Beware: Asian Female Baby Driver!

Honey and I love taking Kiggster to the library in Visitacion Valley.  I would carry her and walk over to the library-it was a nice walk for me and it’s like carrying weights while walking!  This last time though because now she’s probably around 17+lbs, I took her in the stroller and did some walking/jogging over to the library.  The librarians there love her!  There are 2 ladies and 2 male librarians and whenever they see me, even when she’s not with me, they ask how she’s doing and when she’ll be coming in again! We check out like 20+ books each time we go, Honey and I decided it’s much better than buying books.  We’re excited about tomorrow’s Grand Opening for Visitacion Valley’s new library location! It looks awesome and huge so more books for us to choose from hopefully.  This last time when we were at the library, all the librarians were calling each other to look at Kiggster because when I looked down, she was sitting back in her stroller seat with one let hiked up on the side rail like she was chill-axing, then she just flashed me a smile!  So cute, but didn’t get out my camera quick enough for a pic, but at least everyone got some laughs from it.

So on our way back from the library last week, an older later stopped us and said, “Wow, so cute!”  I said thank you and Kiggster flashed a huge smile at her and the old lady said, “Look at that, you’re already gonna be a lady killer, so charming!”  OMG, she just called my daughter a lady killer thinking she was a boy!  *sigh*  I guess I see why parents pierce their daughter’s ears at a young age, dress them in head to toe pink, and put bows and headbands on them!  Oh well, I didn’t correct her, I just thanked her again (for calling my beautiful daughter a boy) and kept walking home.  On our way home, she fell asleep-looking oh so very peaceful…



I couldn’t help myself, I had to take a picture of her cute little feet and toes.  Aren’t they adorable?!  I love how the toes look so huge likee little round gumdrops and then they taper down to a tiny heel!  Oh I miss them already, I love kissing her little feet!  Whenever I kiss her feet, she likes to curl her toes up against my face…so cute!!!

So last Saturday, we drop to Monterey for Henry’s 4th birthday party at Dennis the Menace Park.  It was a lot of fun for the kids and even the weather cooperated.  One of Amy’s friends learned how to make balloon animals 2 days before…off YouTube videos!  Gotta love YT!  I’ve learned some things off YT also and I have to say, there’s nothing you can’t find off there.  So I even learned to make something too…

That’s my balloon flower laying on top of the presents there.  I know it doesn’t look like one but that was my very first balloon creating where I was holding it a million miles away because I didn’t want it to pop in my face as I twisted it!  I think I’m gonna buy some more balloons and keep practicing until I become pro in November…when I plan on debuting those balloon animals for Kiggster’s 1st birthday! 

 Some people enjoying the party!


It was a pirate theme, so here’s our pirate baby with a balloon corsage.  She actually loved her balloon corsage, it was slipped onto her wrist-with a balloon!  After the party, we drove back to SF for Tai-Gong’s 81st birthday dinner!  No pictures from there ’cause there were already too many fancy-schmancy cameras flying around that night and the last thing needed was my point-and-shoot!  It was a fun night seeing family and being all together in one small space! 

I always wondered how Honey takes Kiggster downstairs and sets up the carseat each week with only 1 hand free.  So I finally asked him and he said, while he’s setting up the carseat, he puts her in the driver seat of his truck and she likes to hold onto the steering wheel, pull herself up and look through the windshield-like she’s driving!  I was like, cool!  So I decided to try it one day in my car…

I got this driving thing down!

You betta move or I’m backin’ up on you!

Easy peesy!

So is this where I shift to drive?!

Alright, hittin’ the road!
I need a better view, better move on up!


Mama, I didn’t see a speed bump but felt one!

Uh oh, am I in trouble?!
Is my driver’s license getting suspended now!

That last photo was the trouble picture right there!  She ended up slipping and somehow fell in a way where her feet went back on the seat and her head went forward, missing the steering wheel and going down towards the floor.  I threw down that camera so quick, I though I’d break it.  Her head hit our floor mat, which isn’t a soft carpet but a dirty hard plastic mat with ridges!  So when I lifted her up, she cried for a little bit out of shock but then stopped.  I was so freaked out, but then laughed when I saw her head.  It totally looked like I stuck her on top of a grill and BBQ’d her forehead.  No pictures because I definitely wasn’t in that type of photo mood, though thinking back, it would have been funny in hind-sight!  So because the mat had ridges, it left indentations on her forehead and then it pressed into her forehead the dirt that was on the mat…so yes, she had dirty grill marks on her forehead afterwards!  BBQ Baby,anyone?!

Hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend…we’re definitely gonna enjoy ours!  Swim classes after missing two of them, library grand opening, and of course we can’t forget…Yee-Po’s blankety-blank birthday tomorrow!!!  We’ll keep her age a secret! *wink wink*  Happy Birthday!!!!


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