Baby Push-Ups!

So on Friday before I went to work, the Kiggster did something new!  She must have known I was feeling sad about missing out on everything new she’s been doing and decided to save this one just for Honey and I to see before I left for work.  Whenever we used to have her”sitting” up by herself, she would kind of fall over on the sides OR lean forward to the point she’s on her tummy and can’t get back up.  Well, on Friday, we had her sitting up on the bed and when she leaned to the right side, she used her right hand to keep herself from falling over.  Then when she leaned forward to play with her toes (yup, she loves them toes), she didn’t fall over  but instead used both arms to push herself back up to sitting position!  Whoa, when did this happen?  I asked Honey if she’s been doing that lately and he said that was the first time he’d seen it too!  I was so amazed at how much she’s been growing and how strong she’s gotten!  On Friday she’s gonna be 6 months, can you believe how fast it’s been passing by?!  If you think it’s fast for you, it’s even faster for Honey and I.  It seemed like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant, but we blinked and she was born and then we blinked again and now she’s gonna be six months old!  She’s quite the talker right now and loves to play with her spit-she thinks everything is super funny!

See I can lean forward!

AND look cute at the same time!


Then sit back up & give you the serious baby stare!

Then back down again!

I can multi-task: Play, lean forward, and try to make fish lips!


Ohhh, yummy blankie!

I guess I can share, you want some too?!

I’m making spit bubbles just for you!

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