Birthday at Gilroy Gardens

So Kiggster had her 1 year check-up Friday and got 3 shots-booh!  But she was such a brave little girl-minimal tears and no squirming.  This was the first time that she’s gotten shots without nursing.  Honey felt that since she did so well during her blood draw that we should help her get used to getting shots without nursing-he went cold turkey on her!  She’ll always still be my baby though and it was so hard for me.  Usually when she’s getting her shots, I’m nursing her which also means I don’t see the needles or her getting the shots.  The pediatrician brought in the needles and I was like, “Wow, those are big!” Apparently, that’s how all the needles look like for her shots in the past year!

So last Sunday (the 6th) was Kiggster’s actual birthday and we got invited by our good friends to join them at Gilroy Gardens.  Honey and I both had similar assumptions about the park prior to going: it was a small kids amusement park plunked on dry land in the middle of nowhere (it’s Gilroy, that seems to be a fair assumption).  Wow, could we have been more wrong!  


There she was waking up that morning all refreshed and smiling! Can’t beat that for a birthday morning.    Honey and I sang her happy birthday and we had a nice Honey-made breakfast together before heading off on our adventure!

Caitlyn, Bella, & Shawn
Honey & I w/a sleeping Kiggster!
Us w/Caitlyn’s mom, Barb!

Our whole drive down there, Kiggster couldn’t and wouldn’t fall asleep so instead, she slept while we were at the park!  So she was asleep during our 1st ride on the train!  Can you see all the greenery in the photos?!  So Gilroy Gardens is actually a garden, no joke, they really are a garden and the rides are totally nestled nicely throughout the park!  It was so beautiful there and felt like we really went away somewhere different.

Up next was the carousel and guess who was still asleep?!  I told Honey that I wanted to sit on a horse and he freaked out, like what, you’re gonna fall and be careful, maybe we should sit on a bench!  The horse isn’t even mobile, I won’t get tipped off!  So I showed him that I could carefully sit on the horse and I would even hold onto the rail.  Doesn’t he look kinda worried in the photo?!  It’s ’cause he was freakin’ out about me doing a 1 handed hold while leaning forward!  I love that he worries
about me (and Kiggster) so much, it’s totally cute and absolutely hilarious at times!  Well, not long after this ride, we all decided to break for some lunch.  We were warned by Caitlyn that lunch at Gilroy Gardens was “bad.”  I thought bad quality but apparently it’s more than that.  Bad also means paying almost $8 for small egg salad sandwich and $8 for Gilroy garlic fries.  We did find out that at 2:30pm the sandwiches and salads go for $2 each.  So I told Honey to get me a snack first and I would wait until the sandwiches were $2 and we could come back and get me my meal (it was only like an hour and a half away).  Food was mediocre quality and I think my safest bet was going back at 2:30pm for that sandwich.  I got the egg salad sandwich (love egg salads) on whole wheat bread and I actually liked it, maybe it tasted better knowing it was $2 instead of $8!

Guess who woke up and was ready for some hugs…





Ok, Kiggster woke up and Bella was ready for some hugs!  It was totally cute and I think Kiggster may have been shocked.  Usually when she gets hugs from others, she gets into the “this is my space” kinda mood, but this time she just stood there and let it happen.  It was totally cute though, the two of them were walkin’ all around “talking” to each other!  I guess they’ve had a lot of practice hugging’ each other through out their lifetime (their  whole 1st year of life)!  If you don’t remember, this is the same Bella that liked hugs and high fives with Kiggster back when both of them weren’t as mobile and walking around!  You can jog your memory here!  Alright off to go on Kiggster’s first amusement park ride!

Her 1st ride was on a firetruck and it was nice ’cause her and Bella got to go on together-Bella is the pro if you can’t tell.  Rayne totally looks shocked in the beginning of the ride: arms out gripping the sides, head back and just deer in headlights look.  Then as the ride goes on, still in the same arms out position but now she looks like she’s just chillin’ (just like Bella is chillin’ in the backseat)!  I think she enjoyed it!  So of course, we took her on another…

This time, she couldn’t wait to get the party started!  She was grippin’ the steering wheel rocking back and forth!  I loved that the rides were even good for kids her age and so safe, all the rides had seat belts that needed a special tool to unlock when the ride was done.  No naughty/curious kids unlocking seat belts mid-ride!

Let me in, please?!

The hot air balloon ride stopped right before we could get a seat so we had to wait patiently behind bars, oh I mean gates and just watched as our friends flew by!

Can you tell the ride is going kinda fast?!
She’s excited for the ride to start!
Had to stop for a birthday hat photo!

We also got to go on our first Ferris Wheel ride together as a family!

Can you see the rainbow? That was our view @ the top!

Then we were all getting tired but Bella still wanted one more ride.  So off we went to the miniature carousel ride…

It was pretty funny watching Caitlyn and Shawn sitting inside this miniature ride.  The photos don’t do it justice, but boy was I laughin’!
Happy times at Gilroy Gardens!  Hope we can come again!

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