Baby’s Firsts

Wow, she’s had a busy week this past week!

So on Friday, Honey took her on her very first public transportation ride: BART!  I realized that in order for her to get on a plane next week (even as a lap infant), we needed her birth certificate.  So off Honey and Kiggster went to the birth certificate office to get a copy of one…I know 8 months later but it’s much more time consuming than one would think going to a government-run office.  So here’s them getting ready for that trek…


 I guess she liked my headband a lot!  I’m actually working on making her some cute ones-hope I can do it!!!  So when they came home, I asked if BART was too loud for her (sometimes in the tunnels, it’s loud for me).  He said, “She seemed unimpressed by the ride!” Well, BART is kinda dingy and dirty so nothing too fun or great about it…

 Here’s them after they received their official copy of the birth certificate!  She’s official-it’s on paper!!!

I looked like such a beautiful day out for an outing…wish I could have been there with them.  Honey said she was such a good girl, being carried around the Bjorn carrier with no complaints the whole day!

So what other firsts you ask?!  Satuday she had THREE!  But I’ll only share one of them today (I’ll save the other two for tomorrow).  So I knew I didn’t want to transition her from a bottle to a sippy cup to a toddler cup to a big girl cup to a …whatever else they’re marketing out there these days!  Since she drinks from a bottle right now with Honey but nurses when I’m with her, I wanted to go straight from a bottle to a regular cup so we didn’t have to wean her from any more things than we needed to.  I tried a cup but our adult cups were still too big by the time it tilted and got to her mouth, it was all over her clothes too.  So I decided a straw was best for her since she could learn to use that until adulthood.  To help her feel comfortable with straws, whenever we were at restaurants, I would put my finger over the straw to draw up a little water and put the straw in her mouth.  I wouldn’t let go of my finger so that she could feel there was liquid in there and suck because it wasn’t going to come automatically.

 A couple weeks ago, I gave her the straw in a cup (big cup and big straw) to try drinking from and since it was a clear straw, you could see her trying to suck up the water.  The water would go up and down, up some more, then down, and then towards the end, you saw the liquid go all the way up and then she was a little shocked by the water.  It was so cool to see that.  But we knew that the big cup & big straw thing just wouldn’t work-it was too much work for her and she might easily give up trying.  So I was in search of small straws and small cups.  I tried cutting my own straws and giving her the end that was uncut (the cut end is still kinda sharp) but realized that she didn’t want to drink from the uncut end.  She would pick up the straw and flip it to the cut end and put that end in her mouth.  It accidently brushed against her face with some pressure and left a couple red marks on there!  That was the end of homemade short straws!  I didn’t like the straw kids cups out there because they would be hard to clean the straws and hard to replace.  I actually had 2 from Tommy Tippee and they were so hard to drink from-even for adults, yup I tried!  So I just wanted a regular straw but short!  So I was in Starbucks on Saturday morning and they were giving away sample drinks in these tiny cups with tiny straws…*lightbulb moment!*  So I asked the cashier if they cut their own (it wasn’t sharp on either end) or have specially made short straws.  They said both but this time they actually had some specially made ones.  I asked them for some and they actually gave me a handful!!!! I was so excited, when we got home that night, we tried it out right away!  I used a glass dipping sauce dish as a cup because it was nice and short and used it with the new straw.  I held the straw up against her lip.  Since the straw was green, I couldn’t see the liquid moving but we used chilled water so all of a sudden, I felt my fingers get cold and realized that she was drinking!  Then my fingers got wet and I realized she was sucking up faster and a lot more than she could drink so it was coming back out of her mouth!  We were a proud mama & papa that night-she seemed really happy to learn this new trick!  Now I just need to find a good to-go cup so that we can bring around with us.  I think I found one from Panera but I’m missing their lids…I’m due for a Panera visit!  They’re actually kinda tiny so it would be perfect, I just hope it fits the straw perfectly!  So there you go, that was my cheap/free baby cup alternative!  I hope she can continue practicing drinking from a straw and master this new skill!!!  I’ll have to take a picture next time of it but that night we were so excited, we didn’t want to leave her to grab a camera!  Hang tight for tomorrow’s posting!


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