Blackouts & Thunderstorms in SF

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So we broke out our candles out of necessity for the first time in the six years we've lived at our San Francisco condo!  We had thunder and rain storms last night, which Honey and I clearly remember happening last year too when Kiggster was still a newborn.  We had a blackout last year too but it only lasted about 15 minutes before power was restored.  Well, the lightening show was pretty amazing.  I think the nerve racking part was figuring when the thunder would be coming around and how loud it would be…it's the anticipation!  Then I think I was afraid that Kiggster would be afraid.  Everything was fine until one really bright lightening and a SUPER loud thunder came around.  Kiggster got scared with that one but I also jumped too because it shook the house and you could hear the door rattle with that one.  Then the next one after that caused the black out…it almost sounded like it hit a pipe, neither Honey or I ever heard thunder like that before.  So power went out around 8:30pm….it's now after midnight and no power.  I am writing this without internet and hope to copy and paste in my blog once power gets restored.  I'm also hoping my battery lasts long enough for me to write it!  But I'm itching to go on Facebook right now…darn technology, why does it all require electricity?!  I'm thirsty but the water dispenser on the fridge doesn't work, good thing San Francisco has the best tap water!  I'm hungry but the toaster oven, microwave, and refrigerator all run with electricity so I can't disturb those.  How did people live without electricity in the past?!  

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At first, it seemed like such a bother that the electricity was out because that meant I couldn't work on stuff for the blog and Honey couldn't do work on his computer.  Good thing this blackout didn't happen Monday night when he had a huge assignment due for class or Wednesday night when he was studying for his midterm which was on Thursday!  That would have been horrible.  But in the end, the blackout ended up being a good think for our family.  Well, except for the car alarms, fire alarms, and fire truck sirens going off all evening!  But as a family, we sat in the living room with the curtains pulled back and watched the light show.  We waited for the thunder and cheered and clapped when it happened.  Then we sang songs together about rain, thunder and lightening!  At first I wanted to sing "Thunder Rolls" but then Honey told me it was a song about cheating…oops, that's what happens when you only know 2 words to a song!  So we made up our own instead!  We lit 3 candles and sat in candlelight which was very nice and watched as there was 1 lone plane up in the air with nowhere to go!  That could have been Yee-Yee Tina's plane that circled the air for 1 1/2 hours before being let into SFO airport!  Can you imagine what would happen to 400 passengers and the crew if they couldn't land?!  Good thing her flight wasn't the one hit by lightening last night!  We were thinking about you Tina!  

Real Bay Bridge photo from last night via Flickr

The blackout forced a busy family like us to spend some undivided, uninterrupted, non-technology related time together.  No books, magazines, internet surfing, TV, iPod, dishes, laundry…nothin' but Honey, Kiggster and I!  We got creative about what to do together and actually spending that time together rather than being busy!  Right before the blackout, I laid down one Kiggster's little elephant bean bag and she came over and laid down next to me while Honey sat on the couch above us.  We played the Lets-Take-Turns-Giving-Daddy-High-Fives game while we laid on the pillow!  Once the blackout happened, we continued it as another blackout activity!  High Fives to Daddy!

So as much as I hate losing control of my technology and having to face my Facebook addiction, I absolutely loved my thunderstorm and blackout time with my family!  We had such a great time together and we will have lots of great memories from that night!  I know many people around the world have this as a regular occurance so this may be crazy that I'm blogging about it but being a San Francisco gal, I haven't seen these too many times in my life so it's major!  Kiggster also gained a new nickname from this storm from our friend…Rayne-storm!  So cute!  So what would you all do during a thunderstorm/blackout in your home?  What could you not live without if there was no electricity?  



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  1. No way! I'm just in San Mateo! That was a crazy storm – I couldn't believe the sound of the thunder! Unfortunately we couldn't see any of the lightening from our place but we saw that amazing pic of the Bay Bridge too. Sorry you lost power but it seems like you make it into a fun adventure for your daughter!

    • Wow, you’re super close to me! We should totally do a blogger meet up…even if it’s just the two of us going out to grab some tea together! It was a lot of fun despite the craziness outside, it’s nice being safe indoors and watching the storm!

  2. wow Kathy!That was an amazing experience, I mean the times you spent together (not the lightning, somewhere, someone could have been hit)…I remember when I was little, I would love black out since this is the only time we get to sit around and hear old stories..thanks for sharing…

    • Thanks Icar as always for your sweet comments. That’s cool that you guys used to tell old stories too! I think times like those make great memories!


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