Baby Update

Honey & the Kiggster before the Dr.  arrived

So I’m WAAAAY behind on my postings but what the heck, I haven’t really told anyone about this blog yet anyways (only 2 people) so I guess I can be late right?!  Well, today was the dreaded 4 month old check-up with the Kiggster’s pediatrician.  She is supposed to get 4 vaccination shots…well, we cheated and went with the combo shots instead.  We figured if the Canadians have guinea-pigged it for us for over a decade, it should be safe enough for the Kiggster.  So instead of 4 horrible shots, she gets 2 miserable ones instead.  These are the same ones she got for her 2 month old visit so we’d done it once before . . . it was miserable.  I nursed her while she got the shots, which helped cushion the pain a little-distract her with some food & cuddles.  But she got a reaction to one of the shots last time on her right leg (comes to find out it was the combo 3 in 1 shot) and it was flaming red and she was in so much pain.  We were at such a lose last time because we were expecting a fever and mild pain but she looked and sounded like someone had just sawed off the leg.  Her clothes hurt to the touch, it hurt to move it, and she would look at you with those sad puppy eyes while crying hysterically, like she was wondering why you couldn’t make it feel better.

Well, we made it through today’s visit but we had to wait close to 2 hours for the pediatrician to get to us.  There was another crying baby I think getting shots in the the room across from us.  So I felt sick just waiting-it made me even more anxious ’cause I just wanted to get it over with!  So I nursed her again this time, hoping she wouldn’t kick and scream like crazy.  The first shot came and went, I didn’t even know it happened because she didn’t cry at all!  YEAH!  She just squinted her eyes a little and continued nursing happily.  Well, the second shot didn’t go over as smoothly but wasn’t too bad.  She cried a little and then went back to nursing, all the while still sobbing a little.  Right now she’s sleeping and it’s been an hour and a half since her appointment-I hope this time around she’ll be doing much better.  Just giving her lots of cuddle time so she knows that we’re still here for her!

Oh I forgot to mention, they took height and weight for her today . . . she’s a whopping 13 1/2 lbs!  Wow, she’s been doing a really nice climb up the percentile charts.  When she was born, she was in the 10th percentile, then 2 months ago she was in the 30th, then now 2 months later, she is around the 45th percentile!  No wonder it feels like so much more work carrying her around . . . especially carrying her in her carseat!  Since we’re Asian, she’s still short but a growing munchkin though-she grew another 2 inches and is staying consistently in the 25th percentile!  There have been lots of new developments since the last posting about Kiggy, so I will do a separate post on that…


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