Bittersweet Thursday

So this past Thursday was my treasured Thursday with the Kiggster but it was somewhat bittersweet.  It was my last bonding day with the Kiggster before I go back full-time to working 5 days a week.  Before I talk about that, let’s recap from last week because I didn’t have a chance to post from last week’s Treasured Thursday.  We went to see Tai-Ma (Great Grandma) at the rehab center and boy was she happy to see the Kiggster!  But before we headed off on our journey, Po-Po gave a gift to the Kiggster to help shade her from the sun…

Do these shades make my face look funny?

Yup, those are flower-shaped, strawberry-printed child sunglasses!  They’re meant for bigger kids so they were still a bit big for her.  BUT she still rocked those shades!

Now you can’t tell if I’m awake or asleep!
Do I have bug eyes?!

Po-Po laughing at me!
I know I look cool!

 Alright after a good laugh, we headed off to see Tai-Ma!

Doesn’t that photo look like it could be on the cover of a brochure for the hospital?!  Tai-Ma couldn’t stop commenting on Kiggster’s beautiful eyebrows, super long lashes, perfectly round head, cute ears, full lips, and her death grip!  Way to boost a baby’s self esteem…she was very well complimented!


Afterwards, we went back to Po-Po’s house for a quick feeding before heading on home.  Of course a photo-op was slipped in…



Then on Friday night, we had a belated mother’s day celebration for Ngeen-Ngeen (Grandma) and for Yeh-Yeh’s (Grandpa) birthday!  We wore a cute little dress that Ngeen-Ngeen bought her thinking she could wear it when she got older.  It was supposed to be for a 12 month old child but instead we put it on her at 6 months and it fit perfectly!

Kiggster was distracted by the neon “Open” sign!
Distracted by something else on the other side.

This was too cute…a birthday wish from Kiggster!

So what did I do on my very last Treasured Thursday?  Honey finished his final project for class on Wednesday so he spent it with me!!!  But first we had to take Kiggster to the pediatrician for her shots…yup more than 1!  But she did such a good job, she didn’t even cry on the first shot and cried for a hot second on shot #2.  The pediatrician said she’s doing so well developmentally for a 6 month old.  In his words, “She’s doing better than most other 6 month old babies!”  Woohoo baby, you hear that?  Oh you wanna know specs huh?  She is now heavier at the impressive weight of 15 lbs, 13.4 ounces, putting her in the 50th percentile.  She also added 2 inches to her height and 1 inch to her head circumference!  He says she hides her weight well because her head/face is small but he loves the rolls on her thighs!  Hahaha the only time it’s ok to comment on a girl’s thighs is when she’s too young to know what you’re talking about!

After leaving the pediatricians office, we headed home for her nap time before going out again.  It was a nice day so we decided to go to Yan-Yan’s Garden (Yan-Yan is part of her Chinese name that we came up with)!  On the immediate planting agenda were 25 strawberry plants and 3 tomato plants.  After lots of soil moving by Honey, I got to start planting the strawberry plants.  we’re supposed to give them 1 foot of space all around in between plants but unfortunately I’ve been infected with the plant overcrowding syndrome and I think they all were less than 1 foot apart!  Well, 1/2 the plot was filled with strawberries…I hope they are fruitful!  So after 3 hours of hard labor, we were ready to call it a day!

We went home and had dinner first before heading out again for the last part of our “date” day!  We were going to sit at Crossroads Cafe and hang out after a walk but then of course, I was still hungry so Honey had to feed me!  We ate at Delancey Street Restaurant instead!  So even though we’d eaten dinner at home, an entree and appetizer was still ordered!  We tried a new fish for the first time-Rek fish (not sure how to spell it).  The waiter remembered me from a previous trip…where I also questioned about the characteristics of their Sturgeon fish.  This time he used all my favorite keywords, “Sea Bass-like,” “flaky,” “moist,” and “not meaty!”  I was sold!  We had a great time there sitting, talking, and even reading from our Friends and Lovers marriage book together!  If I hadn’t mentioned this before, Delancey Street Restaurant is our favorite place to go with great service, nice waiters, good food, nice atmosphere, and never rushed to make you leave even if all you get is something little!

It was such a nice way to end of not only the night but my Treasured Thursdays!  I was so glad that I got to spend my last Treasured Thursday with Honey after he’d been so busy with his class.  I hope everyone who’s had time with Kiggster and I on a Treasured Thursday have enjoyed it as much as we have…we’ll miss you guys!


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