Baby Seal

I forgot to share yesterday a cute chalk drawing that Honey did in Lucy & Erick’s backyard last weekend…

 He was so cute drawing it.  I wanted to put Kiggster next to the drawing and take some pics but we didn’t really have time that whole weekend with all the activities going on.  Well, because of all those activites and our late Sunday flight, I had taken off from work that Monday to give myself time to recoop.  Good thing because I don’t think I woke up until around 10:30 that morning and that never happens, not even on the weekends!  After we were all (yup, all 3 of us) rested up, we headed out to enjoy our day.  Since we didn’t get our LA beach day, we were going to enjoy it back here in the Bay Area!  Of course the beaches aren’t the same, not as nice and sandy, but we were going to make sure it was still a great 1st time beach experience for the Kiggster!

At Moss Beach to scope out some harbor seals!


I hadn’t planned on letting her sit or play in the sand.  I was thinking we’d just sit on a blanket but both Honey and I thought, what the heck, lets just do it!  She loved the sand so much!

She was amazed by the sound of the crashing waves!

She loved touching the sand…

Then grabbing hands full of it and holding it…

And curling her toes into the sand too…

She liked taking those hands full of sand and dropping it on Honey and I like she was giving it to us as a gift!


You can’t tell but the cones behind her are to keep people from going any further to disturb the harbor seals.  There were so many of them-big and small (actually the baby seals were still kinda big)!


She totally was enjoying our beach day and luckily it wasn’t too cold.  There was a little wind but lots of sun for us to enjoy!


Kiggster watching the sand fall from my hand…

 She likes climbing on Daddy & sharing sand with him too!


 Of course a family sandy-feet picture is needed!

Here’s a baby seal peeping up from the water!
It was so nice to have that relaxing time at the beach together after a busy weekend and be able to introduce the sand to the Kiggster in a calm and low-key environment.  I think we truly have an adventurous baby in our hands because I don’t think there’s anything (food/activity) that we’ve introduced to her that she hasn’t enjoyed!  Now I just have to worry about the day she asks me to take or allow her to go skydiving or get a tattoo!  Well, I did sneak on a rollercoaster without my parents’ knowledge or blessing in 4th grade (around 9 years old) because they wouldn’t let me go on one!  I guess I was kind of a rebel myself so if she’s got my blood, I’m in trouble but hopefully Honey’s good blood got mixed in to balance it all out!  

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