Blogging Dilemma

Ok, so I ordered a book and forgot about it until yesterday when I got an email asking for people who ordered this book to do a review of it.  In order to do the review, I guess I should read it!  Good thing it was a nice 48 pages-totally manageable and such a nice quick read!  The title of the book is called Blogger Behave: Make Your Blog Benefit Your Life So You Can Love Both  By Laura Booz and I had already been feeling like I needed something like that.  The book talks about having direction in your blog, knowing what your goal/motivation is, and how to set boundaries. *sigh*  The book couldn’t come at a more opportune time ’cause just Tuesday night, Honey said to me before bed, “you know, tonight, we haven’t really gotten time to talk to each other!” while I was typing away on my blog to prepare for the next day’s posting.  Ouch, stab and twist in the heart!  The last thing I want is to ignore Honey for the sake of the blog, that defeats the point of my blog.

Then to make matters worse with this blog, I was looking back at some old postings and there were errors on all my photos!  WHAT?!  Well, that serves me right for uploading photos to Picasa and there are storage limitations so I delete old photos since they’re up on the blog already to make room for newer ones.  What I failed to realize was that once I delete it, it also deletes the pictures from my blog!!!!! Since I write my postings through out the day: work, home, early morning, late night, etc. I needed an online source to get my pictures from and Blogger was linked to Picasa so it seemed like the no-brainer choice.  *double sigh* Now I have to try to go back and remember what pictures went where and fix those postings.

So lately, I’ve been feeling really discouraged about my blog, losing direction and forgetting what my vision for the blog even was.  I was starting to feel like maybe it wouldn’t even matter to people if I stopped writing and posting.  Honey is so busy with grad school to keep up with my blog (even though I know he wants to), my family doesn’t even read the blog and just wants to see pictures so why not just upload onto an online album to save time, and I don’t even think my reviews or tips on pregnancy and nursing are being reached to people who need them.  What was my original goal of this blog?!  The book made me think about what I was doing this for.  I had wanted to start the blog while I was pregnant but never got around to doing it until after Kiggster was born.  I wanted to document my journey of the pregnancy, the ups and downs of it and share with others what worked, what didn’t and what I enjoyed about pregnancy and share those things with people who may be seeking out that information.  Then it would of course transition into post-birth and all the things that come with motherhood and life.  I envisioned printing out my blog into a hard copy book every 6 months or year as a keepsake.  I saw the services that could do it for you and thought, “Hey I’m a faster typer than I am at handwriting a journal and making a scrapbook, why not go digital?!”  (Laura, I loved that you did the same thing!) Then because I was posting so many pictures on my blog, I decided to share it with my family, who bug me for pictures and updates anyways.  This e-journal was my sanity going back to work earlier than I anticipated and having to work in a stressful environment.  When things are stressful and I’m needing to pump at work, I blog to bring the stress down and the milk supply up.  I look at pictures of Kiggster and Honey and know that things will be ok.  I write about our week, share about the things we did, remember the milestones Kiggster is hitting or just the silliness she’s expressing and I know that me going back to work is worth it.

So what’s the problem?!  Work is just getting more stressful, less time to pump, and I can no longer work on a computer at home without Kiggster poppin’ off some keys!  I don’t know when to blog, where to blog and with what computer I should blog with.  Our home computer is 95% of the time occupied by Honey for school work and he stays up till around 3am sometimes to finish homework or study so most of the times, I’m working on my blog between the 3am to 6am time frame.  Doesn’t sound productive huh?!  Then I was doing so many postings about the things I made, so many links to different companies within the blog, etc.  I just might be too much for this little blog and I feel pulled in so many directions.  I guess that goes back to me having so many hobbies and not sure which is my main one.

There’s a chapter in the book that talks about a Blogging Budget-that’s exactly what I need.  I need to limit my computer time so I can maximize my family time with Honey and Kiggster.  Then make my blogging/computer time more efficient.  For example, when I was going to write this review this morning, I instead went on Facebook and signed up for some giveaways and burned my whole morning doing mindless internet activities.  What a waste of my time!  Why am I looking up deals online for things that I know I don’t have money to buy or sign up for stuff that I know I won’t have any chance of winning?!  I need to use my time more wisely.  I also love all the spiritual components in the book.  I love that there are bloggers out there that find the time to blog about meaningful things, have time for a tight-knit family, raise wonderful and respectful kids, and still have a life filled with friends and God.  It’s very inspiring to me.  One thing that really hit me from the book was that I also had not prayed for my blog.  Why would I right?! It’s just a blog with pictures, why would God care?!  That’s where I’m wrong and God totally cares about everything I do in my life, whether or not I’m good at it!  Just like I love everything about Kiggster and I marvel at and encourage her even when she poops, God is the same way but loves me even more!

The book didn’t give me all the answers to my blogging questions but it gave me plenty to think and reflect through.  I now know that I need to re-prioritize and refocus my efforts.  I may have to go MIA for a little bit so that I can think about how to approach this blog and what my next steps are…and pray!  Actually Kiggster and I have been sick lately so I just need that time anyways (we think she may have gotten hand foot & mouth disease but we’ll confirm that with the Dr. at her 1 year routine visit tomorrow).

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