Baby’s First Haircut…Disaster!


Before Haircut

Ok so as you’ve seen lately, Kiggster’s hair has gotten really long and it’s totally extended down to her nose!  So we’ve been thinking about how to trim them, should we go somewhere, should we do it ourselves, what type of scissors (paper, fabric, scrapbook pattern j/k), how much to trim, etc.  Then on Thursday night, right before we were going to give her a bath, we decided to try and sit her down on a stool for her very first haircut!  Well, let’s just say she was a little antsy to play, run around and get her bath started.  So haircut mission aborted!

Hair Today...

Come Friday morning, Kiggster comes over to me with a book while I am in the bathroom so I read her book with her for a little bit.  While we were reading, Honey took that as his opportunity to be Kiggster’s personal barber/stylist.  He grabs the scissors sitting nearby that had one broken handle and blunt blades and grabbed a chunk of her hair and tried to snipe it off!  *GASP*  Before I could even tell him it was too much, it was gone and I was in shock!  I think my stomach cringed!  I know they always say that hair grows back and I tell myself that all the time too but somehow it seemed different when it’s applied to a baby!  So now, she’s missing a nice chunk of her hair and it’s not the natural, wispy, pixie look she had anymore but instead she has one that I thought looked worse than the bowl cut!  I think it made me sad to cut her hair because it took so long for it to grow out and then snip, it’s gone!  Well, I think her and I will live but lately we’ve been asked by many if she’s gotten a haircut and I can’t tell if that’s a good thing or a bad thing!  On Saturday, when I was in front of the mirror with Kiggster, she looked at herself in the mirror and had this confused and weird look, then pointed at her hair!  Daddy, I think she wants a refund!!!

Gone Tomorrow!

Although, Honey does have a fan.  At church, another mom asked if Kiggster got a haircut and then proceeded to ask if Honey would cut her daughter’s hair!  I think I gave her the “are you joking” look and she said she loved it and thought he did a great job!  Hmmmm, what do you think?!

After Haircut

Well, after 3 days, I think it’s growing on me though and I’m getting used to looking at Kiggster with her new do!  I think Kiggster’s haircut brought back bad memories of my haircuts that have gone wrong in my past.  Ones where more than 18 inches were lopped off without my permission, a boy cut I didn’t ask for, bangs gone wrong…I’m really glad hair grows back!  Do you have any of those bad haircut memories?!

Maybe looking at it up-close makes it look worse!

Looks better here but maybe 'cause she's actually smiling!



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