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Wow it’s been awhile since I’ve posted!  Life has been on the fast lane lately…actually on the fast lane and running behind schedule for me!  I’ve been swamped at work and then on my “down-time” I’ve been using every spare minute to make holiday gifts.  I am so behind on them and the clock is ticking…way too fast in my opinion!  But I am grateful that this week, Honey and I get to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary together (with Kiggster) in Angel’s Camp.  What I didn’t realize is that we’d have no cell phone reception or internet access.  I have to use the computers at the front desk for internet access…then several days into our trip, I realized I could get free internet access in our room because we were members!  Oh well, I shouldn’t be online anyways but enjoying our time together as a family.  It’s been so nice to get away, see all the Christmas decorations, and have nothing on our schedules but time with each other.

Kiggster is definitely growing up fast, she now says, “Daddy” and she likes to say it a lot.  But I have to post the accompanying video because she says it really funny and with a high pitched voice…super duper cute!  She also likes to say,”Mama” and some form of “Hi” and “Bye” but those two aren’t consistent.  I think I heard her say “bubble” today but can’t be sure ’cause it just kinda sounded like it the couple times she said it but may just be her baby babble!  She totally knows when she’s doing something she should…like when she knows she shouldn’t touch something, she looks at us first, waits for us to say “No” and then proceeds to touch it.  Or she knows paper and tissues shouldn’t go in the mouth but she will look at us with the paper next to her mouth, wait for us to say “Not for eating” and then touches it on her lips and laughs…where does she get this naughtiness from?!  Can’t be from me!

We realize Kiggster loves her meat and in every form: beef, pork, chicken, fish…you name it, she eats it!  She eats her veggies too but has become more selective lately on what stays in her mouth.  I think she really likes artichoke hearts (but so do I), she loves squashes, and lately loves to walk around gnawing on an apple!  If you find an apple she’s been working on, Honey likes to describe it as “Looks like it got attacked by a swarm of bees” because there are all these tiny little scrape marks throughout the apple from her little teeth!

Ok, I know this is a photo from Thanksgiving but it’s too cute to not share again!  Plus I haven’t had time to download pictures yet.  Just a warning, because Christmas a week plus some change away, I may have to put blogging on hold until post-Christmas so I can finish up gifts, send holiday cards (yup, they’ll be late now…should have made them New Year’s cards), and just breathe!  Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season and can’t wait to share with you all that’s been going on this month…I have a lot to share still but thought I would at least share a few Kiggster updates for now.  Happy Holidays!!!


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