch it high above her head or way behind her and try again.  The amazing thing is, it usually works!  So we put three thins in front of her: highlighter, phone, and a bowl.  We told her to choose her destiny…like that one Jet Li movie and he made his son choose…kungfu or books!  So between all three videos, she’s chosen all three paths!  That would make her a chatty (phone) knowledgeable (highlighter) foodie (bowl)!!!!

So last Saturday, Honey and I went to the Birth and Baby Fair in Fort Mason and saw some pretty fun stuff.  Too bad we got there kinda late so we missed a lot of the stands.  There was one stand that I had to go and see…We Can Too Art because they have edible art supplies that are made from real fruit and veggies!  I want her to be able to paint, color, and play with chalk but not with the normal store-bought, toxic junk so when I found We Can Too, I was ecstatic to hear that their products are made with food, and colored from the fruits and veggies
themselves-not food coloring!  Here’s Kiggster making her very 1st masterpiece…

She’s meditating for inspiration!



It started off slow at first on the finger painting but then she started playing with her paint brush full of yellow paint.  Then she got to the blue paint that was right up next to it.  I then switched the paper around to the red and orange and her hands were all over the paint by then and she’d gotten a hang of it!


Although, I think she got a lot more paint on her bib than the paper but it was still fun for her and I didn’t have to stop her from exploring and afraid that she would put her hand in her mouth in the process!  Then when we were all done with paints, we were onto chalks and crayons…


Here’s her finished masterpiece that’s now hanging up in her room…
The creator of We Can Too Art actually has a video of her finger painting but I will have to wait for her to send it to me before I can post it!  ***July 27, 2011 Update: The We Can Too Art video can be viewed on this posting, scroll all the way to the bottom of the posting!****  Any fun 4th of July plans?!  Oh, I am so excited for tomorrow morning because Kiggster is going to her very 1st swim class!  I wanted to enroll her when she was 3 months old but my MIL didn’t want it that early and wanted it when she turned 2.  I compromised at 1 year because she will be around water well before 2 years old and she needed to learn to become familiar and comfortable around water before then.  We recently were near Westmoor High School and I just wanted to stop in to check out their new swimming pool.  I guess my Jedi mind-tricks worked on my MIL ’cause she said that Kiggster was totally ready for swim classes and that we should sign her up.  I was caught off guard ’cause those sounded like words from my own mouth, but I was so happy that she finally agreed with me!  Kiggster’s Ngin-Ngin (my MIL) even sponsored her swim classes and got her a swimsuit-Thank you!  Can’t wait until I can share her pictures and experience with you all afterwards!  Well, I guess her class is really today since this is being posted after midnight! Good nite now!


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