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So I finally updated one of the older postings with a video…

It’s been a pretty crazy week so far-full of events!  Well, work hasn’t been a walk in the park either so of course the week seems even crazier.  But we had a good time seeing Kiggster’s Kow Foo graduate with his Master’s Degree!  She was such a good girl during the driving, sitting through the extra long ceremony, and even for most of the drive back (nope not the whole way back but most of it)!

Honey & Kiggster waiting patiently for Kow Foo to walk across the stage…

Is that Kow Foo?!

No, not yet….

 Then after 3 hours, Kow Foo finally gets to walk across the stage and here we are getting ready to go outside for some photos:


I know you’re asking whether or not those baby shades are absolutely necessary and the answer is YES!  Those precious little eyes need to be protected from the sun and to help prevent cataracts!  They’re the Baby Banz and Kiggster wants to thank her Yee-Yee for subsidizing this awesome purchase!  What’s a graduation without some pictures…


With all those pictures, you’d think it was the Kiggster graduating and not Jason!  You know what?!  I don’t have any pictures of the Kiggster with Gong-Gong!  Hmm, hope Jason has some on his camera ’cause she was super cute that day! 
Wait, maybe she was graduating that day…


She’s a serious graduate!

Look at that silly Kow Foo slowly starting to creep into her grad photos!





She’s just too cute not to be photographed…but you already knew that!  Hope you enjoyed our graduation day.  Oh, lemme know if you think any of the above photos should be included in the photo contest.  I am cropping and fixing up the pictures so I they be “contest-ready!”  Maybe this Thursday or something I will submit them in.  Jason, you better send me some cute photos if you have any on your camera from Thursday!


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